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Iowans have spoken…so what did they say

Iowans have spoken…so what did they say

Before getting into the weeds of the Iowa caucuses, there is the obvious big picture.  Former President Trump wins BIG.  With 51 percent of the vote, he maintains the overwhelming numbers we saw in the polling.   

Second place

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second – breaking slightly ahead of the nip-and-tuck race seen in the polls between him and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.  Prior to the Iowa vote, there was speculation that Haley was surging – and a strong second place showing would knock DeSantis out of the race.  She did surge, but not enough to claim second place.

Now the pressure will be on Haley to drop out, but she is not completely without a comeback strategy.  She is strong in the next Republican primary in New Hampshire.  If she finishes a strong second, she has no reason to drop out.  And the third primary is in her home state of South Carolina, where she would be primarily in a fight with Trump.

Though the technical second place winner in Iowa, DeSantis did not beat Haley by  enough to knock her out.  If she tops him in New Hampshire and South Carolina, DeSantis will be under pressure to drop out.

DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Haley split most of the non-Trump vote – with just short of 8 percent going to Vivek Ramaswamy.  While DeSantis officially came in second, the spread between DeSantis (21%) and Haley (19%) means that neither of them broke away to such degree that they become a credible challenger to Trump.  Without that, they will both be limping to New Hampshire without a mandate from the Republican voters of Iowa unless one or both withdraw.  Based on their election night speeches, that is not about to happen.

In looking through the second-place lens, Trump’s win.  Second place may not be a competitive position anymore.

If Haley were to drop out, the question is who would she endorse?  In some ways, DeSantis is the only rational endorsement, but there is bitter feeling over DeSantis’ nasty personal attacks on her – and vice versa.  It seems her options would be to make no endorsements or endorse Trump. If DeSantis were to drop out, he would most likely endorse Trump.  After all, Trump lives – and has a strong base of support – in Florida.  That plays into any future ambitions DeSantis may  have.

As they say, politics is a game in which anything can happen.  However, to change Trump’s trajectory toward the GOP presidential nomination, it would take a monumental something.  DeSantis and Haley may not be entirely locked out of the nomination, but the door is close to closing.

The Trump vote in Iowa

The first notable outcome is that Trump got more than 50 percent of the vote.  That was the highest GOP victory in Iowa caucus history.  He did not win Iowa because of a divided field of opponents splitting the anti-Trump vote.  In addition, Trump MAY have won every county in Iowa.  As of this writing, Trump was beaten by Haley in only one of the states’ 99 counties – and that was by a single vote.

What vexes the Democrat left – specifically the exclusively anti-Trump panelists on MSNBC – is why a state with so many religious evangelical voters can be casting ballots for a man of such questionable moral character.  The fact is that the hardcore evangelicals of Iowa voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Most on the left are at a loss to explains the evangelicals – with the exception of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who claims they see Trump as the man anointed by God to be president.  That explanation is not only wrong, but downright stupid.  More the product of intellectual desperation than rational analysis.

It was CNN’s Dana Bash who came closest to explain the evangelical vote.  She said that DeSantis and Haley can talk about what they WILL DO as President. Trump spent his platform time explaining what he DID DO.

So, what has Trump done to win evangelical support.  He kept his promise to appoint Supreme Court Justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade — and that is a HUGE deliverable.  But there is more.  Trump delivered more than $28 billion to farmers.  He curtailed illegal border crossing – and the chaos and crime that goes with it. 

From the perspective of the religious communities – especially Christians – Trump has been a bulwark against the left’s woke anti-religion policies.  Whether he is personally the best example of Christian morality, he is perceived as seen as the man who represents their values.  In CNN’s entrance polling, 51  percent of Trump voters said that he “fights for people like me.”  Another 36 percent checked the “shares my values” box.  That means that an astounding 87 percent of Iowa caucus votes see Trump as like them in terms of issues and values – if not personal character.

