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Hundreds of female professionals Trapped in Kabul Face Threats, persecution from Taliban

Hundreds of female professionals Trapped in Kabul Face Threats, persecution from Taliban

Among the many tragedies to occur in Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s botched troop withdrawal is the plight of Afghan women who had worked to promote democracy in the country.

This includes hundreds of women who were trained at US taxpayer-funded institutions to promote the rule of law since 2001.

“We have been forgotten,” says Nabila, a 31-year-old judge who helped women file for divorce after their husbands went to jail. “We worked on human rights, divorce, gender-based violence. I would like to continue this work, but first I have to save myself.” 

Just two days after Kabul was captured, Nabila started to receive threatening phone calls from men the Taliban had released from prison – including one man she saw stab his wife 14 times.

“They’ve promised to kill me,” says Nabila. “My husband and I now change our house every four days.”

Nabila and hundreds of other female professionals are also at the mercy of draconian restrictions imposed by the Taliban; in most cases, they aren’t even allowed to leave the house without a male escort. 

“We have no clear future after years of struggling…I have not been outside the house since the Taliban took over. It is very difficult,” said one of 34 female volleyball players waiting to be evacuated from Kabul.

Also trapped inside the city are 280 students from the Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

“Musical diversity, Western music, girls and boys music…Everything we did was against the Taliban’s ideology,” laments Ahmad Sarmast, director of the institute. Sarmast has continued to lead the institute even after suffering permanent hearing damage during a suicide bombing in 2014.

Many of those trapped in Kabul do not have a government-issued ID or passport and have thus been turned away from Biden’s rescue missions. As noted in the Wall Street Journal, more than 50% of Afghan women do not own a government-issued ID (compared to just 6% of men).

“We’re talking about the most highly educated Afghan women who don’t have documents,” says human rights attorney Kimberley Motley. “We absolutely have an obligation to legal professionals who were part of these programs. We sold them the idea that rule of law is the foundation for building up a ‘democratic and civilized society.’” 

With the Taliban in control, the dream of a ‘democratic and civilized society’ is over.

As my colleague Joe Gilbertson wrote in a previous article (click here), the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan will lead to the enslavement of more than 14 million women. With Sharia law in effect, women will lose the right to drive or hold public office. They will be forced to cover themselves in public and will be bought and sold like slaves. All instances of rape will be blamed on women, who are likely to face capital punishment for their “crimes.” 


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  1. frank stetson

    Not to be mean, but folks have had a lifetime to change the culture in Afghanistan; they have not and we couldn’t force it.

    These women had a year to make plans and move.

    People on the ground just had to know it was going to collapse quickly. Seems that everyone except our military and the Biden administration knew that. Biden just lied about that to cover his proverbials, and the military is still lying when they said, and I paraphrase: we can see victory, all we need is 2,500 of America’s kids to secure it, even though we have said something similar for 20 years.

    Hopefully Afghanistan will not be the hell it was, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It’s just that it wouldn’t have been better if we had stayed. With 2,500 troops, we would have only delayed the inevitable.

    • Dan Tyree

      If your daughter , wife or sister were over there you would be singing a different tune. No matter what happened in the past these women didn’t know that retard joe would throw them under the bus. And when the great president Trump talked about drawing down in Afghanistan he made it clear that we would bring hell fire on them if we had to come back. And ISIS was pretty much defeated. Now we have a moron in office that doesn’t know his ass from his elbow

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Danny Boy, did you actually read “the great President” Trump’s surrender agreement? To paraphrase: “We will leave, here are your prisoners, pinky-swear you won’t chase us home and attack us, and we’ll put in a good word for you with the UN.” I posted the whole thing on one of Larry’s columns – there is NOTHING about hell-fire or even as much as a poor Yelp review if they didn’t keep their word.

        In the end, we can’t force the Afghanis to be nice to each other. They’ll have to evolve to the point where they figure out how to be world citizens. Even if they rule the country for now, the Taliban is in the minority. Eventually the rest of the Afghanis will figure that out and take back the country on their own.

  2. Frank stetson

    Dan wants to adopt all of the women in Afghanistan. Watta guy. Or send a young man for each as a bodyguard.

    But if they’re abused in our backyard, and come for amnesty from Latin America, he wants to separate them from their kids, force em to wait in a Mexican hell, build a huge wall, or worse. Because they’re terrorists. Afghan women, he wants to save, no chance of terrorism there.

    • Dan Tyree

      No one is telling the Latin American people to stay away. They need to be documented and come in legally. I know that you don’t believe in borders but they are necessary. But I’m trying to explain this to a liberal moron. I would be better off farting in the wind. And your party built the cages. The people who went and checked out the border was shocked at what retard joe and heels up Harris is allowing

  3. Frankstetson

    Sure, today, possibly, except Harris distinctly said it recently.

    If you think that’s the process during the Trump reign, you be smoking something.

    • Donnie sauls

      You be smoking something? You speak great English. What hood were you raised in?