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Hunter Biden Pleads “Not Guilty” to Gun Charges, So What Now?

Hunter Biden Pleads “Not Guilty” to Gun Charges, So What Now?

Overshadowed by the ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to federal gun charges, so what’s next for the beleaguered presidential son?

Almost under the radar because of the brouhaha in The House, Hunter appeared in front of a federal judge in Wilmington on Tuesday, his second criminal court hearing this year, as prosecutors pursue firearms and potential tax charges against President Joe Biden’s son.

Through his attorney, Hunter Biden, 53, pleaded not guilty to three federal firearms felonies in front of Magistrate Judge Christopher J. Burke inside Wilmington’s federal courthouse on King Street downtown. 

The not-guilty plea put the case on course for a potential criminal trial as his father runs for a second term as president and federal prosecutors also pursue criminal charges against the frontrunner Republican challenger, former President Donald Trump. It also comes as congressional Republicans seek to tie Hunter Biden’s finances and legal troubles to his father in the impeachment hearing of Joe Biden.

The charges stem from Hunter Biden’s purchase of a .38-caliber revolver at a local gun shop in 2018.

As part of that purchase, he indicated on a federal form that he was not a drug user. Prosecutors contend that during that time, he purchased and used crack cocaine regularly, and Hunter Biden himself has written about his struggles with addiction and stints in rehab around that time.

What Happens Next?

After Hunter Biden’s not-guilty plea, Lowell, his attorney, indicated he intends to file multiple motions to dismiss the case and call for an evidentiary hearing tied to that effort.

One of those motions will focus on the collapsed agreement prosecutors previously struck with Hunter Biden that would have seen the government not prosecute the gun charges in exchange for the president’s son agreeing to abstain from drug use for two years and never again owning a firearm.

Lowell added that another basis will center on the constitutionality of the gun charges. The specific law that Hunter Biden is charged with violating is primarily used to prevent felons from possessing a firearm but also contains provisions prohibiting gun possession for other reasons. The law is being challenged by multiple lawsuits following the 2022 Supreme Court decision called New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which overturned a New York law that had required people to have a “proper cause” to have a firearm. The ruling set a new standard for lower courts to use when reviewing gun laws.

Since then, federal district courts and appeals courts have issued rulings limiting the government’s ability to restrict gun ownership for people who use drugs in multiple cases.

The Judge gave Hunter’s legal team 30 days to file any such motion. No trial date has been set. The president’s son was released on conditions that he not use drugs or alcohol or possess a weapon and submit to screenings.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Daddy will pardon him

  2. Mike f

    Dan-you are showing your ignorance (again). That is a trump move to pardon the guilty. If he avoids charges-it will be because your conservative Supreme Court has relaxed the requirements for gun ownership-something I am totally opposed to (but due to your ignorance you believe anyone should be able to own a gun…)

    • Dan tyree

      No dickhead. I believe that certain people with certain history shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. But you probably don’t believe that anyone except police ect. should have that right. I do believe that non violent offenders should be allowed to own guns. After completing their obligations to the law like probation and such. The truth is that the left only wants our guns so people control would be easier. Well listen up asshole. You bastards ain’t getting our guns and we damned well mean it. I’m tired of the same old crap of refusing to properly punish criminals and messing with the law abiding people. So take your gun control and shove it up your commie ass. Touch my guns and you better be careful. The barrels would be hot. And don’t use the word “ban” on me. And there’s plenty more people who think just like me. So forget it you commie piece of shit. And yes, I’m proud of our originalists on the scotus. The constitution is not a living thing to be changed at the whim or you.

      • Mike f

        So, if I am reading your blathering correctly, there should be no problem with Hunter owning a gun, he was definitely a non-violent offender, and your previous statement that Joe would pardon him is totally nonsensical because he did no wrong? Got it…

        • Dan tyree

          That’s what I’m saying. Hunter has not harmed anyone as far as I know But perhaps a penalty for tossing the gun in a dumpster would be appropriate