It should come as no surprise that voters will lean to a candidate who represents their opinions, beliefs, and values over personal character instead of a candidate with arguably better character, but who governs counter to their opinions, beliefs and values.  Duh!  You see that thinking when you see how Trump trumps Biden in virtually all the critical issues.

Early in the campaign season, it was argued that as Trump opponents dropped out, a strong challenger would emerge.  Actually, Trump kept gaining as others dropped out.  It now appears Trump will get portions of the voters in the DeSantis and Haley camps if they drop out.  Trump will get a good share of the Ramaswami voters, who has just ended his campaign.

In 2022, polls showed Trump ahead of his competitors, but not my much – 10- to 20-points at most.  It is notable that his steady gain over the past two years began with the first indictment.  And his numbers have continued to rise with each new legal case.

Interestingly, Trump gave a victory speech of the type one gives after an ultimate victory.  He was gracious and complimentary to his Republican opponents.  None of the pugnacity.  None of the name-calling.  Interestingly, FOX covered the speech from beginning to end.  CNN cut back to the studio as Trump got into his accomplishments and plans – and his criticism of Biden.  MSNBC did not cover Trump’s victory speech at all – but continued their political gang-bang rant against Trump and Republicans.  Ironically, MSNBC did cover the DeSantis and Haley speeches. That is not journalism. That is censorship and propaganda.  No surprise there.

However, in analyzing the Iowa caucus vote, there is one irrefutable conclusion, Trump improved his chances of being the 2024 Republican presidential candidate.  As the saying goes, “It ain’t over until it’s over” – but after Iowa, it looks a bit closer to over.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.



    While Trump set a GOP IOWA record, he did not set the IOWA record. Just saying.

    Trump had a great ground game, as a Dem, this is different from 2016 and my biggest concern. Didn’t want to say that.

    And while he got the majority, it was not a mandate, especially for an incumbent ex-President. Just saying.

    And if only a third of the 40+% that voted against him, votes elsewise or does not show up, Trump loses the national. Just math.

    And if only a half of the people who say they would not support Trump if found guilty, do that, even though they are probably the same people as the ones voting against him, he loses the national. Just math.

    So, a good win, on to NH, but not a mandate—– yet.


    Trump’s immunity appeal opinion should be coming soon. Sure is interesting as he argues he CAN kill people on Fifth and get away with it, by law. OMGoodness, his lawyer actually said it. In court. On the record. He says it everywhere. This one goes down in flames and if the SCOTUS even touches it, that will be very, very bad. Should be in court by April/May and plenty of time to prove the truth of the matter in court. Court, where innocents like Trump apparently fear to tread. Since Trump is innocent, I would think all Americans would want this shit adjudicated before the election. What are we waiting for?
    And that’s the point. The guy is running for President. He has 4 indictments with 91 charges and a host of civil cases. It behooves us as voters to finish these before the election, and already we cannot. America deserves to know the outcome before we go to the polls. Trump claims innocence. Let’s see him prove it in court. Is it a witch hunt or a witch? Let’s put the facts on the table, let it be decided by a jury of his peers, and then move on.

    For example, we know he is guilty of business fraud in NY and probably will lose his businesses there. He is guilty, his company is already guilty of criminal conduct. Only the penalty phase is open on the liable case, so let’s close it and get the facts on the table —- TRUMP is a BUSINESS CHEAT. period. there it tis, tis it is.

    Georgia will undoubtedly show him guilty of The Big Lie and trying to rig the election. His lawyers and others have already pled guilty —- this one won’t finish in 2024 and that’s a crime. Voters should know the truth. This one will never go away UNLESS Georgia does it. So far, Trumplicants there have failed. The next big date is mid-year when all plea deals must be concluded.

    DC where he is accused of subverting the election will probably start in April/May of 24, it’s a creative case that Trump might actually win but should be decided before election day. IF the SCOTUS picks up the appeal, that will be very, very bad. Perhaps worse than RvW.

