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Hunter Biden Charged with Contempt of Congress

Hunter Biden Charged with Contempt of Congress

House Republicans are steadfast in their pursuit of contempt of Congress charges against Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. Despite Hunter Biden’s recent reversal on his decision to sit for a closed-door deposition, House Oversight and Judiciary Chairs James Comer (R-Ky.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are determined to hold him accountable.

The conflict reached a boiling point when Hunter Biden initially defied two subpoenas to appear for a closed-door deposition, demanding instead a public deposition. His refusal prompted the House panels to advance contempt charges during a tumultuous hearing. However, in a surprising turn of events, Hunter Biden reversed his stance and agreed

to comply with a subpoena for a closed-door deposition. Despite this about-face, Comer and Jordan have made it clear that they will not back down until a deposition date is confirmed, emphasizing that they will not tolerate further delays or stunts from Hunter Biden.

The House GOP’s investigation into the Biden family’s business deals, particularly the involvement of Hunter Biden, the president, and his uncle James Biden, has been a focal point of their agenda. The subpoenas, which Hunter Biden initially denounced as part of a scheme to twist his words, are a crucial element in this investigation. Hunter Biden’s unexpected appearance at the contempt hearing, only to quickly leave, added fuel to the fire, attracting further scrutiny from GOP members.

Comer and Jordan have been vocal in their criticism of Hunter Biden’s actions, accusing him of pulling stunts and defying duly issued subpoenas. Their joint statement underscored their commitment to holding him in contempt of Congress until he confirms a date for a private deposition. The statement reflects a broader sentiment within the GOP that Hunter Biden, and by extension, the Biden family, should not receive special treatment and must adhere to the same legal obligations as others.

The House committees are investigating Hunter Biden and his uncle amid allegations of a vast influence-peddling scheme, with accusations that President Joe Biden has profited from these dealings. These allegations, although unproven, have been a significant driving force behind the GOP’s pursuit of Hunter Biden.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s announcement of a floor vote next week to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress further illustrates the GOP’s resolve in this matter. The move to a floor vote signifies the seriousness with which House Republicans are approaching the investigation, sending a clear message that defiance of subpoenas will not be tolerated.

Hunter Biden’s legal challenges extend beyond the congressional investigation, as he recently pleaded not guilty to nine federal tax charges in a separate case in California. These charges allege a scheme to avoid paying over $1 million in taxes, adding another layer to the complex legal and political challenges facing the president’s son.

Hunter Biden’s crimes and his connections to possible crimes with President Biden are coming under slowly increasing scrutiny, likely timed to affect the election. It is unlikely that President Biden will ever face criminal charges, but perhaps getting him unelected will be enough.

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    Nice picture D.O. Real class.

    “The conflict reached a boiling point when Hunter Biden initially defied two subpoenas to appear” issued by top cops, tweedled dee Comer and tweedled dumb Jordan, one who boldly defied a 1.6 House commission subpoena to testify.

    ” investigation into the Biden family’s business deals, particularly the involvement of Hunter Biden, the president, and his uncle James Biden, has been a focal point of their agenda.” I am sorry —- what fucking business dealings of the President, Joe Biden are you referring to? The loans? The truck loan?

    “The House committees are investigating Hunter Biden and his uncle amid allegations of a vast influence-peddling scheme, with accusations that President Joe Biden has profited from these dealings.” I am sorry —– what fucking business dealing profits are you talking about?

    “Hunter Biden’s crimes and his connections to possible crimes with President Biden.” I am sorry —– what fucking possible crimes with President Biden are you talking about?

    What the fuck are you even talking about?

    Hunter is Hunter, he did some bad shit, he did some shady shit. He probably fudged his taxes and told a lie on Federal gun form. That is underway and will be resolved in court. Meanwhile America loves giving a second chance even for a Presidents son from another party. For example, I have not even touched the legal problems of Eric, Don JR, and Ivanka, as you know they have spent a lot of time in court lately and soon may be precluded from having businesses in NY. But did I go after Trump by going after his kids? Not yet…….

