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Inflation Reduction Act? uhhhh…

Inflation Reduction Act? uhhhh…

This is the bill everyone is talking about, the one where Joe Manchin finally relented, Sinema negotiated and it will cost $433 Billion(down from $3.5 Trillion…). It is known as the Inflation Reduction Act. Biden and Schumer are doing their victory march. Republicans are bent over and taking it.

Can’t say I’m an expert on its contents, but I have a comment or two.

First of all, the Congressional Budget Office says the bill will not reduce inflation at all. Not one bit. I’m not really sure why I am citing the CBO, I only believe them when I agree with them, they tend to be capricious. But Phil Graham says it will increase inflation. says the bill will increase inflation, especially in the first two years. More on this below.

Raising taxes

Raising taxes might arguably work to decrease inflation if used solely for deficit reduction since it takes money away from people who would otherwise spend it. The problem is that the money goes to the government, which not only spends it like a drunken sailor but also borrows even more.

So claims of deficit reduction are hilarious (and note the Republicans aren’t doing any better on this).

Let’s face it, government spending really has nothing to do with revenue raised anymore. Whenever there is a shortfall in government spending, the Fed just prints more money. The problem with this is that we can no longer raise interest rates to slow down the economy because our national debt is so high that interest increases would force the government to borrow in the extreme, thus expanding the money supply, thus increasing inflation. That effect is great than the tightening effect of the higher interest rate.

Yes, you might know that the Fed has already raised the interest rate, and plans to do it again. I’ve written about this before. This will increase inflation, not reduce it.  This will spiral.

Oh yes, and the last problem is that according to basic Friedman economics, you can not really tax corporations. Anything they pay in taxes is merely passed on in higher prices to the consumer – yes, you guessed it, a contributor to inflation.

Price Caps on Prescription Drugs

Price caps do not work, they have never worked. Socialist countries have tried it and failed.

The reasons are obvious. Manufacturers will not produce a product if it doesn’t generate a profit. If you put a cap on the price of insulin, you do not create cheaper insulin, you create a shortage of insulin. And what follows is invariably a black market of some kind where people can buy insulin at a much higher price, if they can afford it. The people who can’t or won’t go to the black market are put on waiting lists – basically, they go without.

Think of it as a tax. Ronald Reagan always said whatever you subsidize you get more of, whatever you tax you get less of. If you buck the market and lower the prices unnaturally, we will have less insulin.

Medicare is going to “negotiate” prices? Either they set price caps or it’s business as usual. Drug makers will sell what they have at the price market conditions allow. Or they won’t and we have a shortage.

Climate Change Measures

This is basic virtue signaling from the Democrats, its sole purpose is to win the vote of those people who believe that climate change is the most important issue ever.

These measures will not affect global temperatures in any significant way. No scientist anywhere can claim that it will. Remember this hugely expensive program is said to reduce emissions by 31% to 42% by 2030 in the U.S. – but the rest of the world does not have such a program. They can’t afford it.

None of the measures taken will translate to third world countries that produce the CO2 that they claim will destroy the Earth. It is a boatload of money spent foolishly.

And of course the best part of the climate measure is that it also puts money into coal, gas and oil, the very fuels the climate change advocates want to stop.

So Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are happy, they think they have saved the world. I supposed the damage could be worse. But this is a useless waste of money. Now we have to wait for 2024 to over turn it.

Senate Dems pass long-awaited climate, tax and health care bill

CBO: Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Reduce Inflation

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  1. john fudacz

    this mf joe machin traitor, sold out all the people of this state of west virginia !

    • Ben

      I had hoped that joe would join the republicans. I guess that threats and bribery works

  2. Jay Furlong


  3. James W Juengling

    Don’t forget Sinema!!

  4. ben

    “Can’t say I’m an expert on its contents, but I have a comment or two.” Is that like, “I haven’t read it yet but I know I hate it?”

    How did Joe sell out WV? Cuz Joe disagrees and says: ““Over the last year, leaders in Washington have ignored repeated warnings about the severe threat of inflation and the consequences of unprecedented domestic spending. Despite these concerns and my calls to give the country time to fully realize the impacts of such historic levels of spending and our inflation crisis, many Democrats have continued to push for trillions more in spending to meet a political deadline. As difficult as it is for some to hear, political calls to action that ignore the severity of the crises we face and will continue to face are a recipe for national disaster.