    The documents case, under the Trump-selected virgin Judge, case scheduled for May but Judge will “entertain” schedule changes in March. It’s a wild card case to begin with, given the Judge, but will go away if Trump elected. Just vanish.
    Then there’s the second Carroll defamation case where the first case held Trump liable for defamation, sexual abuse, and via Judge’s statement on Trump appeal: digital RAPE. Trump continued to defame and the second case is underway with a petulant, unruly Trump almost tossed from court. It will be decided, he will have be held liable of defamation twice, he will lose big time, maybe Rudy-time, but Trump voters can overlook a little rape, a little defamation. I mean poor ole President is so weak, so put upon, he has to defame a little.

    March 25th is the Stormy Daniels case which Trump is trying to delay as well. Discussions about date changes will be in February.

    There’s also the Swalwell Insurrection class action suit, but that seems to be on the back-burner for some reason, but it is still in the mix. Swalwell and some Capitol Police are the class, I think.

    Elsewise, he claims the 1.6 criminals are patriots that he will free, free, free at last to pick up where they left off. Here’s a question for you: what do you think would have been the outcome IF the “protestors” had found either Pelosi or Pence? They had the foresight to bring gallows to this unplanned event. Trump also claims immigrants are bringing bad blood to America which got him his Hitler salute from Biden, rightfully so, not to mention, four out of five of his kids have bad blood, bad blood lives in his cabana house at Mar A Loser, he’s got communist party members living in his house, gonna be a great Thanksgiving there… what table do the bad bloods sit at? How about his live-in immigrant communist In-Laws? Trumplicants can overlook that, it’s a big house.

    Bottom line: Trump can end three out of four court cases by becoming President. He is running for his life. He makes money be being indicted and going to court playing the grifting criminal playing thr victim while the suckers pay and pay. Two cases will start, and probably end, before the election. One will not, and the other is iffy. Stormy Daniels case will complete, and his is guilty given Cohen went down and Trump is co-conspirator number one. The defamation case will be decided and he will be guilty for a second time, one expects the penalty to be worse. That’s a potential of four more convictions before the election, with two big ones to go, the GA one does not look good for Trump. Will Republicans care or will they brush it off under the mantra of “demonized, weaponized, eyes-are-closed” Trump lie? I mean they still believe The Big Lie, so why not…… I mean Halley beats Biden, Trump probably won’t, so go figure where the collective Republican mind is at. I give up.

    • Kohn sloan

      It’s hard to prove innocence when a pack of lying ass licking democrats are being brought in to lie. For example. Did anyone actually see trump rape the lying bitch? And don’t we have the right to question election results like in Georgia? The American people see this shit as a pile on so Biden won’t be re-elected. There’s talk about moochell obuma throwing in. But another monkey in the woodpile won’t make any difference. So stop going ballistic Frank. Trump might need someone to clean his toilets. Now there’s a job with a future. Who knows? You might even get to appear on the news. You might be able to get the job held by the funny looking colored girl

  3. Darren

    I do not know of one Developer anywhere in the country who could throw the first stone.
    All city are on the want and it is always more than they deserve or need.
    Nothing would be built anywhere if developers did not have to make deals to get the
    construction done.
    Trump is no more guilty than anyone else building in New York!
    Why are no other builders on CNN to throw that First Stone!

    • Frank stetson

      That’s just bullshit Darren.

      His business is criminally corrupt as proven in court and saying everyone does it absolves no one.

    • larry Horist

      Darren … You are right. I have worked with developers extensively in my career. I cannot think of one that was not breaking laws — paying bribes, acquiring “special” tax benefits, getting government money without meeting the requirements, phony assessments of property values, etc etc. Any banker will tell you that when it comes to business loans, the customer often manipulates values or projected return. For years, I joked that the PRO FORMA budget in a loan request … pro forma was Latin for bullshit. I do believe that if the fed were to spend the time and resources they did against Trump with every other major developer in New York, there would be a lot more of those trials. I am not exonerating Trump, but only saying that if there were equal application of the law, things would be different.


        I can admit that real estate, not just development, is a last bastion of the cheater by law, hook, and crook. I will go one step further and say, because of that, everyone cheats to a degree. And if you don’t, then you don’t own property.

