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Indiana Pizza Joint Shuts Down After Hypothetically Refusing to Cater Same-Sex Weddings

Memories Pizza was a local favorite in Walkerton, Indiana for nearly 10 years. When an ABC 57 reporter walked in and asked the owner’s daughter about her thoughts on the new RFRA law, everything changed.

Crystal O’Connor explained that her family’s business had no problem serving gays, but would refuse if asked to cater a same-sex wedding. Doing so would be the equivalent of “approving” the wedding, which would be against her family’s Christian beliefs.

The interview immediately hit the news and like a game of telephone, her words were garbled and turned into something comparable to a hate crime. Memories Pizza was forced to shut down due to threatening phone calls and the O’Connors went into hiding. A GoFundMe page called “Support Memories Pizza” was launched and has so far accumulated over $500,000.

Although the liberals may have succeeded in shutting down a family business in small town Indiana, not everyone on the other side of the fence is celebrating. Jess Dooley, a Concord High School golf coach, was suspended for her threatening tweet about burning the pizza joint to the ground: Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to “burn down Memories Pizza with me?”

What can we learn from this incident? We know that left-wing bullies like to push people around, especially conservative Christians – even better if they are small businesses owners – but should standing up for your faith mean endangering your business? If the liberals feel so strongly about gay rights, why are they chomping at the bit to fight anyone who doesn’
t agree? 

Despite their initial fears, the O’Connors plan to reopen after the firestorm dies down and have made it clear that they harbor no hatred towards the gay population. The O’Connors see the new RFRA as a good thing, a way to protect small businesses and show acceptance of religious diversity – despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to be protecting them now. 

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