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Iran Attacks U.S. Bases in Iraq – Tens of Ballistic Missiles fired

Iran Attacks U.S. Bases in Iraq – Tens of Ballistic Missiles fired

Iran has launched multiple surface to surface missiles, apparently from inside Iran, toward U.S. bases including Ain al-Asad in Anbar province in western Iraq. Apparently, other sites have been targeted as well, as many as 30 ballistic missiles.

This attack is in retaliation for the killing of the terrorist, Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani. Officials from Iran have been threatening such a retaliation since his death.

While a revenge strike was expected, this attack is an escalation of tension, since the attacks are coming from within Iran. The rules of engagement dictate that a proper U.S. response would be to destroy the source of the missiles, which would involve an incursion into sovereign Irani territory.

According to Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, “We are aware of the reports of attacks on U.S. facilities in Iraq. The president has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team.”

Iranian television has stated that “tens of missiles” were fired by Islamic Revolution Guards Corps into the U.S. Media reports say 10 missiles hit al-Asad airbase. “The fierce revenge by the Revolutionary Guards has begun,” said the IRCG.

No information is yet available as to U.S. casualties or damages caused. It is also unknown if this is a single strike or the beginning of a larger effort.

Author’s note:  The magnitude of the U.S. response may depend on American casualties. If there are American’s dead, the response will be huge. If no Americans were killed then our response will be more measured.

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  1. Luciano


  2. Nelson W. Lentz

    WHY do we even have any military bases in Iran???
    Iran is 99.7% Muslim.
    The Muslims hate us and want to destroy our country.
    Why are we stationing our people in places populated by people who want to kill them?

    • Penny Alvarez

      Missiles were launched from Iran into US base in Iraq.

  3. John Tesch

    We cannot allow Iran to attack us without consequences . Time to destroy their point of origin.

  4. Richard Price

    Quit fooling around. Destroy the country level it to dust. If they want their people to live in the stone age so be it. Then support the sane people in the country and help them build a better life for themselves.

  5. Otis Reedy

    We do not have military bases in Iran but in Iraq.

    • Roy A Smith


  6. Jim

    Do we not have a battery of Patriot Missiles to defend against these Iran missiles? When I was in Desert Storm, we had a battery that protected our troops.
    If they killed any of our people, we should strike the bastards hard, especially their ungodly religious leader who should be the next to die.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      This will get very ugly if any Americans are dead.

  7. Tom

    It’s time we level all their plans, missiles and army bases. Show them we are no longer following around. Then next if they keep raising their fists… Take out their LEADER.

  8. Tony Barreda

    Our Nation was so divided during the Vietnam Nam War that ultimately demoralized some of our military personnel. Mass demonstrations wee experienced and our service men and women were ignored upon arriving back home without a welcoming.
    Fast forward, this Nation is even more divided now that we can expect the same public reaction by patriots pro and con.
    The worst problem is that we now have a WH full of lies, perversion, criminal action and self service, that in itself will have a dire demoralization for all of us. Instead of reacting on a wimp, tha WH must weigh the whole gamut. The real reason is for trump to wag the dog and create a non issue in order to distract us from his well deserved impeachment.

    • doug hall

      Tony are you a dumbshit in life or just on the interwebs? Then again maybe nothing more than a Russian bot…..

    • David Barron

      I believe we have a full Washington DC political system that is corrupt. Today’s political leaders could not tell the truth if their life depended on it. Very few have worn the uniform, served, or know anything more than how to cheat lie and steal. I will never trust a Democrat or Republican who does not support our military, our veterans, or defends the enemies of this country.

  9. Teddy

    Just stop ALL B.S. and take them out of our way
    And all of this Hollywood Losers & Haters of AMERICAN need to move on leave what you have here go to your new home somewhere else.
    I believe that our President will do the best to save our lives of our Men &Women in uniform
    around the world.
    I Thank You MR: President Donald J. Trump!!!!!!

