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IRS Targets Tea Party but Lois Lerner gets Away Scot-Free

IRS Targets Tea Party but Lois Lerner gets Away Scot-Free

You would think the blatant mishandling of nonprofit applications based on political affiliation would be considered illegal. Apparently not, because specific people at the IRS did it and are getting away scot-free. As Obama’s pet Justice Department wrote in a letter to Congress last week, the tax agency along with its former senior executive, Lois Lerner, is free of all crime. 

Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik refers to the IRS’s behavior as “ineffective management,” which he says is “not a crime.” As he wrote in a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee, “The DOJ’s exhaustive probe revealed no evidence that would support a criminal prosecution. What occurred is disquieting and may necessitate corrective action – but it does not warrant criminal prosecution.” 

This is just one more example of the Obama Administration’s attempts to stonewall federal watchdogs. Over two years ago, an IRS watchdog reported that the agency was preventing conservative groups from obtaining nonprofit status by running out the clock on their applications, claiming the forms needed “special scrutiny.” 

The IRS admitted their bad behavior and received no more than a slap on the hand from the president. Republicans are right to question the validity of the investigation that followed. One of the DOJ lawyers assigned to the case was a known contributor to Obama’s campaigns. 

Next comes the clearing of Lois Lerner, the senior exec. in charge of approving the applications. While many argue a political bias, Lerner announced that she tried to correct the untimely scrutiny when she “recognized that it was wrong.” 

The Left has been quick to use the case as “proof” that the IRS is not corrupt. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland whines that House Republicans have “squandered literally tens of millions of dollars going down all kinds of investigative rabbit holes – IRS, Planned Parenthood, Benghazi – with absolutely no evidence of illegal activity.” 

Meanwhile, the House Ways and Means Committee conducted an independent investigation into the IRS’s behavior and voted to send Ms. Lerner to the DOJ for criminal investigation after uncovering “serious and unprecedented actions” by Lerner that deprived conservative groups of their rights.  

Rep. Paul Ryan, now in line to become the next Speaker, says the DOJ’s decision is “deeply disappointing,” but isn’t surprised considering the current state of the White House. “The American people deserve better than this. Despite the DOJ closing its investigation, the Ways and Means Committee will continue to find answers and hold the IRS accountable for its actions,” said Ryan. 


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