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Iran Plans To Use 100 Billion From Nuclear Deal For New Russian Missile System

The U.S. Treasury Department says Iran stands to earn 100 billion dollars once sanctions are lifted under the new nuclear deal. But there were serious questions about what Iran will do with this massive influx of money. However, those questions have been answered. 

Iran has finalized a contract with Russia to receive the S-300 missile system, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. With the embargo on arms now lifted, Iran is free to stockpile weapons. 

Despite complaints from the Pentagon and Secretary John Kerry,  Russia and Iran have proven they are capable of doing whatever they like. The weak leadership of the Obama administration, which has proven impotent time and time again, has allowed the world to sink into chaos. 

The S-300 has a range of about 93 miles, while a single battery can fire at multiple targets flying at up to almost 90,000 feet. Russia has also offered Iran an even more advanced missile system, but Iran has not answered the offer.

In addition to weapon sales, the two rogue state entered into a deal in which Russia would send equipment and food to Iran in exchange for 500,000 barrels of oil per day.

The proxy armies of Iran, which are currently warring their way through Iraq, Syria and Yemen, have just become immeasurably stronger and more dangerous. As critics of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran have said from the beginning, an armed, financed Iran will spell disaster for the Middle East and beyond.


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