        For example, Horist admits extensive work with many that he knew were breaking the law and it sounds like Horist just let it go, git along to git along no doubt. Probably rationalized it by saying that’s how it’s done. I am guessing they were more builders than developers, but real estate still. It still is not right as going along with it is not right either.

        Coming out of college, I managed community-wide new developments for Ryan Homes whom I would say was 100% legit. I googled it, they are not. I did not see it. Some of it is life in the big city. Big amounts, things happen, lawsuits fly, but others looked like folks trying to game the system.

        Horist alludes to laws being used, and I will note laws are written to be used too. For example, I sold a lake house under inheritance where if you live there, it’s a second home, if you don’t, it’s treated as a business asset. Plus the “value” of the house is at TOD, so if a business, and if parents lived there a long time, the value will be quite higher than what was paid, so you can easily sell for a profit over sales price, but a loss over value price. If a second home, you can’t take the loss. Just a weird law. Problem was it was a lake house, so staying there one more summer may have been viewed as a second home, not an business asset, unless you deem it work to fix it up, which we did as we also hit the beach every sunny day too. Weird law inviting all sorts of valuation estimates. What we did was 100% legal, but like all estimates, there is a range and one can “choose” the high end or low end. We choose the “low end’ of working the house to improve the asset, which we did, instead of the “high end” of being a second home for a summer. FYI: took a beating due to Bush recession.

        None the less, if wrong, if caught, go to court. If not caught, that does not make it OK.

        Plus, Horist is wrong, if you google Federal Indictments against New York developers, all sorts of cases come up across the years. If you look, you can easily find them.

        As far as evaluations, everyone should estimate according to the rules which always allows for some shading up or down. All estimates have ranges, and you can “pick” high side or “low” side, but it’s a small fudge. On the same home, I lowered the valuation for tax purposes for the owner basically taking out a three bedroom apartment as unlivable storage space, which it was, but it was also pretty functional rooms. Funny thing, I couldn’t put them back in when I sold, fucking zillow and government tax records, so it added to my “loss.” Also, during this time, due to fraud cases, the folks estimating had cracked down and would not even perform minor fudges. A decade later, I could ask any professional estimator to go high or low, based on my needs, and they would. Totally legal and the difference is I operated in legal estimation ranges, Trump operated outside of legal ranges plus would go high and low on the same property for different reasons. That’s chutzpah too.

        Trump’s is egregious, criminal, and he did it over and over. He didn’t pick at the high end, low end, he blew it out of the park for business, and even for his own homes.

        As Horist, says, none of this exonerates him. And letting him off would be showing preference for a President and a politician, which he is by now. They should throw the book at him to set an example to all the less powerful developers out there that are all breaking the law as Horist watches them get away with it.

        And Trump’s business criminal corruption convictions have nothing to do with this civil case on valuations. As CNN noted: “A Manhattan jury has found two Trump Organization companies guilty on multiple charges of criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records connected to a 15-year scheme to defraud tax authorities by failing to report and pay taxes on compensation for top executives.” Sure, it’s CNN, but it’s also on the court record. Criminal conviction, tax fraud, business records fraud, 15- years worth. Guiltily, guilty, guilty.

        On this one Trump is already deemed convicted as liable. The only question being determined is the penalty. Lucky for you two guys, you have found a way to work past that. Myself, I am still waiting for your indictment of the Biden crime family don, Joe, but you can’t get it up, can you?

        As an aside, when it comes to stickin it to the man, I think Trumpy is begging for it on the Carroll case where, again, he is guilty, liable, and the only question is the penalty. You would think after the Rudy verdict and penalty, Trump would back off, but he’s discovered, no matter the crime, no matter, the penalty, he can market his “victim status,” and you people will profit him over the penalties. This is good business to Trump, he had added one more arrow in his quiver of questionable business models.