    “We must be honest about the economic reality America now faces if we want to avoid fanning the flames of inflation. At its core, the purpose of reconciliation is to get our economic and financial house in order. Contrary to foolish talk otherwise, America cannot spend its way out of debt or out of inflation. With respect to my position, I have never and will never walk away from solving the problems facing the nation we all love. I strongly support the passage of commonsense policies that reduce inflation and focus on the major challenges confronting America today and in the future.

    “I have worked diligently to get input from all sides on the legislation my Democratic colleagues have proposed and listened to the views of my Republican friends to find a path forward that removes inflationary policies so that Congress can respond to Americans’ suffering from high prices. Based on that work, I now propose and will vote for the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Rather than risking more inflation with trillions in new spending, this bill will cut the inflation taxes Americans are paying, lower the cost of health insurance and prescription drugs, and ensure our country invests in the energy security and climate change solutions we need to remain a global superpower through innovation rather than elimination. Whether it is the threats to our energy security, high inflation, exploding national debt, persistent income inequality, supply chain chaos or the emergence of a new Cold War, it is time to put away the partisan swords and advance legislation that is in the best interests of the future of this nation and the American people we all represent – not just one party.

    “It is past time for America to begin paying down our $30 trillion national debt and get serious about the record inflation that is crushing the wages of American workers. In practical terms, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 would dedicate hundreds of billions of dollars to deficit reduction by adopting a tax policy that protects small businesses and working-class Americans while ensuring that large corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.

    “Tax fairness is vital to our nation’s economic future. It is wrong that some of America’s largest companies pay nothing in taxes while freely enjoying the benefits of our nation’s military security, infrastructure and rule of law. It is commonsense that a domestic corporate minimum tax of 15 percent be applied only to billion-dollar companies or larger ensuring that America’s largest businesses are no longer able to operate for free in our economy. Furthermore, to avoid inevitable partisan gamesmanship and increase confidence in the fairness of the tax system, tax reform should never put U.S. businesses at a disadvantage against international competitors. Our tax code should not favor red state or blue state elites with loopholes like SALT and should focus more on closing unfair loopholes like carried interest. Through the enforcement of a fair tax code, we can use the revenue to cut the deficit and lower the cost of healthcare for working families and small businesses.

    “In addition to fighting inflation, we must stop pretending that there is only one way to combat global climate change or achieve American energy independence. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 addresses our nation’s energy and climate crisis by adopting commonsense solutions through strategic and historic investments that allow us to decarbonize while ensuring American energy is affordable, reliable, clean and secure. The need to balance all of these critical energy priorities is no longer open to debate given the energy threats we face.

    “I support a plan that will advance a realistic energy and climate policy that lowers prices today and strategically invests in the long game. As the super power of the world, it is vital we not undermine our super power status by removing dependable and affordable fossil fuel energy before new technologies are ready to reliably carry the load. This legislation ensures that the market will take the lead, rather than aspirational political agendas or unrealistic goals, in the energy transition that has been ongoing in our country. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 invests in the technologies needed for all fuel types – from hydrogen, nuclear, renewables, fossil fuels and energy storage – to be produced and used in the cleanest way possible. It is truly all of the above, which means this bill does not arbitrarily shut off our abundant fossil fuels. It invests heavily in technologies to help us reduce our domestic methane and carbon emissions and also helps decarbonize around the world as we displace dirtier products.

    “Our persistent and increasing dependence on foreign energy and supply chains from countries who hate America represents a clear and present danger and it must end. The increased risk of geopolitical uncertainty demands that we turn our focus to increasing U.S. energy production and bringing good paying energy and manufacturing jobs back to America. While this may seem like commonsense, this Administration’s current solution is to push forward more costly regulations resulting in less U.S. production while inexplicably asking other nations to pump more oil and relying on Chinese President Xi for the critical minerals our economy needs.

    “Let me make it clear, I will not vote to support policies that make the United States more dependent on foreign energy and supply chains or risk moving the country closer to the unstable and vulnerable European model of energy we are witnessing today. Most importantly, I am heartened by the bipartisan recognition that for America to achieve our energy and climate goals, it is critical we reform the broken permitting process. President Biden, Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi have committed to advancing a suite of commonsense permitting reforms this fall that will ensure all energy infrastructure, from transmission to pipelines and export facilities, can be efficiently and responsibly built to deliver energy safely around the country and to our allies.

    “For too long, the reconciliation debate in Washington has been defined by how it can help advance Democrats political agenda called Build Back Better. Build Back Better is dead, and instead we have the opportunity to make our country stronger by bringing Americans together. I will do everything I can to usher in a new era of compromise and commonsense that will make America more energy secure, financially sound and a more united country for this generation and the next.

