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Howard Schultz is Making Noise

Howard Schultz is Making Noise

Potential presidential candidate Howard Schultz had his first “town hall” event last month with CNN and has a second one scheduled with Fox News in April – and he hasn’t even decided if he’s running.

Democrats are furious with all the attention he’s getting because Schultz is planning to run as a “Centrist Independent.” This is great news for conservatives, because it means his campaign will siphon votes away from the Democratic nominee and potentially help Trump get re-elected.

In response to that opinion, Schultz said his campaign would attract support from all parties and warned Democrats they were guaranteed to lose if they nominate a “progressive left-leaning liberal” like Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Schultz said electing a Democrat instead of Trump would change nothing “because our politics and our government is broken.”

The outcome of a presidential election is determined by “eight to ten battleground states” when it should be determined by all 50, he explained. “What if…an Independent person could capture the imagination of the 42% of people who affiliate themselves as an Independent?”

Republicans and Democrats don’t want to re-elect Trump and they don’t want a leftwing candidate like Elizabeth Warren, he continued. “But what if there’s a new person? What if for the first time in 40 years a 50 state – in which I’m on every ballot – really matters?”

When asked, Schultz said he did not want to abolish the electoral college.

“If we proceed, we will be on the ballot of every state,” he said. “We’ve done that work and we can get to 270 because all 50 states will matter, not 8-10.”

Why doesn’t he run as a Democrat?

Schultz says he no longer identifies as a Democrat and does not believe in the ideas the party stands for.

“I think the country needs transformation,” said Schultz. “The government needs to be disrupted. It’s not working…Show me one thing in which you can say – firmly – the government is really working.”

Schultz disagrees with socialist policies like free college, free healthcare, and jobs for all and is most concerned about the national debt (for which he blames both parties).

“I think this is a time in America for a complete re-imagination,” said Schultz. “What I’m going to try to do is go out to the American people and ignite a powerful movement… I’m hearing from thousands of American people – thousands! – saying, ‘Finally, someone’s voice that I can relate to that represents the fact that I no longer feel as if I am a Republican or a Democrat.’”

Schultz repeatedly cited his “rags to riches” background when asked why he would be a great leader.

In regards to healthcare, he is in favor of amending the Affordable Care Act rather than replacing it. He wants to see corporations do more for their employees and has vowed ‘not to play by Big Pharma’s rules. He wants comprehensive tax reform and opposes Donald Trump’s tax breaks for corporations.

Above everything else, Schultz favors cooperation between parties and wants to fix our “broken” government. “I love America and I want to try and fix the problems and help the people who are being left behind,” he said.

Schultz will announce his final decision on whether to run for president at the end of his book tour.

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  1. Paul Miller

    Gee whiz – I was starting to get invigorated for a moment there… but as usual the punchline spoke volumes… so he’s a Democrat that just doesn’t want the baggage. No thanks.

    • Barbara Troia

      I agree with you. He started off great but veered to the left! Back to the drawing board!

    • marlene

      You’re right. Democrats are desperate. They know there’s a lot of pushback against their policies, but they have no intention of changing them. Instead, some of them are changing themselves by pretending to be “different.” We will hear so many more of saying the same things, holding mostly to just one issue, and expressing their disagreement with it to get elected. Once elected, the real, full-fledged progressive’s stripes will show and we will be the worse for believing it.

  2. Gary

    You can tell when a Democrat is lying, because their lip are moving!!!

  3. marlene

    He’s lying big time!! He’s a democrat through and through who is doing what many desperate democrats do – pretend to go against dem policies in public while supporting them in secret. He wants us to believe that he’s “different’ than your usual democrat by suggesting he’s now an ‘independent’ knowing full well that independents can vote for either party. But I can almost guarantee that if people were stupid enough to vote for him they’d get a democrat for ALL intents and purposes. He figures he can’t get any votes as a straight democrat but this way, he can still get votes. This is why I believe he hasn’t thrown his hat in yet – not until the last minute, when he’s sure he’s fooled enough people to make it worthwhile.

  4. Robert Brown

    I guess Schultz isn’t paying attention when he says America doesn’t want Trump, President Trump will win in 2020 by a landslide, even with election fraud by the Democrats !

  5. Bob T. Uda

    This guy, Schultz, is one big dolt! He is not of presidential timber but is nothing but balsa wood. He is like a Demonrat “snake in the grass” trying to pull the wool over our eyes. The guy is nothing but a rich idiot–just like Mark Cuban–rich but stupid.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      But that’s OK because if he runs he will take votes from the Democrats…