        It will all come to an end soon. This is a noose he cannot escape.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … You are so predictable. when I wrote the commentary, I knew you would tie me to the corruption — at least passively. but as usual, you cheap shots were off the mark. You seem to forget that I led civic groups that investigated corruption of all kinds. My knowledge of the developer/real estate industry was from that perspective I never had a developer as a client — or was personally involved in a development project. The closest I came was leading a successful effort to save the historic Chicago Theater. . So, I was not “watching them get away with it. On the other hand, you did work for a corrupt developer by your own admission — but did not see the corruption at the time. Okay … tell that to the jury. LOL On the other hand, you admit to manipulating the system, but claim it was all legal. From your description, I sounds like you did exactly what Trump is accused of. I wonder if you would win that claim in court if the feds came after you in a hundreds of million dollar investigation. From my experience with my own homes — including a lake home — and business loans, I would not do what you did because I believe it would be illegal — and least in Illinois and Michigan, where I owned homes. Perhaps federally, under tax laws. And yes, I know developers get hit with court cases on the fringe — but nothing like the investigation of Trump. Had a little time on my hands, so I though I would see what you were up to. Same old repetitious disinformation and obsessive petty Horist bashing, It is comforting to know that some things never change. You are the poster child for the expression, “There is no fool like an old fool. As usual LMAO.

          • FRANK STETSON

            Horist, I am so sorry to misread you. I forgot who I was dealing with, a Hoirst of another color, who does not mean what he says as he writes what he does not mean. When you wrote: “I have worked with developers extensively in my career” I mistakenly thought you meant you had worked with developers extensively in your career. Instead, it seems to be some kind of word trap so you could say: “when I wrote the commentary, I knew you would tie me to the corruption — at least passively. but as usual, you cheap shots were off the mark” (and yet you wrote what you knew would be misinterpreted on purpose?) because you say now that “I have worked with developers extensively in my career” really means: “I led civic groups that investigated corruption of all kinds” which, of course, I have no way of knowing. Although I would never term “investigating” to be the same as working extensively with. Nor would they I gather. Must have been some really good, extensive, meaningful investigations so important as to be left out of your bio where you even mention getting a debating award….. So sure, my bad, I should of just guessed what you really meant instead of believing what you actually wrote. That always goes over big with you.

            And you didn’t even comment on the proof about all the legal cases against developers in NY all the time throughout recent history as proof Trumpy is not being singled out for political purposes. You just seem to overlook that corruption too.

            As to me: there was no corruption on my work site except the keggers thrown after we raised a cul-de-sac of townhome clusters in a day: crane day! I had just noted that Ryan has a number of suits and investigations against them. As to my going high, going low on my own real estate estimation —- I used professional appraisers who use estimation algorithms with defined ranges — sort of like =/- 2% in a poll. It’s legal, it’s a nit, and it’s just the way the process works —- even for you. I did not fabricate any numbers, we just following the legal appraisal rules and process as professionally performed by pro’s. Same with the tax appraisal exchanging living space for storage space — their laws, their definitions, my legal re-evaluation, which, as I said, bit me in the ass upon sale. They would take umbrage at your words, but like your demigod, defamation is what you do. And nothing to do with what Trump is liable for and what his business is criminal for. Not even close. Good try. There’s a difference working within the system and gaming the system. Trump cheated, I did not. Trump is illegal, I am not. Trump is big money, I am not even close.

            And yes, I was thinking Chicago Theater, a nice job IMO, and a place that made me laugh because Ralph Machio was playing there once when I stopped by. Ralph always brings a smile and warms my heart to see him working. Spooky room, old hotel, double suite by mistake, too much darkness, memorable Chicago trip.

            Glad to hear you didn’t go along to git along, neither have I. This time :>) But if it makes you feel better, I have done criminal things in my youth, so let’s get our NRPS on:

            “Sunday afternoon Tijuana is a lovely town
            Bullfight brings the tourists and
            Their money flowing down
            The border guards are much too busy
            There at five o’ clock
            (Frank’s) truckin’ right on through
            He hardly even stopped.”