    “From here forward, the debate over a future reconciliation bill or any targeted legislation must focus on supporting the everyday hardworking Americans we have been elected to serve. I support the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 because it provides a responsible path forward that is laser focused on solving our nation’s major economic, energy and climate problems. The question for my colleagues is whether they are willing to put their election politics aside and embrace the commonsense approach that the overwhelming majority of the American people support and will best serve the future of this nation.”

  5. Kawika56

    Whatever Democrats name a Bill, you can be certain that the ‘Name’ is the opposite of what the Bill is all about!

    • Ben

      oh come on, how childish. and not even one example. and coming from a follower of Cheeto Jesus, the Angry Creamsicle himself no less. I mean Captain Chaos never saw a stupidly named treaty he could make worse — NAFTA becomes USMCA, United States-Mexico-Canada Treaty where Mexico only gets one letter. There’s a winner. Or how about when Captain Bone Spurs came up with “The Wall,” not that Pink Floyd was already there. Or when he copied MAGA from Reagan’s “”Let’s Make America Great Again,” now there’s an improvement to throw off the plagiarism police.

      yeah, it’s a stupid name. but it’s a nice package and a centrist compromise. You remember Republican centrists don’t you? Orange Julius rebranded them traitors.

  6. Frank stetson

    There are so many technical errors in thisI’m not even gonna start.

    Well, let’s do a couple, Joe, you’ve already gone through the fact that if the Fed raises interest rates, that does not make existing debt increases. It only makes future debt to be higher. It’s basic math and it just doesn’t seem to sink in with you, you keep making the same mistake.

    Plus, I already showed you that tax increases are not a direct line to price creases. The word “tend” to increase prices would be more accurate because of the rules of price stickiness.

    There are a lot more mistakes in this, at least on a technical nature. If paragraph

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You haven’t shown anything, you’ve made gratuitous assertions that are incorrect.

      • Frank stetson

        Sure Joe the fact that these funds only represent 5% of the total funds these people manage and that you say it affects the entire 100% is me being gratuitous and incorrect.

        Sure Joe and you believe the big lie too. You just can’t wash this crap away by saying it doesn’t matter. You are wrong on this post, you are wrong in your response to me, and you can’t see the truth when it’s only 5%. You think it’s 100%.

        At that point one must conclude: BUSTED.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      FYI, at the moment I’m attending the conference for the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics in Lake Tahoe. I had this very discussion with one the top PhD economists in the country last night. He supported my assertions and added nuance. We each concluded that Janet Yellen was a fool, and that the Fed’s raising interest rates would increase inflation, not reduce it.

      • frank stetson

        Fascinating. And what a boondoggle too! I am impressed. Fascinating field, you had boatloads of professorial speakers, and what a location. OH, I miss those days, I was oft a free-ride speaker, but totally business and product invention — pushing IP Telephony for me, but act of science, for true believers.

        Just when I though economics couldn’t get more mysterious as an art form, versus a science, they come up with this!

        Next time you can tell my joke: a reporter asked the economist if he could explain the reasons for recession, The economist replied, “most certainly 100%, right after the recession ends.”

  7. w

    Off Topic: Mar-a-Lago got raided by the FBI! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    And of course Trump is whining about them even breaking open his safe (you could have opened it for them asshole!). And he complains that his “wonderful home” was invaded… even though the city has zoning regulations that prevent Mar-a-lago from having permanent residents.

    But besides the shadenfreude at seeing Trump being taken down is this: TRUMP IS BEING TAKEN DOWN. Judges don’t sign off on piddly shit when you’re rich and important (or at least loudly proclaim both of those things. To get approval of an FBI raid like this, they had to show the evidence they had against Trump, and it was ROCK SOLID or else it wouldn’t have gotten signed off.

    I’m just wondering which case this is about – Trump taking classified information and stacking it in his bedroom, where the maid Lin Xiao from China could browse through it during the day? Or did they grab all his burner phones for Jan 6th conspiracy evidence? Or maybe it had something to do calling witnesses and trying to influence their testimony? Maybe they’re looking for the phone Trump used to call the SOS in Georgia to get him to change vote totals? Or maybe it has something to do with Manafort now publicly admitting that he worked with the Russians on Trump’s 2016 campaign? Probably not anything to do with his business fraud in New York… this smells more like federal charges… Geez, the possibilities are endless, it’s hard to even guess…

    The good part is, Trump will be held accountable for his many crimes. Soon. Why don’t you write an indignant op ed about this? Go on, you can rail about how it’s all political, and ignore the evidence that has been out in the open all along. Now it will be documented by the DOJ.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      First, of all, celebrating the misuse of police power to attack a political opponent is deplorable.

