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Iranian Leader: There Won't be an Israel in 25 Years

Iranian Leader: There Won't be an Israel in 25 Years

According to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Isral should not worry about Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb in 25 years – since the Jewish homeland wont exist by then.

The not-so veiled threat comes directly from the Islamic holy man’s personal website and Twitter account, which is often used to spread anti-Isral rhetoric and promises of destruction.

“After nuclear negotiations, the Zionist regime said that they will not be worried about Iran in the next 25 years,” Ayatollah Khamenei wrote. “I am telling you, first, you will not be around in 25 years’ time, and God willing, there will be no Zionist regime in 25 years.

Khamenei went on to urge his 150k Twitter users not to forget that the United States is the “Great Satan.”

Here is a quick rundown of reasons why sanctions should not be lifted from Iran:

1) The supreme leader recently wrote a book about destroying Israel. This book has been followed up with hundreds of threatening tweets about Israel.

2) Iran currently has forces indiscriminately killing any Sunni in Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Under the guise of stopping religious extremists, the religious extremist government of Iran aims to make massive, militaristic expansions.

3) 694 people have been executed between 1 January and 15 July 2015, said Amnesty International today. Many of those executed in Iran are also members of ethnic and religious minorities convicted of “enmity against God” and “corruption on earth.” Drug users are also punished with death.

4) Hezbollah, one of Iran’s proxy armies often carries a banner of a mushroom cloud. The caption under reads: “Oh Zionists, if you want this type of war then so be it! “

5) Iran has already begun the process to buy new missile deployment systems from Russia.

Since none of these reasons are good enough for the Obama administration, the international community will finally get the unwanted chance to live in a world where Islamic extremists have nuclear capabilities. Can we maybe have the presidential election this November?

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