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Hunter is now the hunted

Hunter is now the hunted

The saga of Hunter Biden has been going on for a long time.  For the defense, we have his dad, Democrat leaders and the left-leaning news media claiming that there is nothing to see with regard to any of the dizzying array of controversies and potential civil and criminal offenses swirling around the younger Biden.

Papa Biden said it definitively that Hunter has done NOTHING wrong.  At least that was his initial claim.  Since then, there has been a pile of questionable and suspicious activities that have come to light.  Given what is already known, there can be no argument against the need for further investigation – of him, his Uncle Jim Biden and even his dad.

Hunter almost escaped accountability with a sweetheart plea deal that would have resulted in a guilty plea for a minor civil violation.  No felonies and no jail time.  It was such an obnoxious deal that Judge Maryellen Noreika could not stomach it.  She refused to accept the deal and sent the case back to U.S. Attorney (at the time) Jack Smith for further investigation.

Once the plea deal was discovered, public pressure mounted for a real investigation.  Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Smith as the Special Counsel.  If the name seems familiar, you have been paying attention.  That is the same Smith who offered the sweetheart deal in the first place. Only this time Smith was under pressure to follow the facts no matter where they led.  And he seems to have done that.

The result was a nine-count indictment – both civil and criminal.  Essentially, Hunter is being accused of tax fraud – for not paying his taxes and filing false tax returns.  That is a big deal.  If found guilty, it could mean up to 17 years in a federal hoosegow. 

To establish Hunter’s failure to file and pay his taxes, the indictment included a list of his expenditures to show he failure to pay  was not for lack of money.  The most notable was $872,000 on hookers, porn sites and other “adult entertainment.”  I am shocked.  Not by the licentious behavior, but the fact that a good-looking, very wealthy son of the President of the United States felt it necessary to pay for sex.  He spent another $146,000 on drugs – and not the kind you get at Walgreens.

Hunter supported his lifestyle with $215,000 for luxury cars.  Cars?  That gets you one Rolls Royce – and not even the top of the line.  Then there was $318,000 for luxury hotel accommodations.  It would not be proper to take high-priced hookers to a Motel 6.  Another $87,000 for jewelry.  It was not clear if that was for himself or for … well you know.

Hunter spent $35,000 on artwork.  According to reports, that is a fraction of his income from just one of his own works of dubious art.  In contrast, he only spent $21,000 on lawyers.  What?  With all his legal problems, he only spent $21,000 on lawyers.  Were the rest of them operating pro bono for the President’s son?  The answer is “yes.”

Hunter’s friend and occasional legal counsel, Kevin Morris, provided Hunter with $4.9 million over a three-year period, including the money to pay off the more than $1 million in overdue taxes.  Hmmm.  Hunter pays lawyers $21,000 in legal fees and his lawyer pal provides him with $4.9 million in financial assistance to pay off his delinquent taxes at the same time Morris provides Hunter with legal advice – officially or unofficially.  One might suspect that Morris is doing all this more as favors to Joe Biden.  That is where Morris’ returns on investment may be found.  After all, Hunter can do nothing for Morris.

It is noteworthy that Morris’ closest ties have been with the senior Biden.  He served as a Biden’s spokesperson when the President was Senator and Vice President. Since then, he has been “assigned” to clean up other messes in the Biden household – including a trip to Serbia to spy on the production of a movie titled “My Son Hunter.”  He paid unusually high amounts for Hunter’s paint-by-numbers artworks. Hunter’s book was handled by Morris’ literary agent.  Morris has been dubbed as Hunter’s “Sugar Brother.”

Of course, there is nothing illegal about Hunter’s extravagant expenditures – with the possible exception of the hookers.  Regardless, none of this reflects well on Hunter.  That has not stopped Papa Joe (no, not the owner of the restaurant chain) from saying he is proud of his son.

(I understand fatherly love. But a father does not puff up with pride when an offspring goes off the path as badly as Hunter.  As a father, I will go with the love – even his efforts to protect his son —  but not the pride.  But I digress.)

Like all high-visibility court cases, there is always how the issue plays out in the court-of-public opinion which is driven by political biases and devoid of rules-of-evidence and any assumptions of non-guilt until proven in a court of law.  The court of public opinion is more associated with things like mob rule, vigilantism, justice, lies and false accusation.  Instead of a presumption of innocence, there is a presumption of guilt.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the reporting hypocrisy in the coverage of the two most prominent political court cases – Donald Trump and Hunter Biden.  Essentially, the mainstream media – the magistrates in the court-of-public-opinion – and others speak declaratively of Trump’s guilt, while they are twisting facts and logic to proclaim Hunter’s innocence, at least of the most serious charges. 

