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In France, Unvaxxed Healthcare Workers Suspended Without Pay

In France, Unvaxxed Healthcare Workers Suspended Without Pay

Thousands of healthcare workers in France were suspended without pay this week when they failed to meet a vaccination deadline. Dozens of workers decided to resign rather than obey vaccine rules, adding to an employee shortage that has forced some hospitals to postpone non-urgent surgeries.

“Some 3,000 suspensions were notified yesterday at health centers and clinics who have not yet been vaccinated,” announced French Health Minister Olivier Véran, who added that anyone coming into contact with “fragile” or “elderly” people must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Based on reports from individual hospitals, the actual number of suspended employees could be much higher.

“We will go as far as we are able to go,” vowed Thierry Paysant, a fire safety officer who works for the public hospital system in Nice, France. Paysant started a hunger strike this week after a single hospital in Nice was forced to suspend 450 employees. “It’s hard to swallow…It was imposed in a violent way.”

The vaccination deadline was announced this summer as part of a controversial law championed by French President Emmanuel Macron. The law requires all healthcare workers, care home staff, and firefighters to begin the vaccination process by September 15th and complete it by October 16th as a condition for working.

The law also forced French residents to present a COVID “health pass” when dining out, shopping, using public transportation, and visiting large venues. Beginning September 30th, these requirements will apply to individuals as young as 12 years old.

Author’s Note: President Macron introduced strict policies this summer to combat a rise in vaccine hesitancy among his people. While his methods worked – up to 90% of French adults have received at least one shot – they also exacerbated civil unrest and prompted demonstrations involving up to 200,000 people.


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  1. Poor White Boy

    GOOD…so they would rather see sick people die with no healthcare workers to attend them, than for citizens to have control of their own bodies and destiny. NWO death squads have arrived. take the poison jab or be outcast. God save us and Satan will have the rest.

  2. Hopiter

    It’s likely that most healthcare workers for the past 20 months have been innoculated so many times with this virus or they have had Covid in one form or other therefore; they all have NATURA IMMUNITY. Recent study published in Israel showed that those with natural immunity have 37times greater protection from COVID and the variants. One wonders how, the political machines who PURPORT to follow the science are so quick to basically turn blind eyes to actual current data.

    • Poor White Boy

      They want the control of the peasants….they want to depopulate the world and be masters of all….how better than to scare the peasants with their invisible Frankenstein flu (you don’t know you have it, but they still tell you that you do), and give everyone a jab of slow acting poison……..

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      You’re making stuff up… no health care workers have been required to receive more than one set of vaccinations. “Natural immunity” is not a thing – having COVID once does not protect against the Delta variant, and before Delta came along, it wasn’t even very protective against getting COVID again. The vaccine, however, has been shown to be over 90% effective against all strains found so far, and ALSO reduces the severity of COVID for the people who do get break-through COVID.

      You cite some unnamed Israeli study that says “natural immunity is 37 greater”… than what? You don’t say… And where did you hear about this supposed study? Can you provide the name of the authors or the title of the study? Was it published in a peer reviewed paper, or was it just something that showed up on your favorite anti-vaxxer or Q-Anon website?

      When you talk about “actual current data”, please be specific. The CDC publishes “actual current data” every day, based on data collected from thousands of sources around the country. Where do you get your information from, an anonymous contributor on Facebook?

  3. Ben

    Let me get this straight, Your stance is that an employer shouldn’t be able to set terms for employment? That’s a weird position coming from the “right to work” side of the aisle.

  4. Feankstetson

    The world is whacked; we all for personal freedoms when it comes to barring gays from bakery cakes but barring the unvaccinated is verboten. Illegal alien babies must be deported to countries they never lived in but rape babies must stay even before born. Nicest babies too. If your wear a mask, you will be emotionally scarred for life but it’s OK to die from COVID because you are old. Vaccines are unsafe but taking horse dewormer with a bleach chaser while sticking a bright light up your ass is safe. We can’t trust CDC but Israel speaks the truth. Fauci lies but you can believe pillow guy, the big lie.

    Try this: the only people hospitalized and dying from this are you. 2,000 a day now. We are not.

    Funny part is not only are you true believers; some even pledge money to the cause. There are more people indicted for J6 than J6 supporters this weekend. Yet this guy raked in millions from his feckless fans . You guys are actually paying to be lied to. Amazing.

    • Harold blankenship

      The only liars are you democrats . You idiots are trying to scare people into bowing down and kissing commie asses. And dr. Falsey, yes I know how it spelled, is nothing but a political hack Nobody cares that China and the democrats colluded to murder our people and push America into communism. America first has became America last. But help is on the way. A great Republican surge is coming. And I mean down ballots for state house races also. I predict that the woke idiots will dry up and blow away. Antifa and Black Lives Matter will go underground and be afraid of the real patriots in charge. Joe Biden will end up in a home and Kamala will be a lame duck. And us patriots will be standing by to see that voter fraud don’t happen again Ben, Frank, Mike and Joseph will run to Cuba and hide out. That’s where they belong. There’s no place in a free America for their kind. Even now they are fish out of water.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        why would we have to run away? Republicans are dropping like flies, soon even in gerrymandered states you’ll be a minority and get voted out.

        • Joanne adams

          Then the civil war will start

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