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Hunter Biden Won’t Work for Foreign Countries if Dad Becomes President (Huh?)

Hunter Biden Won’t Work for Foreign Countries if Dad Becomes President (Huh?)

Hunter Biden this week promised to stop working on the boards of foreign countries if his father Joe wins the 2020 election.

Hunter has been accused of using his father’s position as Vice President to benefit from business dealings in China and Ukraine.

“Despite extensive scrutiny, at no time has any law enforcement agency, either domestic or foreign, alleged that Hunter engaged in wrongdoing at any point during his five-year term” serving as a board member for Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, explained Hunter’s lawyer George Mesires.

Hunter’s obscure work for Burisma had been the subject of an investigation in Ukraine, but the case was dropped after then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold money from Ukraine unless the prosecutor general was fired.

Joe Biden says the move had nothing to do with his son, and Hunter continued to rake in a massive paycheck from Burisma until April 2019.

Hunter Biden also serves on the board for Chinese-backed private equity company BHR, but plans to resign by Halloween. According to Mr. Mesires, Hunter has received no compensation for the job.

To this day, Hunter claims he never discussed his business activities with his father.

“Hunter always understood that his father would be guided, entirely and unequivocally, by established US policy, regardless of its effects on Hunter’s professional interests,” reads a statement published by Mesires. “He never anticipated the barrage of false charges against both him and his father by the President of the United States.”

This summer, Trump asked the Ukrainian President to revisit the Biden investigation. Democrats used the request to launch an impeachment inquiry, after which Trump publicly asked China to investigate Hunter based on suspicions he walked away with $1.5 billion after a visit to Beijing in 2013.

Author’s Note: Sounds like Hunter is admitting to making a living on his father’s position. Now, he’s apologizing in hopes that all of this won’t affect his father’s presidential campaign.

Editor’s Note: Any Republican candidate would have been forced to quit the Presidential race by now. But it is inevitable that he will quit. The other candidates will eventually begin their attacks on him more and more until his numbers fall to zero.

Update: Hunter Biden has resigned from the board of the Chinese company he was involved in. But he still owns a big share and is still in a position to profit.  Hmmmmm…

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  1. JC

    Now there is the joke! Hunter Biden isn’t working anyway..just collecting Daddy’s payoff money to launder the funds!

    • BOB

      He should be arrested, oh that’s right he will be and many, many more. The hammer has felled and soon ye shall see what they did to destroy our country and MOST its peoples, whilst they are whisked away to a Chinese city build just for them, family and other minion hacks!

  2. Jim1937

    No worries Hunted, your old man will NEVER be president, so you can continue your slimy business dealings!

  3. Susan

    Too late wasn’t he already doing that!? Joe Biden said on National Television that he would withhold billions if a certain Judge wasn’t fired well guess what within an hour the Judge was FIRED!!! Imagine That! If there was any Quid Pro Quo going on it was with the BIDENS Not our President! Sick of this Double Standard going on in this Country!!!

    • Susan

      Oh BTW that was only IF his Father won the presidency!! So I guess he will continue his disgraceful disgusting business dealings with Foreign Countries! No Worry’s Joe!!! Because you will NEVER win the Presidency you have a sketchy background with the fondling of young girls and your Racist Remarks! That will kill your campaign and then there is that FACT that you would NEVER pass any Physical mental or anything else! We all know you have Alzheimer’s and/ or Deminsha setting in! You rarely know what state you are in! too old Joe!!

      • David Barron

        Creapy Joe Biden

      • Craig Michael Vandertie

        Yes he certainly is afflicted with and suffering from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s/”Dementia.”

  4. Kurt Walker

    ROTFLMAO !!!!! Now there’s a campaign promise the democrats can be proud of.

  5. Marie

    How stupid does he think Americans are. He never plans to give up his jobs because his father will never be President. His father belongs in jail.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie

      as does he

  6. DblBogey

    I’d love to be within a few feet of that smirking arrogant face and shove a rotten grapefruit into it.

    • David Barron

      Why waste a good grapefruit?

  7. Bob Taylor

    He wouldn’t know what real work was if his life depended on it!

  8. David Barron

    Receiving bribes is not work unless you count the deposit slips he has to fill out to the bank, or maybe it will just be cash delivered in a brown paper wrapper and placed safely in one of the Biden Family houses and unreported to the IRS or anybody else as the Criminally insane gang continues to march along looking for more graft and bribery from whom we give “foreign aid”.

  9. Craig Michael Vandertie

    If you believe that clearly you are on an IV drip of Dimethyltryptamine and your mind is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality in other words you are a Progressive, just as the Osamas, Clintons, Schiffs, and Pelosis the Bidens are hardcore criminals and they never change their stripes.