They — with unwarranted certainty — claim that Trump will be found guilty of his charges and that Hunter has been overcharged.  Team Biden has referred to the charges against Hunter as “minor,” “frivolous” and allege that if Hunter was not the son of the President, he would never have been prosecuted at all.

They go on to say that the charges are politically motivated.  By a Justice Department controlled by Biden senior?  Are they agreeing with Trump that the DOJ is corrupt and politicized?

In one of the more creative and ridiculous defenses of Hunter is the claim that he was “not himself” at the time.  He was strung out on drugs – as if that is an excuse for criminal behavior.  In fact, the gun charge in Delaware – a druggie possessing a gun – only applies to people on drugs.  Duh! 

Exonerating Hunter because he was on drugs would be like exonerating a drunken driver who kills someone because he was incapacitated by the booze – he was not himself.  But when you do not have a good defense, you grasp at straws.

And we need to keep in mind that all those defense arguments flowing out of leftwing media are in that dangerous court-of-public-opinion.  They have little to do with what will happen in a real court of law, where both sides have an opportunity to present cogent arguments – and where rules of evidence apply.

The only positive thing that the left can take from the Hunter indictments in two federal cases is that it pushes back on Trump’s claim that the Justice Department is biased – against him and Republicans in general.  As a caveat, however, we need to recall that the DOJ did offer Hunter a sweetheart deal that would have given him probation on the tax charges, and no charges to be issued with regard to the gun.  Looking at the current charges, it is clear that Judge Noreika was correct in blowing off a deal that would have been offered to no one who was not the son of a President who rules over the Justice Department.

Yes, Hunter has become the hunted.  However, it is not team Trump doing the hunting.  Hunter is now being hunted down by a Justice Department under the control of team Biden.  And it may not be over.  Lost in all the media flak was Special Counsel Smith’s statement that “the investigation is still ongoing.”  They do not say that if they are done looking.  Prosecutors are still on the trail of something.  We do not know what, but it could mean additional charges in the future.

Between the charges in California and Delaware, Biden could get more than 30 years in the slammer.  But that is not likely.  He is probably looking at a couple years if guilty on both charges and they run consecutively.

In terms of any culpability that may come to the door to the Oval Office, the jury is still out.  That spotlight is currently the focus of the House investigation of Hunter and the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.  And there is still the question of brother Jim’s role in all this. 

Despite the best efforts of team Biden, Hunter’s reckless and criminal behavior was too large a lump to hide under the carpet.  The question is now whether the Hunter case is the end of the road, or just the gateway to drag in brother Jim and Papa Joe.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    He will be pardoned within a year

  2. Frank stetson

    Oh my, what a long article covering the waterfront by hashing through yesterday’s news as long as it is salacious. MTG is proud of you. Bring on the porn!

    The only new news is Hunter indicted for tax fraud which everyone knew was coming.after the plea collapse.

    While Horist spends a lot of words delving into the minds of Hunter and Joe, and poor Don the victim, he does not tell you how these charges rack up with the typical tax fraud case of this nature. They are not average. Especially when you’re current on your taxes.

    And while he dances around where Hunter gets money, he does not mention Hunter paid $2.1m in back taxes in 2021. Should be paid in full. And to quote Horist retort to all Trump shithead actions: I think the Morris money is legal.

    Lots on Trump persecution though and I find comparing Trump to Hunter perfect. Both pay hookers. Both cheat at taxes. Hunter does drugs, Don steals from charity. Yup, similar character, but Horist only admires one of them. And least Hunter is not a sexual abusing digital rapist like Don.

    Point is both these fellows should face the law with charges and outcomes similar to others adjudicated before as precedent. Most cases like Hunters tax case are settled out of court with a fine and no time.

    And to the rest of Hunter, sure, investigate on. Good luck in the mud.

    And to Joe, it’s looking shameful, for you. Repayment of loans when not in office ties Joe to China for $1,400 a month? You’re looking silly so far and getting sillier.

  3. Darren

    Well let me see Frank, did CNN ever talk about this in this much detail?
    I would still like to see Ballistics run on the Gun. That will neve happen as that
    would lead to a real Crime like Al Capone. Oh yea, he was taken down by the IRS as well.

