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“I trust Iran more than I trust the American press,” says Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly

“I trust Iran more than I trust the American press,” says Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly

While President Obama is busy defending his US-Iran nuclear deal and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is busy slamming it, Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly makes the surprising quip that he would trust Iran over the American press.

In a recent discussion with political analyst Brit Hume, O’Reilly expressed the worry that the details of the nuclear plan will be available to the public only through the skewed American press. He wants to see the debates and committee hearings. Hume didn’t seem as worried about the matter, explaining that Obama won’t be able to go around Congress and that they will have an important say in the decision.

Although details have yet to be agreed upon, Obama made it clear in an interview with the New York Times last weekend that he believes a nuclear deal with Iran is the best way to protect Israel while preventing Iran from getting its hands on a nuclear bomb. The recently announced framework involves lifting sanctions on Iran if they agree to give up the means to make nuclear weapons.

Obama admitted that Israel has every right to be worried, but explained that his plan will send a clear message to Iranians that if they mess with Israel, America will be there. Although diplomatic, his plan does nothing to diminish America’s military superiority and ability to protect her allies. 

Republicans are not likely to support the deal, their hesitance stemming from a distrust of both Iran and President Obama. Israelis are even more cautious, thinking that the deal might actually give Iran an increased capacity to create nuclear bombs.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been speaking out against the dreadful mistake about to be made, explaining that lightening sanctions on Iran will lead to an economical boost of billions that will “pump up Iran’s terror machine.” As it stands, all parties involved have until June 30th to come up with an agreement.

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