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Hunter Biden $10M Influence-Peddling in Ukraine Confirmed

Hunter Biden $10M Influence-Peddling in Ukraine Confirmed

Republicans’ long-held suspicions regarding Hunter Biden’s lucrative job at a Ukrainian energy company were confirmed this week in a document unveiled Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA).

The document is an FD-1023, a form used by the FBI when obtaining raw data from an unverified individual. Sen.Grassley made the document public after the FBI refused to do so, given its potential impact on the 2024 election. 

Hunter worked for Burisma Holdings from 2014-2019, earning massive amounts of money despite having no qualifications for the job. According to a whistleblower who spoke with the FBI in June 2020, Burisma officials thought Hunter was “stupid” and were paying him to obtain political protection from his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden. 

In March 2016, then-Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in funding to Ukraine unless its government fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin. At the time, Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings. 

As explained in the FD-1023, Burisma founder and CEO Mykola Zlochevsky was confident that then-Vice President Biden would protect the company from “all kinds of problems” including Shokin’s investigation and help Burisma get into the US stock market. 

Furthermore, Burisma executives are said to have obtained nearly 20 covert voice recordings (a common practice in post-Soviet countries) involving Biden family members – including President Biden.

Included in the four-page document is the source’s recollection of comments made by Zlochevsky during a 2016 meeting with an FBI informant. The source was present at the meeting, which took place in a coffee shop in Vienna, Austria. The meeting occurred around the time then-Vice President Biden made public statements about Shokin being a corrupt prosecutor. 

When it was suggested to Zlochevsky that he hire an attorney for $50,000 to litigate the Shokin issue, he laughed and said, ‘It costs $5 million to pay one Biden and $5 million to pay another Biden.’ The source understood this comment to mean that Zlochevsky had paid both Hunter and President Biden so that Shokin would be sacked. 

Zlochevsky later suggested that he was being forced to pay the Bidens to ensure that Shokin was dealt with and added that it would ‘take a decade to find all the bank records of illegal payments to President Biden.’ 

The FD-1023 does not support President Biden’s long-standing claims about not being involved in his son’s overseas business ventures. Information presented by the IRS earlier this week suggests the President may also have been involved in Hunter’s tax crimes. 

“For the better part of a year, I’ve been pushing the Justice Department and FBI to provide details on its handling of very significant allegations from a trusted FBI informant implicating then-Vice President Biden in a criminal bribery scheme,” said Grassley. “While the FBI sought to obfuscate and redact, the American people can now read this document for themselves, without the filter of politicians or bureaucrats, thanks to brave and heroic whistleblowers.”

The FBI reprimanded Grassley for publishing the document, stating that it had “repeatedly explained to Congress, in correspondence and in briefings, how critical it is to keep this source information confidential.”  

The information contained in the FD-1023 “tracks closely with the evidence uncovered” by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, added committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY). “In the FBI’s record, the Burisma executive claims that he didn’t pay the ‘big guy’ directly but that he used several bank accounts to conceal the money,” added Comer. “That sounds an awful lot like how the Bidens conduct business: using multiple bank accounts to hide the source and total amount of the money.”

Writing on Twitter after Wednesday’s hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) went so far as to suggest the FD-1023 contains information related to US involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine: “Is this why Biden has America involved in the war in Ukraine? … Joe Biden is a criminal and is compromised! And he is leading us into WWIII because Zelensky has proof of more Biden crimes.”

Author’s Note: We can assume the FD-1023 is “unverified” simply because the FBI does not want to verify it. As stated in the linked article published by The Hill, the FBI’s source has been described by both Democrats and Republicans as “credible.”


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  1. frank stetson

    Where’s the beef? Is this new news that they didn’t hire Hunter for his good looks?

    Any more than the Saudi Prince gave billions to Jared to invest, although he is not an investor? Good looks again?

    How this is weaponization is beyond me; last week they asked Kennedy, as in the guy running for Pres, about Hunter. Wow. It may not be a dead horse, but it is sure taking a regular beating on the same old things.

      • frank stetson

        Tom, What do you think the FD-1023 proved beyond Grassley willing to publish what the FBI says will compromise their sources? Or, like your “objective” hero upChuck Grassley, did you conclude Biden, in his last year of office, was paid $5M on top of Hunter’s A$5M to pull off an impossible $30M purchase and then an IPO within twelve months, start to finish? Is that what you believe? And THEY think Hunter is the stupid one?

        You seem to be turning to the dark side and believing the court-of-FOX is good enough to convict. It does not work that way except in the current Republican House of Representatives, and not with many Independents. At least the objective ones.