    • Q

      Frank Stetson is dumber than a box of rocks & I like rocks so that’s a shame. Hunter Biden like his daddy, Biden the Blunderer & the brother/uncle are nothing more than a bunch of lowlife scrubs. Biden the Blunderer has been a career politician his whole life so how did he become so damn rich? The lowlife has never mowed a yard or got grease on his hands. Trump has a least is a businessman & not a career politician & his kids have work for him & ventured off into their own business dealings. I’ll take Trump all day long & Biden the Blunderer & ilk need to go away. Donkeys always cause problems in this country when they get in office & us sane people know this. You are a dumb ass Donkey, Frankie BOY!!


        I allow Q your opinions, however, you offer no proof, beyond my different opinions, as to why I am as dumb as a rock.

        Biden was born affluent, father had set backs, and for awhile lived in grandparents home. He helped lead his HS football team to an undefeated year, after years of losses. I am sure he mowed many a lawn and did manual labor, as if any of that really matters, on his way through law. school. According to Forbes, he is worth $10m, making 2 of that during his Presidency based on his existing two homes increasing in value.

        Trump is a cheating business man that is about to lose the ability to do business in New York along with his whole cheating family of Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka, although the kids might catch a break. So far, only Don, Don Jr. and Eric have been found liable of business fraud. IOW — they did it and the court found them liable for it and cancelled their business certification in New York. We will know around end of this month as penalties are meted out by the Judge. He is liable for lying and cheating on his valuations in order to gain loans, prestige, and many other benefits of juggling your asset valuations in order to succeed. He is a business fraud.

        In another case, in 2022, Trump’s company The Trump Organization was convicted on 17 criminal charges. His father’s CFO is in jail.

        At the end of the month he will face a Federal charge for running a pyramid scheme, news at 11.

        Around March, 2024, he’ll face New York state criminal charges claiming he falsified business records in connection with hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. He will face a jury where he has already been name a co-conspirator and Cohen has already pled guilty and went to jail. Since Cohen has maintained his innocence, is seen as a consummate liar, this one could be interesting and not the slam dunk it appeared before Cohen fucked up.

        There is a reason Trump is rich: he cheats. If you measure wealth as business success, he’s your man. Not mine. FYI — if Trump had invested his father’s inheritance into an S&P basket, Trump would have made more money than he has. According to Forbes at least.

        So, to prove your claim of Trump’s business acumen, versus a penchant for cheating and gaming the system, I think you will need to fall back to blaming the courts for corruption. But don’t forget that he stole from his own charity foundation, ripped off his own students, and many other business transgressions from the past.

        But you name call just like Trump so I guess you are a cheating, lying POS that couldn’t make a buck without cheating someone.

        • Jennifer L Ristau

          Boy, are you living in a bubble! They have tons of evidence: emails, bank transactions phone calls. Do you seriously believe he accumulated his fortunes by being in office?? When Biden gives his personal history, it sure doesn’t sound like an elite childhood. Is that just another Biden fabrication? There sure are many

          • FRANK STETSON

            Jennifer. All that on the President. I do not think so. That’s Hunter and his brother, and his wife. I think the only Joe tie-in so far is a couple of piddly loans he gave and they were paying back.

            As far as his fortunes he’s at 10M with 2M coming from real estate value increases while in office. The top 50 Congresspersons are worth more than 10M each and 32 of them are Republicans.

            Yes, as we age we do remember our youths in an interesting fashion, Joe perhaps more than others and IMO, sometimes merely to embellish a point, not good. But, he started this life affluent in Scranton, moved to a huge home in Delaware. Somewhere early in life, around his 7th year, his Dad suffered setbacks, they moved around as he floundered, and ended up in Scranton living in his grandparents house.

            Not sure what his affluency would add to his stories plus not sure how much he remembers :>) WIKI has his bio.

