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Hunter’s Company Lobbied the White House Before VP Biden’s Threat

Hunter’s Company Lobbied the White House Before VP Biden’s Threat

Joe Biden’s 2016 threat to withhold $1 billion in aid money from Ukraine unless prosecutor Victor Shokin was fired came shortly after Burisma Holdings sought a meeting with the Obama State Department to end Shokin’s corruption investigation into Burisma and its founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.

New documents obtained this week through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit prove Burisma name-dropped employee Hunter Biden when seeking a meeting with the State Department.

It is unclear whether the meeting took place, “but the records do indicate that Hunter Biden’s fellow American board member at Burisma – Devon Archer – secured a meeting on March 2, 2016 with Secretary of State John Kerry,” writes John Solomon, who filed the FOIA lawsuit.

On March 16th, roughly one month after Burisma reached out to the White House, then-Vice President Joe Biden successfully pressured then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire Shokin, thus ending the corruption investigation into Burisma.

“Biden has said he forced Shokin’s firing because he and Western allies believed the prosecutor wasn’t aggressive enough in fighting corruption,” writes Solomon.

But Shokin claims he was fired because he would not halt the Burisma investigation. In fact, he was preparing to interview Hunter Biden when he was let go.

This is a major conflict of interest for Joe Biden, who is currently running for president.

Hunter Biden resigned from Burisma earlier this year and promised not to work for any foreign companies if his father is elected president. Last month, a source close to Zlochevsky said Hunter only got the job at Burisma to “protect” the company from foreign scrutiny.

Hunter and Archer were hired in 2014, around the same time British officials began investigating Burisma and Zlochevsky.

We can expect to see more documentation emerge regarding the Biden/Ukraine controversy as Solomon presses forward with his FOIA lawsuit.

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  1. Donl Longo

    The BIDENS got CAUGHT Bribing the Eukranians, Do some thing about it.

  2. David Barron

    Sounds like the investigation should stop looking at Trump and start taking a very hard look at Biden, Obama, and John Kerry to me. Should we not make all attempts to dig out all corruption by any means and find the guilty parties? Seems to me all Trump was doing is asking the Ukranian President to check out the rumors and see if they were true. What is Biden, Obama and Kerry got to hide if they did nothing wrong?

    • Rawhide

      They are investigating Trump because he is investigating democrat corruption.

  3. Leslie M. Seely

    What ever President Trump has done it is only a pittance to what Obama and his crew has done and they are getting away with it; How come? Trump has done more good for the working person, military, everyone, that I remember.I remember them all very well back to Harry S. Truman. Look at the ones who are raising all the hell, they are ones who have had a big hand in all the problems we had to endure the last regime.

  4. Derek Blurb

    The House’s majority is there to protect their bribes’ incomes. Accessorily, they are there to prevent the opposition “fascists” from getting anything done. The result? The Dems have achieved nothing since 2016, and Trump’s boys have done wonders. Okay, they’ve ruined the unemployment down to single low digits! Employed people are NOT waiting for the govan’mint checks nor voting for whoever promises more free money. The employed pay taxes and get into credit slavery, but they are far more likely to vote Repub. More employed people means less Dem voters. Unfortunately, 10,000 kids reach voting age each day and they don’t wanna pay for they stoodints lones, rent, morguidjes, car lones (if they even no how 2 drive). They expick Uncle Sam to cover all the expenses, all paid by the super rich. By the way taxing wealth has done wonders for some Euro countries. Their hyper rich have left their motherland and then disposed of their passports. The US passport is the most costly in the world. A lot of wealthy US citizens are giving up their citizenship now and the rate grows every year. There are other countries unfairly competing with our taxation system. Should we invade them and teach them about IRS deimocracy?

    • Rawhide

      They are investigating Trump to prevent him from uncovering all the democrat corruption. And that corruption isn’t just limited to the U.S., but extends to the Ukraine and other foreign nations. And that corruption goes back 100 years.

  5. Wayne

    How dumb does Sleepy, Creepy uncle Joe think the American people are !!! Especially when there is A trail of e mails from Burisma & the state department !!! Sorry but this is all the evidence I need that you are a dirty politician.

  6. Flying bird

    Obama’s entire group are and were a bunch if dirt bags . Please look at Obama rich thief after his presidency . They all belong behind bars .??????who has the balls to do it?

  7. Fred S

    The all powerful DEMOCRATS don’t want to speak about this, Biden is caught with his pants down, and just because he’s running for President HE’S UNTOUCHABLE?