            Canada actually…. All legal now though. Good chat Mr. Larry, hope that clarifies your misconceptions and no need to apologize. It’s just you saying what you don’t write again. It’s amazing to me how upset you get when we agree. It’s better when we don’t and you can’t get it up to respond. Silence is golden — guess we both want more of that from each other :>)

            Back to the issues. Away personal attacks, away.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson ….. Petty …Petty .. petty … and soooo stupid. Feeling a little defensive? I said I worked WITH developers, not FOR them. I know it is a subtle difference and you are not good with subtleties. But your obsessive desire to be some sort of anti-Horist seems to make you crazy. Is it just a matter of jealousy … that I get a pay check and have thousands of readers — and you have neither? And for a guy who CONSTANTLY attacks me and others with childish insults, snide remarks, insinuations and sarcasm, then calling for civil chat is laughable. So … thanks for the laughs.

  4. Frank stetson

    Sloan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You nailed it. That’s the exact realty many see. You are right. That’s exactly how many see it.

    And no amount of liability convictions, no amount of criminal convictions, no amount of indictments, criminal charges, and his own words will change your minds.

    Gonna be one hot summer.

  5. Mike f

    Most of the comments above focus on the main trump issues, and some of them are not clear cut. However-there is one indictment that should concern anyone who considers themself to be a patriot. That of course is the stolen classified documents. That is a clear cut case-guilty as charged. And yes Larry-you may be right that the farmers do remember the 28 billion he got for them-however the rest of us should be up in arms about that wasted money-required due to retaliation on his ill-advised tariffs. That was our money that was wasted due to his ‘vanity project’ which did nothing to resolve the trade imbalance-except make goods more expensive for the consumer. So we, the rest of the country, actually paid twice for that bailout-both in taxes and higher prices for goods…

    • John sloan

      Why not prosecute Biden for his actions? He had classified documents. But that’s ok. He’s a fucking democrat. The lowest of all creatures. And strike while the iron is hot and nail him for his crimes with hunter. Why not? You assholes want to prosecute somebody? Don’t tell me. Show me.


    sloan: no President has ever been charged, or vp like pence, for docs IF when found, returned asap. Trump’s case was an egregious one where he has a tractor trailer full, laying all over the place at his open club with spies everywhere where even communist family members live onsite with family-member access to everything. Worst yet, he lied, he wouldn’t return them, so drastic actions were taken based on Trump’s own actions. You should be asking the question: why did he take SO MANY and when asked to return them, why did he not do it immediately. What was his motivation? Soon, we will find out more in court and that’s a good thing.

    As far a the Biden crime family, so far you have NOTHING on Joe so STFU. As to Hunter, again, you have no prosecutable evidence tween Hunter n Joe, and Hunter is already on the hook for his crimes, so again, shove off.

    Either put up or shut up, to use your parlance, you fucking lowlife Trumplican.

    • John sloan

      No You stfu And keep sucking Trump’s cock. Not only is Biden a crook he’s also a fucking retard So defend his mental health. I’m sure that if I live long enough it will probably come around to me. But I’m not appearing before people throwing out bullshit trying to make people believe I’m fit to be president. Y stupid asshole.

  7. Frank stetson

    John, way to go postal. Got ya!

    • John sloan

      I wonder what government thug planted destructive weapons on 1/6. Some leftist trying to frame the patriots. And it’s sad that they scared several into a plea deal. I would have went to trial and probably on to prison as an innocent political prisoner

  8. Frank stetson

    Yup. They all innocent. The tapes show what pussies they are. And according to some, those who admitted guilt are even weaker. How can someone break into the capitol, destroy the place, piss, shit in the offices and halls, and someone calls them patriots. That’s a guy with some really deep issues. A guy who has really deep frustrations that he thinks the “other side” has caused making his miserable life even worse.

    It’s really simple math; destroying the Capitol will never improve the country, make us more free, or anything positive.

