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How the Nice Attack will Change the Gun Control Debate

How the Nice Attack will Change the Gun Control Debate

A single man killed more than 80 people in Nice, France Thursday when he drove a semi truck through more than a mile of crowded streets. This tragic incident proves that a criminal or terrorist does not need a gun to kill lots of people.

The Dems were quick to blame guns last month when a single terrorist killed more than 50 innocents in an Orlando nightclub, but how will they respond to the attack in Nice? The violence cannot be blamed on guns this time, and I guarantee the Dems won’t start an effort to ban semi trucks.

The Nice attack should prove to gun control advocates that banning guns is not going to stop terrorist attacks. Terrorists do not obey the laws, so banning guns will have no effect on their behavior. Instead of taking potentially deadly weapons away from everyone, we must put our efforts into identifying terrorists and stopping attacks before they happen. 

On top of that, it’s simply impossible to ban every object or tool that might allow a person to kill dozens of people. I have this thought every time I go through airport security and I see passengers forced to part with pocket knives, eyeglass repair kits, and other “deadly” items. A person’s two fists can be just as deadly as a knife if you know how to use them, but we aren’t going to force people to wear mittens in crowded areas. 

No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the Bastille Day attack. As the investigation continues, President Hollande has declared a 3-month, nationwide state of emergency. PB has speculated that the repeated terrorist attacks in France are designed to sow discord between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe, eventually leading to the mobilization of an insurgent force of frustrated Muslims. 

We can already see evidence of this plan through the reaction of National Front party leader Marine Le Pen, who has called for a “war against the scourge of Islamic fundamentalism.”


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