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Is Adam Schiff on Hillary’s Payroll?

Is Adam Schiff on Hillary’s Payroll?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Hillary Clinton was entering the 2020 Presidential race. Shortly thereafter, EVERYONE was speculating about that.

I also speculated that Hillary was responsible for the continued attacks on Donald Trump, and that she had a network of deep state operatives to implement a plan to destroy Trump.

This has become much less a conspiracy theory and more obviously a live, running covert operation. But the purpose of this article is to make one point:

Adam Schiff is wholly owned by Hillary Clinton.

Adam Schiff was elected in 2001, after Congressman James Rogan, a prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment, was targeted and defeated.

The Clintons were key to Adam Schiff’s election to Congress. In fact, Bill Clinton had a fundraiser in D.C. for Adam Schiff. For perspective, sitting Presidents NEVER have fundraisers for non-incumbent Congressional candidates, and even then they usually fundraise for several at a time. This one was for Schiff alone.

Then Clinton ally David Geffin promised to raise many millions of dollars to defeat Schiff’s opponent. And he did, and it worked to the tune of $4.6 million, to win the most expensive House race in history at that time.

Think about that. Think about the level of gratitude of a Congressional candidate sharing the stage with a sitting President, being pushed into an office he would certainly have lost, with full support from the top.

And Schiff has certainly returned the favor. He has been a continual Hillary ally, he can be seen gushing with praise while questioning her during a hearing on Afghanistan and Somalia in 2009.  and did his best to assist her in the Benghazi hearings.  He endorsed Hillary in 2016 and, of course, has been relentless in pursuing the charge of “Russia Collusion” originally begun by the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and found to be false by the Mueller investigation.

And in the most recent (continuous) wave of attacks on Trump, Schiff is pursuing a non-existent crime involving the Ukraine, initiated by an almost imaginary whistleblower, who had no first hand knowledge of the alleged crime and who apparently was coached by the Adam Schiff’s staff to work with lawyers who are liberal attack dogs that work frequently with the Clintons.

How’s that for theater? Shall we add a backdrop and a piano player?

All doubt is gone, this is a full blown covert action from the Hillary network. We have Congressmen, we have “deep state” operatives, we have assets in the press, assets in the major investigative agencies, and we have a mastermind of political strategy and wet work behind it, in Clinton herself. Even the CIA of the old days could not have put together a better, more complete operation.

Note that Schiff has no worries about going overboard on this. His direction is to go flat out, no charge is too outrageous, no measure is too far. From Hillary’s point of view, he is a resource to be expended, there is no tomorrow.

Schiff’s reward? If he can facilitate Hillary’s victory and ascension into the Presidency, then he will get anything he wants. At the very least he will become a Senator when Feinstein retires (she is 86), but more likely he will be appointed to a cabinet position in a Hillary administration. Schiff is ambitious, Hillary is his only possible path to an eventual Presidential run. He is going for broke.

In other words, Schiff is a willing and enthusiastic Hillary henchman.

Schiff knows that Trump will not be “convicted” by the Senate and thus Trump will not be removed from office. His job is to throw as much propaganda out as he can, and do as much damage to Trump as possible.

Note that Schiff’s mission does NOT include protecting the Democratic Party or his fellow Congressmen. Damage that causes a public shift against the Party is not important, as long as Hillary’s way is made as easy as possible.

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  1. Cris

    Hope they put them both in jail for treason. GITMO HOPE THEY GO THER WITH THE REST OF THEM.

  2. Carlos

    It will never work, as far as I am concern Hillary’s done…over…and she knows it, the American people can see that now and even Schiff’s days as a congressman are done as well, with his record I doubt he will hold a public office EVER

    • william couch

      You’re forgetttting the stupidity of MEXICALIFORNACATION VOTERS…

  3. Ralph A Hunt

    It has been written; “Sooner or later, the truth will become self evident”

  4. Charlotte Dobbs

    Joe Gilbertson, does the President know about all this? I think he should be told.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      That’s why I wrote the article. Hopefully, someone gets the message.

      • NeamhaeeamhNeamhachachch

        Let’s just vote and get this over with, sit back and watch the prosecutions.

  5. Patty

    Well it all adds up doesn’t it and Nancy is in on it too so they are paid in full and taking direction from Hillary Clinton The Swamp Master. She will come out of the woodwork and run for President in 20/20 and try to put Trump down. She is already working on other democrats like Tulsi Gabard in the field and you know that Biden looks like he is going to pass out every time he gets off the stage. Hillary has been staying hidden so she can start a fresh campaign. Shes trying to wear Trump down and put him in such a bad light with the public now so she has a chance to win in 20/20. She has all the media stations paid off and of course Soros is backing her up. She’s a peace of S**t and we all know what she did with Obama so why doesn’t anyone indite both of them. Maybe it will happen with AG Barr taking action on the Swamps antics in Ucraine. If Hillary gets in life will be better in Hell than in the USA. We will loose our constitutional rights with her in charge and the FBI and CIA will be march to her orders and everyone will be investigated and under suspicion for everything. The only one that can stop her is GOD and he is coming SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carlo D'Este

      Nothing will stop Hillary except death. She is relentlessly ambitious and power hungry to a fault. She will never stop until she dies. She will also never pay for any of her shenanigans. She is the mother of all “plausible Deniability”

  6. Doris Frazier

    I’t wouldn’t surprise me at all, however Schiff had been against Trump before he was even elected. I cannot believe the actual HATE these Democrats have against this President from day 1. The protesting, resistance, threats and down out hate for him. From rallies that people were paid to go into and disrupt and cause violence then he gets blamed. He has been a target from day one and even before. These Democrats are the ones even in Obama administration that have caused such a divide in this country. I have never seen such a disgusting example of a party losing an election and the disgraceful violence suggested by some of the Dems. They are trying to destroy our country and constitution and need to be put in their place. The corrupt investigations need to be brought forth and those involved be held accountable.