    It seems in this country it is OK to Sell out the USA, Commit Genocide, Lie, Cheat and Steal,
    Influence peddle, Smuggle Minors and Adults and Rape People as long as you pay your Taxes!
    That would apply to both sides of the Houses!

    • Frank stetson

      Darren, good point but doubtful any forensics would tie it a crime; how could it?

      I don’t think you can tag Hunter with any of that. All he did was leverage his name, waste his opportunities, and blame bro’s death for his falling apart. Looks like lots of silly people gave him positions and money.

      He is skilled by education. GW and Yale, been on more boards than a monopoly thimble, started many an investment firm and threw it all away on sex and drugs while skipping the best part: rock and roll. He’s 53 going on 65 from the abuse.

      What a waste.

      Along the way he cheated on taxes, got caught, paid up, and now is indicted for the crime he paid the bill, but not the possible penalties. And now we will see but most in his position don’t serve time.

      As to the rest, they should investigate, as well as anyone breaking the law both sides. But I am pretty doubtful they will get much more than taxes and they will have a real time getting Joe. Early on in Hunter’s career as a lobbyist, he and Joe established arms-length on work and I am guessing it would be easier to stick to that than break it.

      It’s sad, it’s a waste, he’s an asterisk not a star and I doubt there’s much in his future. I doubt he will even stay clean. He’s only 53, plenty of time for a midlife relapse. And frankly, he’s lived off the name and not much else. Maybe Morris can be his rabbi and get him productive at something.

  4. Tom

    Well I have always maintained that Hunter and Trump should both be treated equally and according to the law. It would be amazing if they both ended up on the same cell block, but that is probably just a dream. I doubt that either will do much jail time if any at all. I am a bit shocked at recent developments (news last night) where Hunter is suing based on his 2nd Amendment rights being violated!? It seemed to me that the law was quite clear that convicted drug offender felons cannot own guns. A good point being made is that Hunter may be the tip of the DOJ spear, and the ongoing investigation may be involving other Bidens. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    I think that Joe has partitioned Hunter’s life into two: His past wasteful activities and lifestyle, and the other side of the partition is his fight to turn his life around. I think that it is Hunter’s fight to normalize for which Joe shows pride.

    A good side of this is that the issue of Joe never acknowledging Navy as a grand daughter nor hanging a Christmas stocking for her appears to have been long forgotten and most likely will not be a campaign issue since Hunter is taking center stage. But we should all not forget that even after paternity tests showed beyond any doubt that Hunter was Navy’s father, Joe continued to deny the little girl’s rightful place in the Biden clan. Seems like Joe enjoys sniffing the hair of other little girls, just not his own grand daughter. I couldn’t help but think about Hunter’s recent fight to reduce child support as I read that list of extravagances in the article. Sick man!!!

    And now he denied a Congressional Subpoena because he feels it will skew the facts??? Wow! He definitely wants special treatment! But I wonder if he learned he can do this from the Select Committee and GOP refusals? And are these refusals the same gravity?

    Whether you are for Hunter, or Joe, or Trump, this is a very very sad American story that in a country of 330M+ people, that we cannot seem to come up with two better people for our country’s highest office.

    As Ricky Riccardo would say, the Bidens got a lot of “splaining” to do!!!

    • Mike f

      Tom, while I agree with much of what you said-you missed the mark on Hunter’s congressional testimony. Hunter has good cause to worry about how his words will be skewed if he testifies behind closed doors-Republicans have shown that they are not honest brokers when it comes to reporting the ‘facts’ of the witnesses testimony, so it is much better for witnesses in matters such as this to speak (under oath of course) in the open. If Gym Jordan or others on their witch-hunt committee attempt to bring charges for ignoring a subpoena , they will be laughed out of court-you may recall Gym chose to ignore a congressional subpoena himself.

      • Frank stetson

        Mike, just let Hunter testify with a tape recorder.

        It’s Comer who is the wimp who uses transparency as a word, not an action. What’s Comer afraid of the light for?

        Hunter said bring it on, I’ll meet you in the arena. Comer said no, it’s got to be my House, hidden, and we will fire away, behind closed doors, no transparency.

        Lucky for Hunter, Republicans can’t scream about ducking a subpoena; think they invented it. Want the list?

        • Tom

          I agree Frank. Republicans have ducked their fair share of subpoenas! But they are members of congress with power that represent people and are on other committees required by law. Hunter is none of these things. I personally do not like any of them ducking subpoenas. I know you feel the same.