  9. AC

    Much banter between the various opinion sides. So, my addition, tho it will be ill received, is more banter.
    Those on the right are convinced of their rightness they don’t see proven evidence of guilt on Trumps part as damming.
    Arguing their point that hedging if not openly cheating in business deals is common practice. Trump has said he has smarter lawyers who know the loopholes. If you don’t use your lawyers finds, Trump says you’re a stupid looser.
    Elect Trump to the presidency and you reward a cheating liar, corrupt busman, serial philandering rapist, and these are the top of Trumps legal iceberg.
    His story’s tail is wagging with fear and anxiety for good reason. The DOJ is just getting started. It will find its stride in April-May. All guilty verdicts Trump will appeal, it’s his legal accountability escape hatch. He likes placing the longest bet possible in his wagers. More time for him means opportunity for his defense.
    Trump has manipulated those who are transactional as Trump has always operated on a transactional bases in business and in his personal relationships.
    Transactional is the old saying “what have you done for me lately, and what can you do for me now”.
    Trump over promises, then pays only enough so businesses, like farmers, become dependent.
    Trump knows he as the Republican votes for two reasons minimum. One Republicans, especially in predominantly rural agricultural districts, will vote Republican every election. But, voters who say they are committed to Trump do not vote. Their polling location happens to be inconvenient on Election Day.
    Choices between duty to vote or duty to farm business and family. Business and family come first.
    Trump promises and his words are fleeting unsure. Business and family are immediate concerns.
    In Election Day 25-40% of the electorate don’t vote.
    Democrats are more likely to make voting a priority. They prefer voting in person, but if they know ahead of time that in person is not possible. Democrat ticket voters have no problem voting absentee. This extra margin gave Biden his win.
    Absentee vote counts were contested most by Trump and his lawyers. In the end every court turned Trump’s appeals down.
    Trump detested absentee ballots, Although, his vote was sent in absentee. Republican were told by Trump that the election was stolen from him. He said it was rigged by the Democrats. Evidence of Democrat illegality could not be found. Republicans won’t accept the truth, but are more than willing to accept Trump’s Big Lie.
    Trump himself knows he lost, fair and square. He doesn’t admit the truth because his Big Lie works and pays him back in dividends and interest. Cash he counts on from deluded supporters contributing to his so called Legal Defense Fund.
    His Big Lie is his most audacious con of his career running money making cons. Second. Only to his longest running con involving the American Republican electorate.
    Sadly, possibly up to 50% of the electorate may buy Trump’s election 2024 con, Most are giving his egregious character/personality flaws a pass. Trump disciples believe in his so called policies and his supposed big improvements over Obama.
    Now he is challenging Democrats and Biden.
    Larry, you must understand the fact of this election 2024. It’s like America in 2016 when our choice was limited between Hillary and The Donald. Neither one was great. IMO Hillary would have been best for the country. Biden chose against running that year.
    Trump won not by a majority of the popular vote. He claimed victory because of a technicality created in the Constitution that established the Electoral College provision.
    The Electoral College is an antiquated and an un-necessary appendage left these nearly 250 years.
    Hopefully, one day the House and the Senate will see to agree that this oddity in our democracy must go.

    So. That’s, that. Possibly the last.

    • Harold blankenship

      The electoral college is necessary for the states to have a fair chance to vote. . Otherwise only a handful of states would decide who gets elected. Don’t you know that you idiot? Of course you do. But you lowlife bastards won’t miss a chance to steal elections.

      • larry Horist

        Harold Blakenship … that is true, but there is an even more important reason to maintain the Electoral College. It avoids prolonged and destructive constitutional crises. It settles elections that could otherwise be disputed for months and years without a legitimate President. That could have happened in 2000. In 2020, no matter what one thinks of the popular vote, the Electoral College settled all the chaos. Once they voted, that resulted in the official election of the President. That is why Biden is the legitimate constitutional president of the United States — like it or not. The popular vote is not the deciding factor. Once the Electoral College voted and the result was certified by Congress,, we have a President with all constitutional the powers of the presidency, If it were not for the EC, we would be open to seizing of power.through the courts or otherwise. More than anything, the EC assures the timely transition of power. It is the reason why America has never gone a day without a President in charge.The Elector College is pure genius.