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Hunter Biden’s Dirty Work EXPOSED

Hunter Biden’s Dirty Work EXPOSED

Question: How can you make $50,000 per month advising a foreign company without any experience in the field?

Answer: If you’re the son of the US Vice President and you promise to pull some strings. 

As we discovered during the impeachment of President Trump, Joe Biden allowed his son Hunter to work for a Ukrainian energy company (Burisma Holdings) while he himself oversaw Ukrainian policy as Vice President.

Last month, GOP lawmakers presented evidence that top Obama officials considered Hunter’s job problematic in terms of foreign policy (read more here). This week, The New York Post published a series of emails which confirm that Hunter invited Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to Washington to meet his father in 2014. 

The emails show Pozharskyi thanking Hunter for the chance to meet Joe Biden and asking if Hunter could use his “influence to convey a message/signal.”

Less than a year after the alleged meeting, then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless Ukraine fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin. At the time, Shokin was leading an investigation into Burisma and its founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.

The emails were discovered on the hard drive of a water-damaged laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden. The laptop was abandoned at a repair shop in Biden’s home state of Delaware in April 2019.

The hard drive is said to contain a sex tape of Hunter with an unidentified woman and images of him in various states of undress (including the image featured above).

The laptop, which featured a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, was sized by the FBI last December – but not before the shop owner had a chance to make a copy of the hard drive and deliver it to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello. The existence of the hard drive was brought to the attention of the media this month by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. 

The Biden presidential campaign responded to the Post article by examining Biden’s schedule from 2014. The team found no evidence of a meeting between Joe and Pozharskyi, but did not specifically deny the existence of the meeting. 

Facebook immediately slapped a fact-checking warning on the story, which automatically limits how many people can view/share a story on its platform (click here to read more on Facebook’s efforts to control the election).

In the meantime, Joe Biden continues to deny any conflict of interest or wrongdoing by himself or Hunter and claims that he ‘never spoke with Hunter about his overseas business dealings.’

Author’s Note: We now have proof that Hunter Biden was being paid for favors while his father was Vice President. This should have a major effect on his campaign.


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  1. Mike

    Since this is total bullshit it will have no effect on the campaign. All involved have said that the appearance of Hunter working for Ukraine looks bad, but there has not been a credible allegation that this affected US policy toward Ukraine. The only allegation that has developed was Biden pushing for a prosecutor in Ukraine to be fired, who was not investigating the company his son worked for, who the US and our allies wanted fired due to his corruption. This is just another example of julieannie and bannon trying to spin something to make the opposing candidate look bad. Remember the unmasking of Michael Flynn and Obamagate? Or perhaps how trump was going to lock up Hillary due to her emails? Total BS!

    • Tbone

      Agreed. Its bs. Probably fake emails created by Russian hacks. Sad thing is people are desperate to believe any dirt on Biden. Furthermore even if some of this is close to being true how does it compare to republican corruption buying a seat in Supreme Court with underhanded back channel methods using millions to put the unbalance of power into their hands to feed their long term agenda. There’s so much corruption on both sides of the fence.

    • Terry

      You can try to deny it all you want but several sources that a fact checked it so far see it looks legit. Anybody with even a half of rain after examining these new developments we come to the same conclusion Biden is an entrenched corrupt politician. And before you get stupid and try to attack me. I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. I just hate crooked politicians

    • KenM

      Are you totally obtuse or just slow to comprehend?

      • Richard

        Mike is just a dumba$$. I think that explains enough. Biden is a liar as most Dems are. Power is all they want.

    • Joseph Kinge

      You must have a rough time growing up. Every joke ever played on anyone was played on you because you were the most gullible. You can back anyone you want, but be assured your hair-sniffer, who can’t put a cognitive sentence together, will lose the election (of course, he thinks he’s running for the Senate anyway). Wait! I have it. Why don’t you put him in an asylum and decorate his room to look like the Oval Office? Tell him he won, and he’ll be fine!! How about it, Mike? You in?

  2. Ben Weber

    Yo, you might want to check your sources. There’s a bunch of articles on the webs this afternoon that say this is all Russian disinformation. I’m sure this is a completely innocent mistake on your part, as you obviously love America, I can’t see you purposely doing the bidding of a foreign adversary.
    Oh, and it turns out that the other hot story I posted about this morning, the one trump tweeted about Twitter…that was based on a satirical website that trump thought was real news. My bad. Don’t follow up on that lead.

    • KenM

      Oh yes, those dastardly Russians. What’s with you sycophants anyway?

  3. Bob101stvet Britt

    Well Mike, you Democrats are the pros at spi9nning information to make someone look bad. Thanks for letting us know the truth hurts the Democrat playbook. Corruption has two spellings 1) CORRUPTION and 2) DEMOCRATS.
    God Bless America.

  4. D. Markham

    You people need to get your head out of your ass is all I can say. Time after time Biden is caught lying. Pitiful.

  5. spence Stewart

    Mike you are a hard corps democrat why? havent the dems done enough bad for this country

  6. vernon speer

    Amazing. A quid pro quo is okay and a pass for the Bidens with millions of dollars changing hands. But…a 20 minute phone call by Trump asking for legal assistance and you’re off the charts with rants of impeach the S.O.B. and accusations of treason. If Biden gets in, you guys should be held personally responsible for the damage he does to this country.

  7. Mary

    Joe Biden is SO corrupt. Jim Biden, Hunter Biden and Joe himself have all made millions illegally. They are known as the Biden Crime Family. It was your typical pay for play scheme. You remember that was Hillary’s scheme. Hunter is a crack smoking loser who loves sex with prostitutes. He needs “Daddy” to support him and bail him out. Leave it to the loser DemonRats to blame the Russians. Corruption has two spellings 1) CORRUPTION and 2) DEMOCRATS.