        I go with Andy and KOS. But wait, there’s more:

        But the 1023 notes of CHS is important because it proves Hunter is stupid. No duh. Two months later, they meet again. Note that the 12-month clock on Joe being VP is now two months shorter suggesting they will get it done in 10 months or less, probably less. That is an impossible task as Andy’s piece notes in spades. By the second CHS meeting in March, Biden had already spoke out about Shotkin making this meeting March or later so now nine months to buy a company and launch an IPO before Joe blows town.

        They certainly got screwed for their $10M given they have a $5M blackmail tab on Joe according to this. Yet we are still raking Putin over the coals in Ukraine and they haven’t pulled the trigger? He’s destroyed their economy, cost them billions, and they haven’t pulled the trigger? They only have 15 months to profit after blowing it once on Trump’s ascendancy in 2017. Who’s stupid again? Did they buy Hunter’s art too? Maybe a Bush or two?

        CHS up until 2020 says his Russian handler has all the info, texts, wire transfers, recordings, documents to screw Joe Biden. So there it is: a valid second hand account of hearsay without collaboration at this point. I stick with Andy and suggest your beef ain’t quite cooked yet —- could cause food poisoning if consumed readily in an non-objective partisan fashion. Taste good to you?

        Here’s the Dem’s response from the committee: ** which blows Grassley out of the water.

        BOTTOM LINE: get em to testify under the threat of perjury. There’s most certainly money going to Hunter to buy an energy company and maybe get an IPO, although that’s a real stretch. But if this is $5M to Joe Biden, put him in impeachment today. This is indeed a source, but I think an objective person would demand secondary sourcing before breaking out the Pence gallows from the 1.6.2021 Republican Violent Insurrection at the Capitol.

        • Tom

          You asked where is the beef? So I answered you. The FBI had a confidential in the meeting!!! It is documented . You are not wanting to know where the beef is Frank. Or maybe you cannot recognize a burger when you see one. Your adherence to this crooked crony Biden is just like Horist sticking by his man Trump. You both are the same!

          You and I know full well Biden did not get directly paid. It was through shell companies tied to his family. This is a crime family, not a single person operation. And being from NJ I would think you could at least know how to recognize a crime family when you see one. Seems like on this one you really are pushing on doors marked pull buddy.

          I did not say anything about FOX, I do not watch FOX. I simply pointed to a key piece of evidence generated by the FBI and their confidential informant in the meeting. I am amazed at how low your IQ can be on this situation. Seems like Joe is really your lover.

          Yes you are correct, they did get screwed for the money they gave the Biden Crime Family. I agree. I do believe they will get them to testify when they are ready. The only problem with the article you cite is that it is pure “here-say” which you seem to rail against when it is against Biden. Show me the FD-1023 that documents what is in this article that you cite. So what you are trying to do is cancel a legitimate FBI generated FD-1023 with a political article from “The Hill” that is nothing more than a bunch of hearsay that does not come with an FBI FD-1023 document or other official FBI or DOJ document that cancels the one I just showed you.

          Before they can all testify the complicated scheme has to be unwound and figured out. As of right now, the FBI FD-1023 document seems to rule the day.

          • frank stetson

            Comparing me/Biden to Horist/Trump is not objective. Too much heat down there? Downwind from Pfizer plant? Good thing I have some inventory for Farxiga…… Now there’s a stock that took awhile. Freakin couldn’t make a buck until the end of the pandemic. TG for dividends :>)

            Where’s the beef: you have rumors, allegations, and hearsay (rah). That’s not beef, it’s second hand hearsay from an anonymous source. There is no documentation beyond rah. The chs is not even named, we know he is confidential, human, and a source….. You are correct that KOS is way left and mixed factual realities. But you don’t even know the guy was really in a meeting at this point, I think. However, try SNOPES, some quotes below:

            “Nothing that has not been previously reported is contained within the newly released FD-1023 form detailing communications between an FBI informant and the founder and owner of Burisma. The allegations, at this time, remain second-hand hearsay.” But wait, there’s more…….I will let you discover.
            “Another matter complicating the timeline proposed by the informant are assertions that — at the time of the alleged bribery — there was no active investigation into Burisma by Shokin, as reported by the Washington Post in July 2019: “

            “Zlochevsky in 2020 to detail any contacts he had with Joe Biden from 2013 to 2019. He replied that, “No one from Burisma ever had any contacts with VP Biden or people working for him during Hunter Biden’s engagement.””

            BOTTOM LINE: A lot of this stuff has been floating around since the end of 2020, like “the bug guy.” Grassley ginned it up at the beginning of the year, promising in May to roll out the support. The leaked all the CHS data on this one and FOX reported on it in June with the same “facts” as you have today. Grassley rolled it out one more time at the end of July based on the 1023 that confirms what he had leaked in May to FOX. Man can get five poops to one sheet of TP….. All on FOX, in the blogosphere after that, and then from you. Congrats on the objectivity.

