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ICE Stops Nearly 150 Convicted Sex Offenders at the Border!

ICE Stops Nearly 150 Convicted Sex Offenders at the Border!

According to an ICE news release, the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) apprehended 138 illegals who were convicted of sex offenses, including several with an executable final order of removal, during a nationwide enforcement effort from Oct. 22 through Nov. 4.

“Crimes of sexual violence are among the most underreported in the United States — anyone can be a victim of this type of abuse, and our officers are dedicated to locating and apprehending known noncitizen offenders as part of their public safety mission,” said ERO Executive Associate Director Corey A. Price.

“ERO will continue efforts such as these to remove unlawfully present individuals who have committed crimes against the innocent so they cannot continue to harm vulnerable populations within our communities.”

The ICE press release went on to say that this enforcement operation was implemented to address illegal aliens present here in the US who have been convicted of sex offenses. The release then provided a lengthy list of those arrested by agents in the operation. 

Offenders included a 65-year-old Mexican convicted of continuous sex abuse of a child in March this year, a Guatemalan arrested in Chicago who had a conviction for predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor, and a 49-year-old Cameroon national convicted of sexual abuse in June.

Additionally, agents arrested a Bolivian in New York with a conviction of first-degree rape, a Mexican in Texas with a conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child, and a Nicaraguan in California with convictions for assault with intent to rape, second-degree robbery, and rape with force/violence/fear of bodily injury.

These arrests come despite the Biden administration’s soft immigration policies that have limited ICE’s enforcement capabilities as well as allowed the vile sex offenders to get in and remain in the country in the first place. 

Guidance issued by the White House in 2021 limited ICE to focus on aggravated felons, national security threats, and recent border crossers. That guidance coincided with a sharp drop in deportations and arrests of illegal immigrants.

Earlier this year, in response to a lawsuit from Republican states, that guidance was blocked. However, while that guidance was in effect, ICE has conducted similar operations to bring in and remove sex offenders, and there were 3,415 sexual assault offenses associated with arrests it made in FY 2021.

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  1. Fortunate

    it is a shameful, devastating thing when the president & vice President of the USA has such Exasperating destruction for his own country , for over 48 years when he was in the USA Senate being taught by his colleague Obama/ alias Barry /Soeterro boos-em Buddy Teaming up with him for vice president , as well conducting the same agenda as during the Senate Years, as they did during their president/ vice President years, as Obama/ Biden years, & now Biden/Harris agenda, Communist disgrace, allowing foreign country’s to over power the USA, not paying their fair share , as foreign nationals have for decades adults who very well know better take advantage of the USA & the American people teaching their children bad manners, how to break the laws, deal drugs, while they will never own any Americans citizen, past, present or future , No foreign national will never over power any American citizens’ home in the USA & never will own any American citizen nor will any American elected official be loved by force, past, present or future , spiteful misconduct is never going to be accepted, it shall be sunk. All Wrong doing, past & present shall be exposed the Deep State shall be punished by the Hand of God , it will not go unpunished!!!!!!!

    • Harold blankenship

      The question is why do people elect commie assholes like Biden and Harris? I still don’t believe it. Is this what we really want?

  2. frank stetson

    I am glad we got these jerks, but the story leaves more questions than answers.

    The headline of “ICE STOPS NEARLY 150 CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS AT THE BORDER!” is just wrong; they were arrested all over the US. That seems to say the author did not read the story.

    A number of these had final executable removal status so they are gone. The others are convicted already and will face federal immigration judges for final disposition. That begs the question, why are convicted felons on the loose to begin with? And if they are illegals, even more so. A number of these convictions stem back to 2017, under Trump’s watch, so what’s up with this? Why did it take 5 years and Biden to fix?

    The story claims that this is the result of Biden’s soft immigration policies that allow these people to get in and stay here. And while revolving door boarder crossings became normal under Trump, they do continue under Biden. We keep tossing everyone across the border and they come right back. Been that way since Title 42 in 2020, under Trump’s watch. That needs to be fixed.

    And lastly, deportations are down, a lot because of Title 42 immediate expulsions. But ICE arrests are down too, the fall off started in 2020 under Trump and continues under Biden where focus is on removing felons and other more dangerous folks. Given the uptick in crossings, this does not seem appropriate unless team Biden can prove it makes sense.

    Lastly, these folks are convicted. If convicted in the US and they remain here, what happened to allow that? How do you go from a court conviction to the street? The other choice is that we expel the convicted only to have them turnaround and come back. That does not seem a viable solution and should be addressed through incarceration here or at the target deportation country.

    To me, more questions than answers in this one. Clearly it is not all Biden’s fault but it is on his watch to fix. Just arresting them and deporting them so they can come back, over and over, is not a viable solution. Nor is Title 42 immediate expulsion for these folks viable solution.

    And the elephant on the table: do illegals have a higher level of sex criminals than the average US population? Is this just average stuff or do we “import” it in greater numbers than we find in our society to begin with. IMO, that’s a potential game changer.

  3. LILO