      Second, Trump will likely be the next President.

      Third, if you think it is a problem for Trump to keep “classified” information, then you don’t understand the classification process. The President is the ultimate classifying authority, he can do with it whatever he wants.

      And finally, the way you embrace conspiracy theories about Trump and ignore the crimes of your own party is scary.

      • Brn

        Presidential documentation act of 1978 gives the FBI the right to follow this one down, especially women the Trapstar is known for tearing things up and toss them down the toilet, classified or not.

        A judge signed off on it, probably a trump appointee.

        I will admit it is an Al Capone moment where they’re going to use the documentation act to stop this guy from running for president so that they don’t have to indict him while he’s an active nominee. I call that brilliant. And totally legal.

        So you and all the foxettes can talk about puppet state, deep state, corrupt institutions, go to the cows come home. But it is the law. Suck on it.

        What I find funny is that fox is screaming that we’re in a puppet state when if this was a puppet state, it wouldn’t be the documents I would’ve storm the castle for…

      • w

        1: It’s not a misuse of police (actually FBI) power to execute a raid for evidence of a crime. They already have evidence, or a judge would not have signed off on it. Are you proposing that the FBI can NEVER raid a home or business when they already have evidence of a crime?

        2. There is no way in fucking hell that Trump will be the next President. There are at least 3 active investigations into his crimes. Besides the fact that he looks and acts closer to dementia every time he appears in public. The only reason he keeps saying he “might” run and “soon” is that it gets him more “campaign” contributions, which he can spend as he pleases until he actually officially declares his intentions. He’s a grifter, to the end.

        3. You obviously don’t understand the classification process. These were previously classified documents. He did nothing to declassify them. There is a process, and he didn’t follow it. He just took classified documents with him when he left. That’s illegal. He stored them in a non-classified facility (Mar-a-Lago) where anyone would be able to get access to them. They were in cardboard boxes, for God’s sake! He probably had them stacked up in a room that every maid, housekeeper, and contract had access to. And on top of that, there’s the Presidential Documentation Act that mandates the preservation of ALL presidential records. Taking them home is not preserving them.

        4. Fact: Trump’s “residence” at Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI. That’s not a conspiracy theory. You can believe the RWNJ conspiracy theory that he’s being targeted by the DOJ if you want, but there are rules, there are checks on DOJ power, and they are being followed. They couldn’t execute a raid without a judge’s signoff, and a judge wouldn’t sign off without VERY GOOD evidence, ESPECIALLY against a former POTUS.
        Another fact: Trump was a grifter and a criminal before he was President, and blatantly used his Office to enrich himself and his family. This is just one of the investigations into his actions. Whether your RWNJ mind allows you to believe that or not, be prepared for more raids and criminal indictments against Trump and his co-conspirators.

        5. NONE of the accusations against Democrats have EVER been backup up with any evidence. Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours before Congress, who decided “nothing here”, and yet they and all the right wing conservative nut jobs continually bring up “what about her emails!?!”. Let’s see Trump testify under oath for even 10 minutes without perjuring and/or incriminating himself! Also totally ignoring how Trump’s handpicked associates have a REAL problem with deleting emails and texts and hiding them from Congressional and DOJ investigators.
        They scream about Hunter Biden’s laptops, even though there’s no evidence and no indication that he did anything wrong, even as Trump’s evil demon spawn had BILLION dollar deals with the Saudis and China, during Trump’s Presidency and even while they were on official talks with those countries.
        And then there’s Trump’s BIG LIE about the elections, that has NEVER had any evidence presented or even a coherent story of how it could have affected the results… even as Trump and his cronies had a elaborate (and now well documented) conspiracy to line up fake electors, have Oathkeepers and other groups attack the Capitol, with Trump actually calling (and recorded) pressuring the SOS of Georgia, and lining up Senators and even the Vice President (who backed out at the last minute) to falsely ignore the will of voters and unilaterally declare that Trump was President.

        It is you, sir, who ignores the facts and listens to the conspiracy theories.