          • Jim lucas

            Nobody has ever had a reason to subpoena republicans. Why should democrats ever be allowed to subpoena their betters?

      • Tom

        Mikef, Hunter can have representation present and all congressional testimony is recorded in real time. You should know this from the Select Committee release of the testimony tapes to McCarthy. Hunter’s objection that Republicans will lie is a worthless claim as his lawyers can get access to the recordings. This is a preliminary hearing to ascertain the facts of the case so the investigating committee can make a decision to move or not to move forward. That is all it is. It is very routine preliminary procedure, and I might add that many Republicans went though it for the Select Committee and did not use Hunter’s excuse. Truth is that I think Hunter is afraid of some of the questions he will be asked so he is trying to duck the matter. He knows an open hearing to all congress will take a while to schedule.

        • Frank stetson

          Tom, I am not sure that closed door sessions in Congress our ever revealed to the public but less taped. I think it depends on who’s holding the session.

          Until all the rules are ironed out, I think Hunter should have no issues whatsoever and asking for an open testimony.

          I honestly can’t imagine what the Republicans are afraid of. Perhaps they are just really tired of looking so awfully stupid.

          • Tom

            Good point Frank.

            I am not aware of procedures that need to be ironed out. Maybe each committee has to make its rules. I dunno. I do know each person was taped by the Select Committee. My feeling is the person being investigated ought to have their choice. Problem may be the legality of saying it to the committee in an open forum may make something inadmissible in a trial. I got a funny feeling that is why they do the closed door session first. Keeps the jury pool and population from being biased ahead of time. I do not sense the Republicans are afraid of Hunter or what he will say. Most likely they have a fear of tainting evidence and testimony.

    • frank Stetson

      I think Biden delayed normalizing relations with Navy until Hunter finished his acrimonious custody battle and gave the OK. Then Biden I think reached out, met or both. Not sure what the future holds, ** in July 2023 does not exactly say “mission accomplished.”

  5. Wes Kussmaul

    Larry Horist, I don’t understand why you claim to be a conservative.
    There’s an echo chamber that bandies around that label so I guess you qualify for that.
    But they don’t represent real conservatism.

    • larry Horist

      Wes Kussmaul … I have been part of the conservatives movement since the 1964. Among my friends were the biggest names in the conservative movement — people who started CPAC, the Heritage Foundation, the Federalist Society, etc, etc. My philosophy is and was limited government, low taxes and maximum personal freedom. My clients have included the Reagan White House, Steve Forbes and Milton Freedman.. I am curious, how do you define “real conservatism” — and what in my writings disqualifies me in your eyes?

      • Tom

        Wes Kussmaul seems to be one of those far right ultra conservatives like the 40 in Congress that were willing to hang the country out to dry and leave bills unpaid unless they got their way. His statement seems more like an ultimatum. I have not seen anything in Wes’es other comments that indicate any room for compromise.

        Your resume and articles certainly do testify to your conservative nature.


    Just hang the bad guys and move on….Next?

  7. AC

    Larry, Hunter Biden’s case is another of your juicy hot button high profile media driven stories. Because Hunter is a Biden, Biden’s son, and possible illegalities are involved. that you jump on the reporter’s bandwagon again does not surprise. It is so predictably you, given your propensities
    run to judgement.
    I doubt you consider your commentaries are critically objective and a just the facts ma’am Joe Friday detective view. Your preferred MO leans away from unadulterated truth in facts proven. Which, then leaves the alternative to truth, bias, pre-judging, surmising, and opinion.
    Since, you have breached these same walls in previous commentaries, there’s nothing new and relevant in this one either.
    The high road you should take is the route of recusal, meaning step away letting those really in the know follow through. Those in your readership already have the skinny on Hunter. Further Biden the Senior bashing attempts by weaponizing his son’s misadventures against the president you despise rates intellectually the same as bottom feeder junk journalist’s offerings.
    If at this later period in a long career you choose going low in your attacks on Democrat so called leftist progressive persons and philosophy, and believe your rantings have, are, and will make a difference. Then, you have missed the boat early on when the road leading to the making a difference place just happened to be the other road. The other road most take appears easier, faster, cheaper, and, unfortunately, too popular.
    At the end of the day and too late, looking back and assessing one’s life contributions and decide our net amount as in economics. Is our net on the plus side of our ledger, the minus side, or neither but break even. Are those who gave more (net givers) adding value to society? What of those who lived to get more (net takers) and the value contributed? Maybe the break even folks are the ones living smart.
    Question, what is the driver that moves a person (you) to act one way or another. One way works at building up. The other way is working against, tearing down, demolishing. The issue is all todo with a subject people today view as taboo, that being “others”.
    Consequences consideration, others’ wellbeing rated more and what’s in it for me less.

