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If The Dems Won’t Build a Wall, Will They Build Train Stations?

If The Dems Won’t Build a Wall, Will They Build Train Stations?

The Democrats continue to oppose a wall to stop the flow of illegal immigration, and all of the dangers and costs that implies. So maybe it’s time for Trump to make an end-run around their opposition, and at the same time, hit back at those who hypocritically criticize Trump’s policy while doing nothing themselves.

It’s historically been perceived that Canada’s welcoming policies to immigrants is second to none, including the United States. Canada likes this perception, but in fact, they are far more restrictive in terms of conditions for entry…they allow a far lower percentage against the existing population to be admitted…and they pursue a zero tolerance policy toward illegals. Get caught, get deported.

In fact, Canada is so strict that Americans with minor offenses, misdemeanors, are not allowed to even transit briefly through Canada via land, air or sea, to destinations in Alaska until a punishing time period expunges the record in Canada’s eyes. And for many destinations in Alaska, that’s the only way to get there from the U.S.!

Some friendly neighbor — Trudeau chastises Trump for being a racist and not letting tens of thousands of low-skilled Latinos flood into our country, who have no intention of moving on and who suck our social services and medical budgets dry. (The costs of educating so many additional kids in our school districts are enormous alone. Add the fact that they don’t speak English, and the costs get even greater.)

So maybe it’s time Trump puts the shoe on the other foot, Canada’s foot, and let’s see if that country is willing to put its money where its liberal mouth is. Let’s transit these migrants through the U.S. to Canada’s doorstep, just as Mexico did to ours.

Step one is to establish railway stations and cars, which would put the Mexican buses and trucks used by illegals to shame! Luxurious and upscale, First Class, like during the Golden Age of train travel. Great food and maybe even massage and spa services, so the Dems can’t make any negative knee jerk comparisons to Hitler’s boxcars.

Next, we create a separate entry point in Tijuana for migrants who want to take advantage of the offer. No more months of waiting, but instead, immediate, comfortable transit to a new land of opportunity in The Great White North. Let’s also throw in a $10,000 transit bonus for each migrant, but we call it a Small Business Incubator Grant to help them get started in Canada. A one-time grant of $10,000 is chump change compared to what these migrants would ultimately cost their new host countries in the coming years anyway.

Of course, to receive the passage and money, a waiver would have to be signed forfeiting all current and future claims to asylum in the U.S. If they want to take the money and run back to their home countries, maybe that’s a more effective way of distributing foreign aid to these impoverished countries than we’re currently doing, where the money is stolen by corrupt regimes.

Migrant camps would be set up on the U.S. side of the Canadian border, at the most practical points to cross illegally into Canada by foot. Now, let the fun begin, and let Canada have a debate about building a wall as thousands pour in! (The French Canadians are going to particularly love this, considering they can’t even stand anyone speaking English, so wait until they get a load of all that Spanish!)

Canada and the U.S. are approximately the same size, a little under 4,000,000 square miles. Except the U.S. population is around 330,000,000, compared to Canada’s 38,000,00. So with the same land mass, Canada is home to a mere tenth as many inhabitants as the states.

So Canada certainly can’t argue they don’t have the room for these new migrants, and since liberal Canadians argue that illegally migrants actually help an economy and society, they should welcome them with open arms. As an added bonus, with the vast majority of Canadian landmass raw tundra and forest, who better than low-skilled, low-paid Central Americans to clear this land for economic development?

Of course, there are many details to work out for this plan to be successful, such as how do we keep them from turning around and running south? And should we only do this in the spring and summer, since it’s so damn cold up there?

Yes, there are many who would criticize my idea as impossible, and just plain crazy.

I reply, it’s no crazier than refusing to build a wall to protect America from the madness of unchecked illegal immigration.

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  1. VeloMac

    Throw in an L. L. Bean or Eddie Bauer winter jacket for each and send them on through. They’d need ’em!

  2. Tom

    We don’t need a train station for right now we need security border wall to prevent illegal immigration because they bring drug to kill our kids
    Dems are selfish, and partying they don’t care for our country and they don’t want president Trump keep promises to build the wall, they don’t want Trump become President 2020 so I support Trump to build the wall

  3. James Wright

    Our country was fought for by our men and women some died and some are disable vets the young men who want to come the USA to get free benefits at the working men and women stay in your. Own country and fight for your country some will die and so did in our country in order to have the rights we have