        • Ben

          classify smasshify — the Presidential Records Act don’t care. It’s Presidential documents baby, not just classified. But it could be “assified” if we have to check all the toilets and pipes……

          • W

            Actually, besides the fact that Trump has lied and stalled about giving back Presidential records, the raid is not about that. Biden revoked Trump’s security clearance because it was determined that Trump was security risk. He was (and probably still is) on good terms with Russia, Saudia Arabia, North Korea, and a few other countries that would love to do harm to the US. Putin has openly declared war against Ukraine, and by extension, the whole western world. Russia also backs a lot of Trump’s debt. If things get dicey for Trump, he might disappear with a few suitcases full of cash and all the secret documents he thinks he can sell to ensure his future survival.

            Trump did not and probably could not declassify all of those documents, especially in the last few days of his Presidency. Even the President can’t just take them home and declare them unclassified.

            By definition, Top Secret means that revealing those secrets to hostile nations WILL result in damage to the US. It could be plans for nuclear weapons (something Trump and his demon spawn already tried to hawk to Saudi Arabia, and for which Jared recieved a couple of BILLION dollars), it could be troop placements, location of our nuclear arsenal, names of spies located in certain countries – all stuff Trump could demand a pretty penny for.

            Reports are that some of the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago were marked Top Secret. Any private citizen (as is Trump) with Top Secret documents in their posession, not in a secure facility, and without a “need to know” would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If not capital punishment, they would be looking at 30 or 40 years in a federal maximum security facility. It is a security breach of the highest risk. Are Republicans suggesting that Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted even though he broke the law and threatened the security of the entire country?

            And if you think Trump would never betray his country, look at the events of Jan 6th, and then work backwards. Trump only cares about Trump – he’d sacrifice his own evil spawn if it got him off the hook.

      • frank stetson

        Wow, that’s a funny one Joe. I take it back, skip the day job and go standup…. :>)

        “celebrating the misuse of police power to attack a political opponent is deplorable.” I totally agree, it is uncalled for even on your site that allows hate speak and ad hominins galore so you can maximize your profits. But no song parodies, that’s a hard red line……harshing many a mellow. But, pot-kettle, you need to stop too.

        And “Trump will likely be the next President,” is about as true as saying that Biden will be the next President. Or anyone for that matter. However, there is no doubt Trump owns the party, is it’s major force, and Larry has his head up his arse on saying Trump is over. When you say “if you think it is a problem for Trump to keep “classified” information, then you don’t understand the classification process. The President is the ultimate classifying authority, he can do with it whatever he wants” you flagrantly toss a red herring onto the discussion. The Presidential Documents Act covers documents, not just classified. But he even took SCI’s and that’s going well beyond simple highly classified, and you, of all people here, know that. Don’t you?

        And frankly, the agents have been working with him since January, met with team Trump, and Trump, in April, he promised to do right, but apparently lied. Go figure. Given his propensity to 1) lie, 2) drag his feet, and 3) destroy documents, they convinced a judge, probably not hard, that the documents were there, were in imminent danger, and they needed to secure them ASAP.

        So, what are we talking about, a few memento’s, a simple error, what? Trump is alleged of taking 15 boxes at the end of his term. That’s not an inconsequential, small number of memories. In January 2020, Trump turned over 15 boxes. It took the agents over a year of negotiations. Shortly thereafter, the Archives found classified documents in the fifteen boxes returned. They also found ripped up documents. In the August raid, agents took 12 boxes of documents. That’s a total of 27 boxes. What the hell did Trump need with 27 boxes of Presidential Documents? The man does not even read……..he watches TV……and lies……

        Joe wraps up with: “And finally, the way you embrace conspiracy theories about Trump and ignore the crimes of your own party is scary.” But what about world hunger and the abortion ban in Texas? Whatboutism is no excuse for Trump breaking the Presidential Documents Act which simply says: don’t take or destroy your documents. That’s what this is about, not Hunter Biden, third-world tin pot banana republics (which the US created fyi), or weaponization of DOJ against political adversaries (which Trump reinvented). This is about the PDA, Trump egregiously breaking it, and following the rule of law, wherever it leads. You don’t even have to depend on the DOJ. Feel free to take on Hunter, Hillary, etc. The parents of Sandy Hook showed you how — they sued the fuck out of Alex Jones for lying. And won!

        But here’s the real skinny; Trump has the documents inventory and can release it at any time, no issues. If this is indeed a nothing-burger, why won’t he immediately release the document inventory? What more is he hiding? He has it 100% in his power to end the speculation now, show us it’s much ado about nothing, and has his revenge. What’s stopping him? Why is he afraid?