    • Jim lucas

      Hunter Biden will be just another prison punk

      • Tom

        Yeah, he and Trump can be cell mates and talk about the good ole days when Hunter sold out the country and Trump was having fun lying to stimulate insurrection by mindless little people while running around on Melania with hookers. It’ll be a blast! ! LOL

  8. frank Stetson

    ahem, on Melania as she was birthing Barron….. gotta keep those slams accurate :>)

    and don’t forgot the 1.6.2021 magarats will be there. Think we are over 400 jailed for those fine folks.

    follow trump, listen closely, do what he says, not to worry, he’s got your back.

    • Jim lucas

      Trump is being wrongly accused All wrong doing belongs to the democrats

      • Frank stetson

        Jim Licksass: you do realize Trump is legally liable as a sex abusing digital rapist, don’t you? Gotta love a guy who votes for rape.

        You do realize that he and his company and his company are guilty of tax fraud on 17 counts and fined?

        You do realize that Cohen; Trump’s fixer lawyer is guilty and Trump is co-conspirator number one in the hush money case?

        You do realize that in the election fraud case in ga; all of Trump’s lawyers have pled guilty and are flipping on him?

        Or are you really as stupid as you sound? You must be very, very blissful.

        It doesn’t appear so far that he’s been wrongly accused.

        Then again, the world could be wrong, we own it all and have turned against you. Or you are just brain dead.

        • Jim lucas

          How’s your daughter doing? You folks live in a great place in NJ

  9. Frank stetson

    Hunter may be hunted, but Ghouliani just got nailed for $148m after taking on two lowly, regular, election workers. He was trying to rig the 2020 election.

    Game over, life over, he will appeal to he’s dead and then they will take his estate. All $2 worth.

    A nation led by the rule of law triumphs over these rat bastards one more time.

    Don is throwing him a pity party to support him. Well, no pity, no support, but Don loves a party. He would help Rudy, but Don don’t do loserrs.

    And Hunter laughs at him. $148,000,000 bucks. Oh my , BUSTED.

    • Jim lucas

      The deep state sure knows how to ruin people. But that makes people like Frank cum. But I would die in my own blood when they tried to collect. And guess what. I don’t give a damn!!! Two hoochie mammas lied on the man. I’ve already said enough of this shit.

      • Frank stetson

        Oh bull, once again you will talk big and do nothing.

        The man lied, ruined these women’s lives, tried to rig the 2020 election, got caught, tried and now faces the verdict of his peers.

        The only deep state here is in your delusions. The deep state did mot do this, Rudy did it. And got caught unable to toe the line and back up his allegations. He couldn’t even take the stand in his own defense. Freakin lawyer, prosecutor can’t even tell his story under oath. Well, sanctioned lawyer that is.

        He did the crime and now pays the fine.

        Ps: if you didn’t die in your own blood, than who’s? What a strange thought.

        On to the next!

        But keep the faith brother. You got the spirit that Trump loved for donations to the cause:,don’s defense.

        • Jim lucas

          This has nothing to do with Trump you stupid commie

  10. Frank stetson

    Rudy was Trump’s personal lawyer while in the White racist pig. And how dare you demean these election workers with your fake ghetto slang. .


  11. AC

    What the ……………… .
    Are you entirely jaded!
    Let he who is with out sin throw the first stone.
    And, they all dropped their stones one by one, until not one remained to accuse.
    Larry, your subject headlines betray you.
    No surprise, again, as to what is your bent nor how the subject you
    twist finally ends in final judgement. There ‘tis
    Never mind your protests naming the court of public opinion as prosecutor, judge, and jury. These posts of yours are the publishing arm of your so called court of public opinion.
    Perhaps you protest too much. Continual protestation marks the protestor as one quick to anger, intemperate in speaking, untrustworthy, and given to stretching facts.
    What’s your favorite word? It a synonym for perverse untruth, untrustworthy. Apply it here.

    • larry Horist

      AC … You doth protest too much … and rather irrationally. You may have surpassed Frank in making you responses all about moi. LOL