  10. Bob101stVet

    President Trump should retaliate with enough fire power to destroy everyone and everything in the areas where Iran fired missiles from. The next target should be when thousands gather to celebrate Iran firing the missiles at American targets. Time to cut the head off the snake and burn the carcass. God Bless America

  11. robert allenby

    iran has been trouble for the us for years america has been cowerdly until now they will be sorry for this event

  12. Len Hobbs

    I believe the retaliation strikes (which are coming) by the U.S. military should be proportional; if the Iranians kill one American – the U.S. should kill 50 MILLION Iranians.
    I think that equitable and proportional response should get their attention…and begin the process of ‘urban renewal’. New construction, job openings, markets for food, medicine, pain killers and replacement goats will soar. Iranians will long ‘for the good ‘ol days’…when most of their neighbors and families were still alive.
    If the entire ‘Persian Empire’ went up in flames…and was reduced to smoking cinders on the desert floor…I could sleep at night…accepting that Iran…’stepped up’ and volunteered to ‘sacrifice’ in an effort to reduce global population growth.
    Too many innocent people have died ! It’s way past the time that GUILTY people should be killed.

  13. Carlos

    All we need to do is destroy every governments ballistic missile communication systems, destroy runway air traffic control, destroy missile on the ground and destroys their bridges and electrical and they will all be in the dark. Destroy communication and block every satellite communication. Than I would ask what are they going to do now? These hypocrite muslims need to be stop once and for all. Those younger generation need to stand up against their own radical governments or they to will be executed by their own governments.

  14. Ray

    killem all let god sort them out .destroy all there military .

  15. Craig Michael Vandertie

    We need to turn Iran into a smoking pit in the ground.

  16. Keith

    Well, remember the “Hillary lied and 4 Americans died.” Blow them off the face of the earth. Candy azz Obozo and Hillnocchio Clap ton were too chicken to do anything. We have a new sheriff in town, and its Trump. He won’t play game. Trump 2020, 2024. Bindin would just smile at them and wonder where all the women. Maybe Hunter Bindin will have the power to keep us all safe, being he’s an board member to all these foreign companies.

  17. James Johnson

    It is time to turn Iran into a parking lot, most people from Iran would kill a american if they could. A lot of these country do not respect the United States anymore, they feel like they can kill and hurt any and all Americans when they choose. and it’s time for that BULLSHIT TO STOP. If we bring Iran down to its knees, Other countries will think twice before they start their CRAP, like North Korea We also need to threat MOVING THE UN. OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, And maybe the world would take notice, that we are not playing around. And also cut out all of our tax dollars to feed all these other countries who do not give a SHIT ABOUT US. ” IT’S TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE, AND OUR PRESIDENT IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB”

    • Knobby

      A slightly better idea: Somehow execute a surgical strike against the Islamic leadership that fosters the Death to America paradigm.

      A significant number of Iranians have lived in the USA while attending our universities, but are forced, many times, to return to Iran at the threat of the safety of their families. The educated class in Iran is likely pro-freedom at heart, but cannot risk the lives of their families, by “coming out” against the hard-line zealots.

      I was in college in the late 70s and a significant number of Iranians were studying engineering along with us Americans. Of all the foreign students I knew, they were the largest cohort. Their English was very good, they never discussed religion or anything other than studying, complaining about roommates, drinking beer, and meeting women. In other words, just like any American would do.

  18. Kurt Walker

    I may be wrong here but I do have a considerable amount of experience. I believe this “attack” by Iran is nothing more than a distraction. The real attack is coming through “hackers”. Iran is well aware of our weak infrastructure especially our electric grid. And although I don’t believe they have the means to do anything yet they are masters at deception. So I suspect they will attempt quietly to do damage without giving the U S an excuse to clean their clock.

    • Knobby

      This could really hurt the US. We have a severe supply chain problem with regard to high-capacity transformers used in the power grid.
      There are likely over 1000,000 installed and operational at this time. About ten years ago I read a synopsis of a report that the replacements have a 2-year lead time, and spares on-hand are only adequate for age-based replacements, not irregular events. And to top it off, they are no longer made in USA, only China and Russia. Sometimes it does pay to keep domestic critical infrastructure industries alive.

      • knobby

        100,000 not 1000,000

  19. Tom Oakley

    If there is american’s dead then wipe Iran off the face of the earth

  20. Rawhide

    It wasn’t tens of missiles, it was only 15 and 4 of them failed to explode, which shows the quality of their equipment. And the other 11 did minor or no damage to their targets, which also shows their lack of ability to target their equipment accurately. I don’t think we have anything to worry about from their missiles. I think they talk big and carry a little stick.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      The Iranian media reported 10’s of missiles, maybe half of them blew up on the launchpads…