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In 2019, Fewer Americans Identified as ‘Liberal’

In 2019, Fewer Americans Identified as ‘Liberal’
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Fewer Americans identify as ‘liberal’ than in years past, reports Gallup.

Data collected by 21 telephone surveys conducted in 2019 suggest 37% of Americans identify as politically conservative, 35% as moderate, and 24% as liberal.

Compared to 2018, these figures represent a 2-point increase for conservatives and a 2-point decrease for liberals – a trend we haven’t seen since 2011 when the Tea Party enjoyed a burst of support.

“The change is modest but bears watching,” notes The Wall Street Journal. “It could be a blip on the way to a center-left America or the beginning of the end of a generational leftward drift that accelerated under Barack Obama’s presidency.”

As expected, the surveys also suggested more ideological diversity among Democrats than Republicans:

Among Republicans, 73% of survey respondents described themselves as conservative, 21% as moderate, and just 4% as liberal.

Among Democrats, 14% of respondents described themselves as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 49% as liberal.

The 49% figure represents a decrease from 2018, when 51% of Democrats identified as liberal. Move back to 1994 and that figure drops to 25%.

Among Independent respondents, 30% described themselves as conservative, 45% as moderate, and 21% as liberal.

Author’s Note: In addition to Obama’s influence, this ideological shift is likely related to Trump’s presidency as well as the rise of Democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders. Are voters running towards something or away?

Editor’s Note: Liberals would have you believe that there is an avalanche toward the left, that all of America is becoming “woke.” This is good news, even if the results are small and perhaps even within the margin of error. It means that we may have the opportunity to maintain a sane conservative faction even beyond the Trump administration.

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  1. Kurt Walker

    A lot of people are waking up to the democrats agenda. Take gun control for instance. Look what is going on in Iran. The people, the protestors are being murdered in the street. The rulers took away their means of protection long ago. And that’s exactly what the democrats want to do here. We were provided with a 2nd amendment long ago to protect us from this very thing. But every day another democrat is trying to sneak in some plan to take it away..

    • Waka

      Agreed Kurt Walker and everywhere that you see guns taken from citizens – it ends badly. The once mighty COUNTRIES of Europe have been reduced to subservient STATES of the EU after being enticed into a “trade deal” that stripped them of their guns, their monetary systems & their independent rule. Protestors in Hong Kong & Sri Lanka are holding up American flags & posters of Trump because they desire the kind of freedom America has. And the 2nd Amendment is the right that ensures all of our other rights. The God-given right of self protection against violence & tyranny is something no government can take away, according to our founders of our country. Let us all keep this in mind when we hear insipid arguments from the likes of Nancy Pelosi & dems that taking guns ensures safety. “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns” .. the rest of us are sitting ducks. Look at the good outcome of the recent shooting in a church in Texas & how the shooter was swiftly taken down by parishioners bearing arms.


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