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Is Alec Baldwin in trouble?

Is Alec Baldwin in trouble?

Getting off the political beat for a moment, I got drawn into the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set for the Alec Baldwin movie “Rust.”  It was a tragedy – and, by all standards, an accident.  At least not intentional.  But even accidents have ramifications if there is negligence or reckless behavior involved.

The most obvious possibility would be civil suits against all of those involved in the handling of the gun – and those who did the hiring.  That could go all the way up to Baldwin as the producer – the man ultimately in charge.  Hutchins’ father may reconsider his initial statement that he did not blame Baldwin.  While it will not bring his daughter back or ease the pain, there is no reason to seek some sense of justice with a large financial settlement.

In the chain of mistakes and disregard for safe procedures, Baldwin is arguably culpable as the person who fired the shot – or shots.  His mistake was pointing the gun at Hutchins and Director Joel Souza.  According to those familiar with the handling of guns – even prop guns – on movie sets, one never, never points the gun at another person.  When a shot is to be directed toward the camera, all personnel move away from the camera after setting it up.  If this was just a dry-run rehearsal or practice – as some reports have stated – there was even less reason for pointing the gun at a person.   In fact, in such cases, a phony gun is used.

Certainly, the Hutchins family has every reason to sue virtually all those involved in the production of the scene.  The other person with grounds for a lawsuit is Souza.  His situation is more complicated since he is both a victim and arguably a person responsible – a potential defendant in a civil suit.  He could hypothetically sue himself – although that is not a real option.

Then there is the possibility of criminal charges.  In this case, it would be involuntary manslaughter.  That would depend on whether the death was the result of reckless disregard for the life and safety of the two victims.

The essential question is how live ammunitions got into the gun – and by whom.  Related to that is why a real gun was used as a prop.  Several experts in handling guns on movie sets have said that there is no reason for a real gun – and that a prop gun is constructed or modified to accept only short blanks and not full-size bullets.

It was reported that someone yelled “cold gun” before handing the weapon to Baldwin.  How did it happen that it was not a “cold gun”?  And why was there even live ammunition on the set?  And according to recent reports, there was a “massive” amount of live ammunition on the set.

I would be surprised if there were not several civil suits filed.  And I think that the possibility of a criminal case being filed against one or more of those involved in the handling of the gun – including Baldwin – is very probable.  It is obvious that there was reckless disregard for safety procedures in the handling of the gun.  And that may include Baldwin’s pointing the weapon at the deceased and the injured.  If that violates rules and procedures, it could be viewed as reckless disregard – involuntary manslaughter..

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. Douglas

    Alec Baldwin and all should be held ACCOUNTABLE for the death of a fellow actor

  2. Douglas

    Diffenitly Baldwin and WHOEVER was in charge be held ACCOUNTABLE

    • Douglas


      • Doug


  3. Ellen

    Yes. Alec is is trouble! He should be made accountable of his reckless action….Any sane and civil person be a man or a woman WOULD NEVER NEVER POINT A REAL GUN TO ANOTHER PERSON UNLESS HE/SHE intends to really harm the supposed victim. Alec Baldwin acted like a 2 year old kid playing playing with a toy gun. I read a manual on safe handling of guns. First thing to know is CHECK THE GUN IF IT IS LOADED OR EMPTY. A MAGAZIE MAY LOOK EMPTY BUT THERES ALWAYS ONE BULLET LEFT IN THE CHAMBER. So make sure the gun has no bullet left in the chamber., Secondly, NEVER YOUR INDEX FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SHOOT; Thirdly, NEVER NEVER POINT THE GUN AT SOMEONE OR TO THE TARGET UNLESS THE SHOOTER IS READY TO SHOOT. ONLY THEN WOULD THE SHOOTER PUT HIS INDEX FINGER IN THE TRIGGER AND SQUEEZE AND FIRE A SHOT… THERES A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT SAFE HANDLING OF GUNS…what ALEC BALDWIN DID is reckless and stupid. Everyone knows He is hot tempered and self righteous, a harsh critic of those who doesn’t agree with his ideas.

    • Dan Tyree

      Ignorance and lack of training caused this shooting. The bar for playing with guns during movie productions should be raised. And yes, Baldwin should at least be sued for mega bucks and also the movie company and whomever else was responsible for looking after the guns. But Baldwin is antigun and shouldn’t be touching one. It’s hypocrisy

  4. Frank stetson

    Doug sees Fauci in his mirror 🙂

    Anti-gunners shouldn’t touch guns; gunnies are so illogical, but then again, they support Russian-lovin bankrupt NRA’s peppy lepew too

    Lots of things wrong here from what looks like live ammo on set, real gun, and pointing it at a person to begin with. If that turns out to be the case, none of it should have been possible, I think by their own professional process.

    Criminal negligence at least I would estimate, but then again it happens with kids across America every day and we conclude:,no news here, what a terrible tragedy, those poor parents, no liability.

    Let’s move on. Sigh.

  5. Frank stetson


    Or try the UK

    It’s really not hard; just Google nra Russia and it all appears. I think there’s more, much more, but the recent Russian cyber hack of your servers is a red herring; just another hack for money action.

    Backed? No, I said Russian-lovin. But I was being facetious; they were duped basically because they were greedy. But the bankruptcy shows how greedy and corrupt the management is too. So, it trickles down and the members are duped too. Time to clean house, moving to Texas won’t do that.

    • Dan Tyree

      All damned lies

  6. Frank stetson

    Well, that settles it then. If you don’t like it, it’s a lie. You can’t prove it wrong, therefore it must be true. Why do you even bother if you already know the answer. Trumpism is your truth, breathe it all in, suck on it hard.