            So, yeah, perhaps he has earned a bit more being in office than he would for a similar pay outside of office. He certainly beats me hands-down. But far less than most in Congress. And when it comes to grifting, Trump takes the cake. China renting hotel space for a year while the company tries to gain US access by buying up companies. 8M found in his first two years coming from foreigners. Then there’s the massive SS bills to stay at his resorts. Some paying $1,200 a night, hardly the rack rate. Not to mention how he is grifting you using your hard earned contributions to fund his legal battles, using your hard earned money to profit from his campaigning. Like chartering the best planes, staying at Trump facilities, using Trumpco to manage his outings, all at a profit to Trump. You represent a major profit center for him right after foreigners looking for access. Then there’s Mar A Loser where before Trump became Pres, it cost 100K to get in and 14K a year to stay. Day one of being Pres, it jumped to 200K, a 100% increase in profits instantly for gaining access to the President. Many spies are there, his communist in-laws live onsite in a cabana, and he talks out loud, brags about top secrets, and keeps classified documents next to the pool, in his bathrooms and other unsafe locations. But the grifting is in the dues.

            So look in the morror before you look at Joe.

  2. Jim wampler

    The picture is making Frank horny.

    • Q

      You are 100% spot on Jim!!


        Jim, that picture of your dog does nothing for me although it sounds like Q is sporting a woody. Although no one can see it, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift.

        Hey, these guys act like they are in 3rd grade. For many years.

  3. Andrew Gutterman

    Since the Republicans are unable to govern, which is what they are there for, they instead create circuses to entertain themselves and their fawning voters, all in the hope of deflecting from the real question of why are they in Congress in the first place?

    Give the lie to the Republicans claim of wanting to reduce the deficit, these circuses are expensive, not only in their cost but because they are not legislating, which is what they are sent to Congress to do.

    • Q

      Another dumb ass Donkey in our midst. The democrats are the Donkey circus, dumb ass!!



    While I agree, and it does come under legislation I guess, I would add BUDGETING or controlling the purse strings. All the current House seems to do is oversight where they also seem to be totally blind and drilling dry wells. No production there either..

    From NPR: “The House has voted 749 times this year, but passed just 27 bills that have become law. That makes this Congress the least productive in decades.”


    And I thought the “do nothing Congress” was bad…. These guys break that record, hands-down.

    • Q

      Still a dumb ass Donkey, Frankie BOY!!

  5. AC

    Incomprehensible logics on the do nothing majority’s side.
    If ever a so called witch hunt there was , it is the majority’s attempts to link President Biden to his son’s alleged illegal activities.
    It’s a false assumption being hyped into a groundless hypothesis. For which evidence is not there, but only in the majority’s hopes, dreams, and imaginings.
    Now, falsehoods laid out with harmful intent is mendacity and those who perpetrate mendacity are mendacious.
    The shoe seems like it rightly fits the red tribe and its case against Pres. Biden.

    • Jennifer L Ristau

      The current government has spent 3 trillion dollars in 2023 and for what???

  6. Darren

    Frank, are you in favor of NOT paying Taxes?
    If you pay your taxes, why are you defending this piece of Shit?
    Is it because he is the Presidents kid?
    All Questions asked and answered!


    Interesting question, yes, I am in favor of paying the least amount of taxes that I can. IOW, I do not cheat, do not game the system, but as my economics-maven of a Father once said, taxes are an art form that uses rules as it’s paintbrush and math as it’s paint.

    I have never defended Hunter beyond that one should do for any citizen. Could care less about Joe vis-a-vis Hunter, let Hunter face the law like any of us, if possible. Or like Trump to keep it relevant. But Joe has nothing to do with this except his sperm at one time..

    There’s your answers, once again. However, you did not answer any questions.

    • John sloan

      Frank is still blowing Biden.

  8. Frank stetson

    Sloan likes to blow bubbles. Bubbles is the 12-year old next door. She calls him Short Dick because he is.

    Doing third grade in comments is so fun. Too bad Sloan does third graders. Let me know when you want to try an actual discussion. I’m betting you know how.

  9. Mike f

    The real question is-why is anyone reporting on this bullshit activity from the Republican led congress? Gym Jordan (the famous real subpoena ignorer) leading this effort to charge Hunter with contempt? Shows the true class of the republicans (and how all they really want to do is waste your tax dollars-zero benefit to any of their actions in this matter). Of course the many fools who voted for idiots like gym will praise him for this stunt-but anyone with a brain knows it is just a stunt-Hunter is willing to testify, just not behind closed doors, which, given the propensity of both comer and Jordan to lie, is a very wise decision


      Gym Jordan, that’s really funny.