    • David Barron

      They are no longer Democrats of the old days,they are the new Socialists that have air for brains.

  7. Deborah S Ingle


  8. Candice White

    Is Trump on Putins payroll why yes he is

    • Virginia A McCammon

      Candice White…You are stupid to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobbie

      On Putin’s payroll? Where are you coming from? Mars?

    • David Barron

      Mist be another Democratic baseless accusation. Facts never matter to them, they wilder the story the better it gets for them, Candice White is but a product of the Socialist Movement of lies.



  10. Donl Longo

    As Phony as Schiff is, I would not doubt it, He probably is on MICKEY MOUSE”S also.

    • Jay

      Of course Disney owns ABC



  12. tiffany dayton

    I also hope they are put in jail for Treason along with the Devil, Obama.

  13. Doc Holloway

    I am sick of all the indictable actions that the Clintons have performed,yet no one ever investigated them or the Soros people! I had thought Senator Graham would use his commitee to do that, but he seems to be all talk and no actions!Their charity and many other crooked endeavors just keeps on going without any one in Congress or the doj doing anything! I am mad as hell and intend to continue calling and writing to Congress to take action!The President has been under heavy attack ever since he announced he would run! But nothing happens to the Clinton machine! Soros should be deported!

    • Kathy Long

      hahahah, maybe there’s no there there.

      usually the reason no one gets indicted after 30 plus years of investigations is that they haven’t committed a crime.

      Occam’s Razor — the most obvious answer is the right answer.

    • Jay

      Look at Judicial Watch, they are getting somewhere!

  14. Kathy Long

    so, why did Devin Nunes release a report on all the Benghazi investigations that blamed the Military and held Hillary Clinton blame free from anything related to Benghazi?

    And why did Kevin McCarthy proclaim, “the only reason for all these Benghazi investigations is to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t become President…”

    you’re looking at the wrong side of the House to find the criminals, traitors, and incompetents. Or maybe you’re just a RWNJ.

    • Knock Knock

      The dust is still in the air, but it sure sounds like you’re saying Trump is innocent of all that nonsense! We should wait till the dust settles and see – maybe her henchmen will get her off again.

    • Virginia A McCammon

      Kathy Long…it’s people like you that are real STUPID!!!!!

  15. CHRIS

    Schiff is going down fast and will not make the next election. He will be crushed and lucky if he is not brought up on charges.

  16. Betty Bartosh

    Who knows but they are two pigs of a kind

  17. Edie

    Would not surprise me at all! Both are evil and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

  18. David Barron

    Who was that guy who got two shots to the back of his head for leaking Democratic Party information to the pubic. Oh it was a robbery gone bad, nobody was around and nothing was taken from him. Washington DC is a very dangerous place to be so be careful Mr. Schiff, Hillary might be around.

  19. Jeanette Kelley

    Kathy Long, you are such an Idiot! God gave you
    A Brain try using it! The reason why no one
    Has been indicted yet, it’s called the “Deep
    State” swamp corrupt Washington DC! This
    Is what Our Great President is exposing &
    Fighting! If you hate this Country so much
    Please move to a communist country “China or
    Russia” since you know so much!

    It!s sad we have Women & So Called Americans
    Like yourself living here in this great country of

    God Bless President Trump

  20. Jay

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    2 chronicles 7:14-15 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.

    Who’s in control, it is about His people’s heart, turning back to him now and he will heal our land.

  21. Kurt Walker

    OH there’s no doubt that Hillary is in this up to her big pudgy butt. And I firmly believe she will enter the “race” after the holidays. AND I believe she will bring Michelle Obama with her. If they could pull this off Barack Obama would get his desired supreme court appointment. Digging a little deeper would expose George Soros. Don’t forget his part in getting Obama elected.

  22. raygun

    Let it be known that Georgie Soros has been busy trying to turn Red Texas purple/blue by “investing” $Ms in local and state demowit politicos. Some one needs to “ammo up and take care of business”.

  23. Buck Freeman

    ALL of you combat veterans remember our oath ” to protect and defend the constitution against all enemy’s foreign and DOMESTIC”. Democrat’s have become the enemy’s of America, socialist, anti-constitution out to do away with every thing we fought for!! STAND UP AGAINST THEM- DO NOT LET hilla big butt Clinton, Adam ol bug eyes Shifft, INSANE Nancy inept Pelosie destroy America!!!

  24. Steven Silveus

    None of this would have happened if obooboo would have been properly vetted, obooboo and soros are desperately trying to take down America, it’s just the paid off other criminal demo rats, ( and some criminal Republican’s that are taking monies from soros) are using the American taxpayers money to do it. Vett oboma and all who supposedly vetted him the first time and you will find the criminal intent with out a doubt. The judge and lawyers that sealed oboma’s college records need to be tried for TREASON for not letting the facts out stating that oboma was a foreign student on foreign aid and this sorry as oboma is still trying to cause America to fall. Put this POS on trial and all the co-horsts that put that illegal pos in America’s highest office.

  25. Cg

    That is why she lost.For being a liar and arrogant over the Bengazi lost of civilians and military personnel!She signed her own ticket never to be elected in any capacity!
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  26. Hal Lemoyne

    Clinton, schitt & their whole demoncrat party have been on george soros

    $terrorist plan$ for over 40 years and they will be paid for many years still

    ❤CHRISTrumPence and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers US2020Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen❤