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“Illusion” of Access to President Biden? Archer Never Said That

“Illusion” of Access to President Biden? Archer Never Said That

In the wake of what should have been a devastating testimony about the scandalous nature of Hunter Biden’s business dealings from his former partner Devon Archer, the left-leaning mainstream media quickly tried to downplay anything Archer told the House committee.

Specifically, they all glommed onto a quote that Archer said that Hunter sold “the illusion of access” to his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, to their business clients, but not any actual access to the VP. The only problem is the now-released transcript of Archer’s testimony reveals he never said that!

Last week, Archer testified in a closed-door setting to the House Oversight Committee as part of its ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s shady foreign business dealings and whether they’re tied to the president. 

It did not take long for lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to leak details from the testimony to the press, with Republicans ramping up corruption allegations towards Biden while Democrats rejecting the notion that there were any bombshell revelations.

But there was one leak in particular from Democrats that made the rounds in the news cycle, that Hunter Biden was selling the “illusion of access” to his father. 

The so-called “illusion of access” Archer allegedly spoke about to lawmakers was to frame Hunter Biden as merely using his father’s status as the then-vice president to entice business associates but that there was no financial gain from the perception Hunter was promoting. 

However, the transcript from the meeting showed that the “illusion of access” wasn’t terminology coined by Archer but rather Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman, N.Y., who used that phrase in a question that Archer only partially agreed with.

“So is it fair to say that Hunter Biden was selling the illusion of access to his father?” Goldman asked, according to the transcript.

“Yes,” Archer initially responded.

“So when you talk about selling the brand… it’s not about selling access to his father. It’s about selling the illusion of access to his father. Is that fair?” Goldman followed. 

“Is that fair? I mean, yeah, that is — I think that’s — that’s almost fair,” Archer responded. 

“Almost fair. Why almost fair?” the Democrat asked. 

“Because there — there is — there are touch points and contact points that I can’t deny that happened,” Archer replied. 

So, as you can see, the term that Hunter was selling, “the illusion of access,” never actually came out of Archer’s mouth. It was put there by Goldman, and yet Dems and left-friendly news sources ran with it as if it was a direct quote from Archer rather than, as the transcript now reveals, him “sort of” agreeing with Goldman’s portrayal of the facts. 

Virtually no one from the lamestream media acknowledged that the “illusion of access” phrase originated from Goldman and not Archer, with the exception of CBS News’ Catherine Herridge.

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  1. frank stetson

    Illusion of a FOX story….come on man, ain’t you got better than this?

    Always saw it as “a source (goldman) said Archer said.” Seems the transcript says that even if Goldman put the words in Archer’s mouth, it was as a deposition, under oath and perjury penalty — good enough for me to say —- he freakin said it.

    Still need more sauce to cook the goose.

    But thanks to FOX for playing Captain Obvious and Bill too.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      This is the sound of crickets after the GOP Lord and Master gets hit with a ton of bricks. It’s a fluff piece to distract from the sight of the PBP staff gaping at Defendant Trump’s balls in a vise.

      RICO charges! In a state where Defendant Trump can’t get pardoned. And depending on how things go, this could spread to more than a few Republican lawmakers who were part of DefendantTrump’s conspiracy to overturn the results of a free and fair election. I bet Defendant Trump regrets not paying his previous lawyers, now that the only way to save their own skins might be to testify against their Dear Leader.

      And I can’t wait until August 25th! That’s the deadline for Defendant Trump to surrender himself to a courthouse in Georgia, where he will be booked and fingerprinted – no maybe about that, Fani means business. Oh, and there’s a good chance that Trump could end up in jail, because the state of Georgia only allows bail if they think you won’t try to intimidate the judge or potential witnesses – there is no presumption that the defendent will behave, they have to make their own case for it. Since Defendant Trump has already attacked witnesses, other defendents, judges and prosecutors – in GA and elsewhere – there’s a good chance he might get escorted to a cell after his fingerprinting. Defendant Trump has been playing a game of chicken with other prosecutors, openly defying them, in the hope that he can use a strong reaction against his attacks and intimidation as grounds for appeal (or at least to get public opinion on his side). That strategy has come full circle to bite him in the ass in Georgia.

      It’s not too surprising that there’s silence from PBP on this topic after Defendant Trump’s FOURTH set of indictments. The GOP is a cowardly lot, and PBP has long been afraid to speak out against the open and corrupt practices of Defendant Trump and the Republicans in Congress. Instead, they prefer to keep spreading the lies that the GOP has created about Hunter’s laptop, when all indications are that it is and always has been just another Russian intelligence operation. The “G” in GOP stands for “gullible”.