    • Ben

      Wait till they come for you dickhead. It’s all about destroying trump. It’s not about justice

      • frank stetson

        It’s about truth, justice, and the American way. The man made off with over a DOZEN BOXES of Presidential records. He had four years to learn the Presidential Records Act, passed in 1978 after Nixon did his records thing.

        The National Archives also has evidence of Trump ripping up documents, they have pieced some back together, others they just have the shreds.

        Axios, re a new Haberman book coming out, printed pictures of Trump notes in the toilet, shredded. Could be hearsay or trumped up evidence, but who knows.

        It’s a difficult law to understand that states: “requires any memos, letters, emails and other documents related to the president’s duties be preserved and given to the National Archives and Records Administration at the end of an administration.”

        That’s confusing for Captain Bone Spur to grasp, I am sure.

        Given he illegally removed documents, given he is proven to have torn up documents, perhaps in the toilet file, I think most prudent people can see where a judge could see the need to immediate search and seizure. He deserves it and can’t claim stupidity as his absolution.

        No, it’s not funny, he has disparaged forever, the office of the President setting new lows after Nixon and Clinton.

        And it is a bit “Caponian” in that we nabbed Al Capone on tax fraud, not his real crimes. But is does save McConnell and McCarthy from impeaching him, and clears the way for the 1/6 investigation to continue into Trump himself since he will not be the nominee after this escapade, that would be illegal if he is convicted —– and he will be.

        This was totally legal. If the fools keep harping about tin pot dictatorships, puppet regimes, and liberals being afraid of running against Trump ===== then it will be funny since the only response is from Reagan, no not Ron, but Frank, the Commissh: “It is the law and because it is the law we are damn sure going to see that it is carried out.”

      • frank stetson

        Sorry Ben, you can be afraid. But this Ben has “entertained” the FBI, had a $100K IRS bill hanging over my head, and many other alleged infractions. Paid $10K on the IRS, they fucked up on my investment trades. One heck of a spreadsheet, but they were nice. FBI, not so much so, it was a “let us look or we can try a warrant,” but nothing found.

        Let em come. If you follow the law, you have little to fear. Matter of fact, out of a half dozen IRS possible penalties, I have paid $0. Now, if Trump did take office, I would imagine 4 years of REVENGE, which might even trickle down to trolls like me. Yeah, that I fear, but only because he has said it and done it before.

        It wasn’t like Trump wasn’t warned. They first met in January, lawyers, Trumpy dropped in. How could they expect to keep the documents once the agents told them they knew they were there. And after Trump was outed for ripping things up, flushing documents, didn’t he expect them to move faster? Can you say Cohen? How about all the other raids, no hint?

        And yeah, it is political. But really, how could it not be —- he will be pre-running for office for the rest of his life. He needs the donations. I just can’t believe he owns a cemetery company in NJ, plunked Ivana on his course, and is taking hundreds of thousands in NJ tax breaks. That’s a 6-foot under loophole. The man was probably planning to sell these papers, for info or for memorabilia.

        But it’s political because Trump made it political too. He has said he will run. He has floated that as a way to stop the investigation. Garland will not investigate a known candidate, although there may be a labor day caveat on that, not Trump’s infinity version. Trump has already pitched that, partly for a investigation dodge, so the clock was running. But if they raided, you can be 99% sure that they know they would strike gold on the search. One agent has said they include documents so sensitive that even the subject matter will never be mentioned.

        Here’s the more dangerous part — the FBI was looking for Archival documents —- if they find relevant 1/6 during that search, it’s fair play. Trump knew that risk too.

        I have said that a conviction here would preclude him from seeking office, but a FOX legal expert noted that’s a statute that might be seen as in direct conflict or overriding the Constitution. Even if not correct, that could wind up at the Supremes.
        But, if true, that puts Mitch and Kevin back on deck for impeachment. The man will be convicted of one or more things. They should impeach so America can move on.

        • Perry

          The Jack booted government thugs found nothing. And it’s going to blow over just like the Russia lies.

          • Ben

            If they found nothing, then why doesn’t Trump release the inventory list of the documents.

            He is within his rights to release said list. If need be he can react anything he doesn’t want people to see.

            If there’s no they are there, I would think he’d wanna shout that from the rooftops. He has the list, it was given to him as the agents left, why doesn’t he release the list Perry? Maybe he’s keeping up with his taxes.

    • Carolyn Hodges

      He wasn’t home to open the safe. Duh