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In Europe, Free Speech Excludes Blasphemy Against Muhammed

In Europe, Free Speech Excludes Blasphemy Against Muhammed

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday decided that free speech does not allow for insults against Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam.

Defamation against Muhammad “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate,” wrote the court, “and could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace.”

Radical Muslims are particularly sensitive regarding insults to Muhammad. In 2015, a group of radicals murdered 12 people after the satirical French magazine Charlie Hedbo published an offensive image of the prophet (image above).

Thursday’s ruling, which makes a mockery of the term “free speech,” marks the culmination of a case pertaining to an Austrian woman who claimed that Muhammad’s marriage to a 6-year-old girl was akin to “pedophilia.”

According to Islamic texts, Muhammad consummated the marriage when he was 50 (or older) and his wife was 9. Muhammad “liked to do it with children,” said the woman during two seminars in 2009. “What do we call it, if it is not pedophilia?”

In 2011, she was convicted by a Vienna court and fined $547 for “disparaging religious doctrines.”

The woman, identified as E.S., claimed her comments about Muhammad were part of a public debate and should not be considered defamation. Not to mention her right to freedom of expression.

But the court insisted her comments were presented without historical context and were not phrased in a neutral manner. Her comments were classified as an “abusive attack” on Muhammad that was designed to stir up indignation among Muslims. The ruling was upheld by an Austrian appeals court before traveling to the ECHR.

The takeaway here is that Europe is more concerned with preserving religious peace than it is guaranteeing the right to free speech.

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  1. Carol

    And so it begins, “Free Speech” will die a slow death to avoid conflict with some that would retaliate with violence against people that do not think or believe the same as them. Isn’t this exactly what the Democrats are calling for? I’ve heard this has happened before. History does repeat.

  2. Aja

    Pure insanity. This entire take over of the UK led by traitors posing as representing citizens is going to result in every child being fair game and pretty much already has. What kind of people want this for their children? I used to think that Europeans were civilized, but they are pathetic and just as guilty as all the child rapists because they allow and encourage this charade to continued by punishing any of the civilized people that are against it. What fools!

    • DAV

      Remember Chamberlain from England? He got in bed with Hitler so (he thought), England would not be attacked. You know what happened. Getting in bed with the MugSlums does not guarantee that you will be safe. You’ll see.

  3. Russell Bateman

    “The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday decided that free speech does allow for insults against Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam.”

    Then the article goes on to say how the news announced by the first paragraph is untrue–that Europe doesn’t consider insults against Muhammad to be allowable free speech.

    Am I alone in being confused by the point o this post?

    • K2l0UpnEUh


  4. Jayne Abraham

    ECHR = laughing joke!! They call themselves a high court. Lol!!!

  5. Steven Lizak

    Mark that day as the first day of the New Islamic Empire of what was formerly Europe. Because the Europeans depend on the USA for their military defense, then mock our every move), they have become cowards and are afraid that these Islamic Bullies might hurt someone. Didn’t they learn from Hitler that appeasement is the first step to forceful Occupation!

  6. Jerry

    Okay Euros, now do you understand why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us?
    Liberals in the US, try to disarm us and it is civil war.

  7. Jim

    So if someone comes along and defames Jesus Christ will the Court rule that they should be censored and the act not allowed? I sincerely doubt that that would be the case.

  8. Brian

    Is blaspheming Jesus Christ a crime as well or are they just “protecting” Muhammad?

  9. Philip Simon

    When will leaders of the three Abrahamic Faiths must stop teaching what should not be teached!

  10. Mary Killian

    Amazing…mohamed has to be defended with threats of violence.
    Jesus stands on His own.

  11. Annette Purscelley

    Give me a BREAK , FK Mohamed and the rest of the punk bitches that worship him like he’s God .. He’s not , he’s not a prophet ! He’s a child rapist boys and girls ! islam is not peace it’s torture it’s death it’s slavery , Our Lord gave us free will !! In islam you have none , Jesus told his apostles , go to a city , town give blessings as you enter if they refuse you take your blessings back and leave !!! mohamed said if they refuse kill them chop their head off !!! Faith in our Lord is a blessing a gift of LOVE PEACE EVER LASTING LIFE !!!!!!!!! Not a forced life … Islam is not love !!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE ..,