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Is Ballot Harvesting the Key to Republican Victory in 2024?

Is Ballot Harvesting the Key to Republican Victory in 2024?

Elections in both 2020 and 2022 showed the power of Democrats in seizing the ballot, by hook or by crook.

With the current election rules set to favor Democrats in battleground states, the question how to counter the blows of non-election-day ballots. A compelling answer is simply using the same whip as your foe but with greater force.

Ole Braatelien attributes this year’s midterm victory of Republicans in reclaiming the House of Representatives to the use of ballot harvesting in California. He mentioned key Republican members of congress from CA whose victory decided to secure the House majority for their party: Young Kim, Michelle Steel, Mike Garcia, and David Valadao. Their victory in CA, he underscores, was possible with ballot harvesting that has otherwise heavily favored Democrat candidates and irked Republicans to the point of opposing the practice.

Paula Whitsell, chairwoman of the Republican Party of San Diego, was cited expressing satisfaction with using ballot harvesting to the party’s benefits:

“Overall, I’m satisfied with the results we had in the election here in San Diego County, and a part of that could be attributed to the fact that we ballot harvested.”

The success of Republicans in using California’s ballot harvesting law was so obvious that Democrats – who are all for the practice – actually sued the California Republican Party to stop them from using it to their advantage. Since the state law allows it, the Democrats failed in their lawsuit. In many states, however, ballot harvesting remains illegal and Hector Barajas, a California Republican Party strategist, believes it’s time to change that as a strategy to win in 2024. In his expert opinion for Republicans outside California, he says:

“They need to start putting together how to engage in it, how to go out and utilize all the techniques that we’ve been using in California.”

Conservative writer Bonchie of is also onboard with the suggestion that Republicans need to get ahead of Democrats in using early voting and vote-by-mail methods to secure future election victories. Buck Sexton called it fighting fire with fire:

“You play the game with the rules that exist, not the ones you wish.”

Sexton tweeted a video of Mollie Hemingway explaining on Fox News why the big red tide failed to materialize in November’s midterm election. She is convinced that the Republican strategy of getting voters excited for all showing up on the election day is not enough in these times when elections are run differently.

Will Republicans continue to try to stop the Democrats from using ballot harvesting rules passed by the states or switch gears and use the same rules to their benefit? It’s time for some serious dialogue between the Republican strategists, campaigns, and leadership.

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  1. Sam

    Whatever it takes

    • The Redhawk

      As long as the GOP does exactly how the D fascists do it without screwing it up—- DO IT !!!

  2. Tom

    There is an old saying, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander!” Nice to see that saying still holds true today.

    • The Redhawk

      Bulls Eye

  3. Richard Young

    Democrats have cheated for too long. It’s time for Republicans to do the same thing!

  4. dhh

    While this may be a method to use, a vast majority of Republicans work and can’t take the time off to assist in ballot harvesting. Many, if not all, demorats get paid to do this dirty work from the likes of Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, etc. I have concerns that demorats will use their own dawgs to collect ballots from Republican voters and then destroy/alter them. Even if Republican ballot harvesters get some type of ID, the demorats will fraudulently copy them. Voter ID is the answer to all of this. The left say this is racist and many cannot get an ID. Excuse me, everyone, and I mean every US citizen can get some sort of ID that would allow them to vote.

  5. frank stetson

    I was thinking along the lines of “you can’t fix stupid.”

    The author suggests that Republicans must fix what is not broken by adopting that which is not being done. A triple negative!

    There is no proof of systemic, widespread harvesting fraud. Or widespread systemic harvesting, which would probably be legal, either.

    They are giving up The BIg Lie with Harvesting being the latest fake news.

    Increased voter access is a good thing, most would agree to that I think. “Harvesting” is a way to allow voters incapable of delivery to have their mail-in or absentee votes counted. Legal in most of the land, illegal perhaps in one state. There is no widespread systemic use that has been discovered. Desanctimonious says he has tapes, testimony, proof of ten-year assault across the land, but so far, just a press release from a losing Democrat in Florida, a known hot bet of fraudulent voting as governed by Ron DeSantis. Has no proof, but keeps telling us his state, under his rule, is very corrupt, voting wise. (just apparently not very good at it :>)

    There have been isolated incidences of fake harvesting by individuals in lone locations. Mostly Republican fraud against Democrats, and adjudicated in a court of law, not on the blogosphere as this author seems to rely on.

    Reuters, Oct. 2022: The article is titled: “Fact Check-No evidence of widespread ballot ‘harvesting’ ahead of the U.S midterm election” Don’t think, even with Descanctimonious claiming a ten year audit trail of national harvesting, you can find any in the midterms either.

    BUSTED: jfgi.

  6. Frank stetson

    Next the Republicans will go after car pooling for poling places stopping any car with more than two voters who must be male and female. No multiple male passengers, might be gay.

    You have nothing to fear but that you can’t prove so must be true

  7. Darren

    Frank ( Really ) yea, and we never landed on the moon either.

  8. Mike F

    Another complaint because more people favor democrats policies than republicans. No complaint that people are voting illegally, simply that someone else is returning a valid ballot for someone who has difficulty making it to the polls. Deplorable…