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Incredible Support for Glenn Beck's Tea Party Rally Foreshadows 2016 Elections

Last Saturday, just a few days after Tax Day, Glenn Beck organized a tea
party rally that attracted an audience of half a million. Surely Obama was
surprised to see such an incredible crowd on his front lawn, not to mention the
fact that this incredible turnout does not bode well for future of the
Democratic Party.

Instead of appealing strictly to Republicans, Beck
reached across party lines and made the emphasis of his rally about “we the
people,” speaking about God and country and honoring the military. In a typical
countermove, Al Sharpton organized his own event on the same day, but only a
few hundred showed up.

Then the biggest issue of the day was revealed: the GOP is tired of
being blamed for the nation’s staggering debt, an amount equal to nearly 10% of
the US economy. But where can we cut spending when millions of Americans depend
on Medicaid, Social Security, and food stamps? Even less likely is the decision
to cut the war and defense budget.

Sarah Palin attended the rally, speaking about the need to restore old America,
drawing a counter to Obama’s campaign of “change,” a promise he failed to
fulfill. Maybe this energetic group of millions represented by last Saturday’s
tea party will be able to accomplish their goals.

Although the Tea Party has experienced defeat as well as victory, the group
has had a dramatic influence on who earns a seat in the House of
Representatives. And now they’re getting fired up about next year’s elections.
What does this portend for the tea party’s future and their role in selecting
the Republican presidential nominee?

Ideally the Tea Party would like to see someone like Ted Cruz win the
primary.  In any event, especially in light of recent Tea Party influence in
Congressional elections, 2016 will be a huge year not only for the future of the Tea Party,
but also for the country as a whole.

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