            SNOPES concludes: FALSE and they ain’t no KOS. HOWEVER — as I keep saying, it’s uncollaborated info that should be further investigated to see if additional info can be found, like primary evidence. In which case, impeach Biden. Otherwise, quit trying the case on the internet just because Grassley says he has something new as he shows you the same old stuff. You declare: “this crooked crony Biden” but you have no proof, no indictment, no conviction —– even on the horizon.

            Bring the CHS in to testify under penalty of perjury and quit trying this stuff on the internet. Grassley has never seen a bit of data that he can’t re-run a half dozen times on FOX. And then when he gets to committee, it all goes poof. He’s a Congressman, he has the power to subpoena, why isn’t he working his job instead of working FOX.

            “I am amazed at how low your IQ can be on this situation. Seems like Joe is really your lover.” Nice answer if you can’t respond intelligently and objectively.

  2. K Sny

    Face it, nothing will be done because the corrupt FBI, FOJ and IRS will bury and stonewall
    everything. CNN, MSNBC, SBC, ABC and NBC will spin the whole thing around as lies
    and bury the real story.

    • frank stetson

      K Shy,

      If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.
      If everyone is lying and corrupt, anything you think must be true.

      What’s in your wallet? Got any proof? Sources? Are all the bad guys working together or independent actions? Oh my…..what a world you live in. Surrounded by a corrupt government with fake news coming in from all media.

      Only the Donald can set you free with the truth. Sigh.

    • Tom

      Andy, the Daily KOS is not ranked as very reliable. As matter of a fact, it is ranked as far left and rather unreliable. In an October 2018 Simmons Research survey of 38 news organizations, the Daily Kos was ranked the fifth least trusted news organization by Americans in a tie with Breitbart News, with the Palmer Report, Occupy Democrats, InfoWars and The Daily Caller being lower-ranked. See rating at **

      Andy, I hope you will raise your bar a little when you cite sources.

      Here is just one of many similar comments, “I receive DailyKos newsletter and I often sign petitions of theirs which is fine. Their online site where users comment in response to articles however is outrageously unfair and severely censors any opinion different from theirs even if your comment is free from foul language, slurs, threats, or anything remotely offensive. The administrators also refused to delete account as requested. I’ve unsubscribed to their newsletter and refuse to have anything to do with them. They are trash.”

      And they are rated here at 1.83 stars, *””*

      I am starting to think that Frank writes for them! LOL

      • andy


        I read from ALL sources, left, right, center. Information is information, it’s up to the reader to verify such information. I pay ZERO attention to what others tell me about the reliability of sources, since I almost always verify whatever information i read, elsewhere. I got into this habit a long, long time ago, when I started doing research in biochemistry at Yale in the early 70’s. Lot’s of papers published with erroneous information that were easy to prove false, yet they got published anyway.

  3. andy

    This issue has been debunked more times than I can keep track of. Yet the Republicans continue to waste taxpayer’s money and time trying to prove the earth is flat. They will never succeed…

    • Theodore

      More and more facts are being found on an almost daily basis, but you just go on being the good little sheeple you are portraying yourself to be and keep following pied piper Bidrn right into hell.

      • frank stetson

        At least I’m enjoying the ride.

        Sheeple? Ask the over 1,000 charged and the 400 in jail for following Trump. Biden is safer at least.

        • Theodore

          Maybe in your pathetic little mind, but probably not so in the larger scheme of things.

          • frank stetson

            errrr, actually teddy, in the larger scheme of things, at least I am enjoying the ride. Feelings are like that.

    • Tom

      As an Independent, I can tell you that nobody wasted more money than the Dems on two failed Trump impeachments! I was actually rooting that they would win because I do not like Trump and think he is an idiot, as are all of his minions. But it is nice to see that you are finally worried about wasting money. I am sure there will be much more to come. Its a complicated scheme that will take time to unwind!

  4. andy

    I’ve yet to see any HARD facts from this. Lot’s of talk, but nothing concrete. They keep saying they have witnesses, but when it comes time to produce them they are nowhere to be found. Hearsay is not admissible in court, but then the hearings are not following established court proceedings. Anything goes. I’m wondering when they are going to allow the White Rabbit to testify?

  5. Robin W Boyd

    How much will it take before the DOJ must show responsibility in investigating Joe Biden? As it keeps becoming more and more obvious that the documented, serial liar Joe Biden has been selling out the U.S. for personal gain, just how far can Progressives in government continue to use the DOJ as a weapon against American citizens and the security of the U.S.? How far is too far? Can the U.S. survive?