  2. frank stetson

    Restraint Mr. Bruder, restraint. All are innocent until proven otherwise, Mr. Horist, and others, have responded to every indictment and takes the time to assess the charges and potential impacts and I expect this FOURTH INDICTMENT against Donald J. Trump will be no different. There’s so much in the Georgia charges, it gonna take me a bit to dig though it all. Think with GA, we are close to 100 individual charges.

    One thing is clear: Smith has focused his cases on Trump mostly, very narrow charges. He can flip folks, but has not brought charges to do that, beyond a couple of lackeys. Willis has used RICO to cast a wide net over a lot of powerful people with a lot of charges, it’s a charge she is familiar with and has had a good amount of success. Everyone of the 19 could flip and given no Presidential pardon parachute, even if Meadows goes Federal, no pardon there either, it’s still a State charge. Very different approaches so as Horist saw similarities in cases, I see great differences which favor the prosecution and make Team Trump’s legal job, more difficult and more expensive. Smith will be behind closed doors, no cameras, Willis will be live, from Fulton County and I hope it’s a ten camera shoot. If all 19 are tried at the same time, no one has ever seen a circus like that.

    But Trump is juggling court with his Presidential contest to lose the popular vote a third time. They are conjoined in that he needs the campaign to generate the money to save his ass in court by becoming President. So he hatched a plan to keep the money rolling: he will provide information that will make the Georgia charges go away. On Monday. At 11 am. From NJ. Press conference. Big report. Trump and company will be set free immediately after we see this stuff. Please donate today……

    Remember, Trump turned up the first debate just after Access Hollywood and he had a field day. Even as “grab em by the pussy” turned out to be 100% true, aka EJ Carroll sex abuse adjudication, he convinced his fervent supporters it was just trash talk, obliterated the GOP competition, who was quite a bit more feisty than this group, and raised lots of money. This time it’s not just the Presidency on the line. This man, if he gets into office, has promised revenge and retribution. Like “grab em by the pussy,” you can bet he means it. The man cannot spell rhetorical. This time he is not only fighting for PBP readers, he is coming for the rest of us. You can bet he means it. How does that grab you, no matter what side of the aisle you are on, we are all still Americans.

    He does not have to turn up for this debate, he is winning by that much. He needs money bad, he is hemorrhaging green into the red. Donors are realizing they aren’t contributing to a campaign, but to a legal defense, where the odds are mounting against him. And we are soon to be through with the fun of indictment, his last holy grail of an exoneration report, and then we will be slogging through the motions from a team that does not want to go to court until the Spring when the party carries on.

    And now he has announced that after all this time, he has the answer to Georgia. His report on Georgia election fraud will lift the curtain from the crime. His evidence will set all 19 free —- instantly. That’s 11 am on Monday from Bedminster, NJ. I may go, it’s just down the road, I have friends bordering the course. I wish Gilbertson would put me on payroll so I could get a press pass. I am hoping we get Trump in one of his collector-card superhero leo’s. It’s gonna be wild. And like “grab em by the pussy,” we all know what happens next.

    By Friday, Trump must appear, not at the courthouse Joseph, but at the JAIL where he will be BOOKED. The sheriff says we be open 7×24, come on down for your mug shot and fingerprinting (I hope they use old-style ink). After those two events, the rigged election holy grail and the Trump surrender — it’s motion time until the Spring when the court will be in session for 4 indictments of Donald J. Trump, ex-twice impeached President, sex abusing charity fraudster of the United States of America. I hope all 19 turn up at the JAIL at the same time, make a party out of it, for fundraising.

    Yes, Georgia has minimum mandatory jail time on RICO, think five years, but think parole or house arrest is possible. But all `19? That will be an interesting call. And even Trump as President can’t legally touch that.

    BOTTOM LINE: everyone deserves their day in court. Trump needs money to get what he deserves. He needs financial support to push back on the witch hunt forces and to shine his light on voter fraud that he now, at last, has irrefutable evidence he was right. Please give every dollar to support Trump on his quest for the White House that leads right though these four court cases in all these different venues. Meanwhile, us witchers will begin to focus on the States and what breaches were used to try to steal the election from Joe Biden. Some of these folks are already in the GA indictment, but other States are filing charges.

  3. Darren

    Say what you need to say.
    It is all Sticks and Stones.

  4. Wes kussmaul

    Wow, this is a real stretch. Hunter was clearly selling exactly that: the illusion of access. Archer didn’t come up with that expression, media didn’t include that in their reporting. So what? Hunter was clearly targeted by Biden’s (Russian) adversaries who hired Burisma to con him into compromising himself and implicating his dad. This is a whole lotta nothing.