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Is 'Brexit' the Death Knell for the European Union?

Is 'Brexit' the Death Knell for the European Union?

As June 23rd, the day of the Brexit referendum quickly approaches, speculation heightens about the future of the European Union (EU.) 

There seems to be a growing support for Britain to leave the EU.

According to a poll released Monday by The Guardian and ICM, 53% of respondents think the UK should leave, while 47% believe they should stay. This is a 1% increase in favor of the Brexit from two weeks ago.

“These results are consistent with the generality of numbers over the last couple of weeks, in which there has been some weakening in the remain position,” said Professor at Strathclyde University, John Curtice who analyses referendum polling data on “It was already plain that this race was far closer than the prime minister intended and he must now be feeling discomfort at the thought that the outcome really could be in doubt.”

Previously the polls showed this as a close race, but ICM reported two weeks ago that the viewpoint supporting a Brexit were in a slight lead.  

The ICM interviewed a random sample of 1,000 adults via telephone between June 10-13 and then interviewed 2,001 adults online on those same dates. Both studies were conducted across the country.

In this most recent ICM poll, 49-47% of Tories want to leave, 58% of Labour voters want to remain and 97% of the Ukip supporters prefer the UK to leave.

The poll also revealed the preference of certain demographics.

“Breaking down the population between generations confirms that Eurosceptism sets in with age: among the young, aged 18 to 34, the balance is 56% to 39% for remain, whereas pensioners of 65 and over lean the other way, by 55% to 39%,” wrote The Gaurdian. “Voters in professional “AB” grade occupations are strongly in favour of staying in Europe (57%-38%), whereas skilled manual workers (C2s) are plumping for leave by an emphatic 67% to 29% margin.”

Again, this is all speculative. If Britain does decide to leave the EU, this will forever change Europe. So until we know on June 23rd, the media will continue to have a field day.

Editor’s Note:   As we have written before, Switzerland has abandoned its application to the EU, and if Britain leaves, it may trigger others to leave, as is rumoured with Denmark. This would be a massive blow to the EU.


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