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Iran Signs $21 Billion Contract with Russia

Iran Signs $21 Billion Contract with Russia

The ink isn’t even dry on the controversial nuclear “deal” and Iran hasn’t even gotten the first installment of their incoming billions, but that didn’t stop them from going on a spending spree that will benefit Russia. The terrorist country just signed a $21 billion contract with Russia to purchase aircraft and satellite technology. 

 “An Iranian delegation reportedly visited Russia’s MAKS-2015 air show and signed an agreement to purchase the equipment,” reported the Washington Free Beacon, quoting Sputnik. “There is a large share of contracts for the purchase of this type of aircraft.”

The image above show’s Iran’s favorite Russian aircraft, a twin-engine passenger plane called the Sukhoi Superjet. 

This isn’t the first time Tehran has showed interest in Russian hardware. In August, Iran’s Vice President told the Russian press that the two countries were discussing military aircraft. Iran was also looking to use Russia’s rocket carries to send satellites into orbit. 

It looks to me like Iran is preparing for war, of course with the help of its good friend Russia. The two countries have also signed an agreement to work together in producing aircraft engines. 

Just yesterday Iranian officials stressed their intent to destroy their enemies…that would be us. Coincidence? I think not. 

 “The enemy is aware that Iran is an important place for all Muslims and an influential country in the region and even the world, given its great capacities,” said General Seyed Ali Mehrabi. “Our armed forces have proven that if the enemy makes a mistake, they will give a strong and crushing response to them with all their power.” 

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