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Impeachment Doublethink – The Propaganda Wars

Any of you familiar with the dystopian novel “1984” by George Orwell know the term “doublethink.”  It  describes  the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time, and to believe that both are true. Examples of doublethink include such slogans as “War is Peace,” Freedom is Slavery,” “Ignorance is Strength.”

Watching the impeachment hearings this morning, it occurred to me that this is EXACTLY what was happening. The Democrats see what they are doing, they know exactly why their logic is wrong, yet they defend their logic with everything they have.

Some examples:


Bribery is “trading one thing for something else.” This is now a crime. Huh? So any negotiation whatsoever is a crime?? If I give you $5.00 and you give me a hamburger and some fries, are we going to jail?


Joe Biden forced the Ukraine to fire someone, else he would withhold U.S. government funds. This is fine, it was policy.

Trump is about to be impeached for ASKING that an investigation be done by the Ukraine, but the Democrats are interpreting it to be forced compliance or else Trump would withhold U.S. funds. This is a crime.


President Obama’s administration appears to have had the right to investigate Trump, even with the “thinnest of evidence” and to continue when much of the evidence was proven false. Never mind the corruption and criminal activity, the Democrats seem to recognize the right, no problem.

But Trump has committed a major crime attempting to investigate Biden, even though the evidence is substantial and, despite the cry that these crimes have been “debunked,” they have yet to be investigated. How did Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, suddenly get immunity for crimes they may have committed?


President Trump “violated policy” by asking for a corruption investigation. Does Congress not know that that the President of the United States was elected to CREATE policy? That is his sole purpose for holding elected office. He is not beholden to the bureaucrats who work for the government. They work for him. They implement HIS policies, not the other way around.


But here is the scary part. Half of the media appears to be perfectly capable of doublethink, and they are willing to pass this along to the public.  This is called propaganda.  In other words, the liberal media is not reporting the facts or what they see as the truth, their primary goal is to influence the thoughts and behaviors of their audience.

And the scariest of all, are the people who are perfectly willing to go along with it. They accept the contradictory information, the redefinition of terms, the notion of guilty until proven innocent. They will yell and scream defending their hate of Donald Trump, and he should be impeached because of their hate.

The characteristic of “Commitment and Consistency” (from Robert Cialdini’s works) on persuasion force a person to continue to be committed to ideas that they have embraced previously, even as their proportions and contradictions grow. To go “all in.”

The result is that people who accept doublethink, cannot afford to think too deeply because then they would be in danger of being wrong in their original commitment.

Once you practice not thinking deeply, you get used to it, and it gets easier.

Is this the future of America?


Back to Orwell, here is a better description of doublethink. Watch more of the hearings and see if you can see the aspects here.

“To know and to not know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which canceled our, know them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy is impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy. To forget, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself.”

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  1. Patricia Berenson

    yours is the propaganda sewer. beat it!

    • marshmil1789

      Patricia with your comment you prove lackus intelligencia. Better you not reply here to keep from
      coming across stupid.

    • David Barron

      Extremely shallow mind. If you can’t reasonably express your stand with reasonable information or the law, you just make insulting remarks which are typical of a very liberal democratically controlled individual of no original thought or analysis of the subject in hand.

  2. Lonnie

    Your foolish response proves the author’s point perfectly.

    • Matthew Ashenfelter

      This is the exact process of thinking inmature children produce, when arguing. Watching the development of this for over two years, and if this is our government leaders,(the House of Reps.) We are better off with a first grade class room. SORRY, this is dangerous and we are seeing the downfall of the us,

      • David Barron

        Actually she belongs back in the first grade class room to learn realism.

  3. Gail klaauck

    Everyone should read “1984”! Open your eyes America!

  4. Lisa

    Totally agree with Joe Gillbertson. What a bunch of I competed, self-serving individuals Thant the people have elected. This is why it’s important to know your candidates and vote for those who don’t want to take away our rights. Get out there and vote, please!

  5. Craig Michael Vandertie

    It is all the results of mind altering drugs being introduced into the bodies of our citizens for decades, starts with Psychotropic drugs at the age of 2 and Psychedelic drugs between the ages of 11 and 13 by the time they are old enough to drive they are being pumped full of Dimethyltryptamine.

    Between their indoctrinators and the Lying Stream Media the latter whose broadcasts or Cyberspace transmissions are carried on a frequency or by use of Subliminal suggestion along with the effects of all the mind altering drugs their minds are spread ever thinner across multiple planes of existence.

    You need to clean the contaminants out of our federal judiciary and what should be an education system get true patriots into the federal judiciary to sanitize the mindless indoctrinators from what should be an education system.
    After you have cleaned out the evil from the federal judiciary those politicians who actually adhere to and embrace the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based and denounce the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism is based can draft, pass and enact laws that make a federal offense for commentators disseminate information that has not been repeatedly verified or to blatantly lie to the public.

  6. Derek Blurb

    Do not give up in front of ignorance and crass stupidity. I know the schools are making more every minute, but we know and we vote.

    • David Barron

      Our schools are no being taught by the individuals who were originally taught liberal socialism and have embraced it. Their problems are everybody’s problems, the huge debts that they incurred in colleges are everyone else’s problem. They accept no responsibility and blame others when their small world is disturbed beyond their comfort levels. They have not ever given or served anyone else.

  7. Poorgrandchildren

    We need a separation of school and state.

  8. marsmil1789

    We the People should abolish the federal Department of Education. Its bureaucrats have infected the system with the evils we see today. Around six decades ago
    illegal, dangerous substances were introduced into our population to the high school and college age people. The “victims” of this introduction are now holding faculty positions. Instead of teaching the subjects they studied they are now propagandizing today’s young people with anti-American filth.