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House Speaker ‘Reluctantly’ Requests Impeachment Articles

House Speaker ‘Reluctantly’ Requests Impeachment Articles

On December 5th, 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially asked the chamber to move forward with articles of impeachment.

The announcement comes one day after a group of Democrat-invited law professors explained to the Judiciary Committee why Trump should be impeached.

“The facts are uncontested,” said Pelosi. “The President abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security” when he called the Ukrainian President this summer.

“The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution,” she continued. “The president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt, once again, the election for his own benefit.”

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham responded to the announcement by calling Pelosi out on her earlier comments that impeachment proceedings should be ‘prayerful and thoughtful.’ 

“I think this whole thing is a joke,” said Graham. “Mueller, I trusted – I don’t trust Schiff, I don’t trust Nadler to find the truth and the Speaker said it should be bipartisan, it should be prayerful, it should be thoughtful. So, what happened?”

Graham also criticized Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for subpoenaing other lawmakers’ phone records. “Now, none of us are above the law…but when we start looking into each other’s phone records and who we talk to that gets to be chaos and I will have no part of it.”

White House Press Sec. Stephanie Grisham responded to the announcement with a harshly-worded statement accusing Pelosi of ignoring the will of the American people to accomplish her own selfish goals.

“Democrats’ sham impeachment is a blatant, purely partisan attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election. By their own admission, Democrats say they have to ‘impeach the President’ because they cannot defeat him at the ballot box,’” wrote Grisham.

“How many Democrats will join her in driving right off the cliff with this illegitimate impeachment hoax? Speaker Pelosi’s instruction to advance this impeachment process – one that has violated every precedent – moves this country toward the most partisan and illegitimate subversion of the Constitution in our history.”

Early Thursday morning, President Trump urged House lawmakers to hurry up and vote on impeachment so the process can move to the GOP-controlled Senate:

“If you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the Senate, and so that our country can get back to business,” said Trump. “We will have Schiff, the Bidens, Pelosi, and many more testify, and will reveal, for the first time, how corrupt our system really is. I was elected to ‘clean the swamp’ and that’s what I am doing!”

Author’s Note: 

As I have written many times before, the Dems have been looking for an excuse to impeach Trump since the day he was elected.

Here’s what will happen: the House will vote to impeach, the Senate will hold a dramatic trial and vote not to convict. Everything will go back to the way it was and the Dems will have another chance to take the White House in November.

Editor’s Note:

Pelosi’s speech was cringeworthy, the hypocrisy unbearable.

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  1. Michael Briney

    Their is only two ways to shut up the evil mind and mouth of Nancy Pelosi: 1. The house to become Republican controlled once again or, 2. God to take Nancy Pelosi out.

  2. Pauline Kasper

    She claims to be a Catholic only when it’s for her own agenda! She favors abortion and contraception which are against Church teachings. I’m sure her pastor would like to have a little chat with her.

    • Kristin

      She also claims to be a replacement for God. She said “God is not needed. You can turn to the Democrats in the House & me.” How does that take you as far as her “reglious qualitiy” is concerned?

  3. Lynne

    Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the Catholic’s !!
    She is comes from a family of crime bosses.
    Trying to pretend she is As Holy as God is a slap in good Catholics faces.

  4. David Barron

    Pelosi has been corrupted by dementia. Schiff has been corrupted by the Clinton’s (who own him), power tripping, and limelight. Nader is just crazy as a hoot owl. The rest of the democratic gang such as Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Tliab, AOC, Abralms, are so corrupt they need to keep the corruption train running to finance their criminal activity. Others like Bernie Sanders, who also makes his living by just running for offices, are just nutty as a fruit cake and a danger to the USA. Criminal activity that we normally get sent to jail for is allowed by Congressional Standards and should be stopped by rule changes. Professional Politicians are as bad as the mob, leaders like Pelosi are as bad as Mob Bosses (which by the way is the roots of Nancy Pelosi from the largest most powerful Maryland Crime family). If America is going to survive Congress must change their own rules before attacking hard working Americans.

    • Joe S Bruder

      Maybe you should consider the possibility that Donald Trump is corrupt… He flat-out admitted (and supplied the evidence) that he wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, while holding up the aid to Ukraine. You think that all Democrats are corrupt, that all the media outlets are corrupt, that the 500 constitutional lawyers who say this is an impeachable offense, all the diplomats who said they thought it was wrong and/or illegal, the whistleblower who inititiated the complaint, the military officer who tried to report it up the chain of command, even the Republicans who are “troubled” – all of these people are wrong and only Trump is right? This is a cult at its worst.

      Maybe… just maybe… you should consider that Donald Trump, who has been openly lining his pockets since the beginning of his term (starting with his inauguration money, foreign government officials paying exorbitant prices at his DC hotel, golfing almost every weekend at Mar-a-loga where he pockets the money), might just be following his usual pattern of getting services for free. You can demonize the whole world, or you can take a step back and see that the whole world is calling Trump out on his criminal behavior.

      • Knock knock

        How is it corrupt to openly ask the people who know whether our vice president did something corrupt, and to bring it out in the open if he did. That is the opposite of corrupt. Corruption is to stop them from telling us.

      • Knock knock

        Haha, and that hotel business is just pocket change. Especially when you compare it to the deals the Biden’s have in the Ukraine! Good grief, really? Joe, Coe on man… it isn’t the whole world, it’s only the liberal democrats who want him out of office. And yes there are a whole lot of corrupt politicians working together toward that end.

      • David Barron

        One question: Did Joe Biden influence the Gas company in the Ukraine to them to hire his son? Joe Biden bragged about withholding aid until the corrupt prosecutor was removed from office. Is it the Presidents responsibility to seek out injustices, illegal actions, and corruption within our own government and expose it? Are the Democrats afraid of a Ukrainian investigation?

      • David Barron

        Anyone can make accusations. I could say your are rapist and you have committed murder but where is the proof? I want to see the proof, not what the news media put our or what the Democrats, republicans, or communist/socialist university professors say because they too have not seen the proof. SHOW me the proof!

  5. Keith Ricklefs

    Whoever reads this don’t dismay. Remember all of us to pray for the situation and let God take control of it. When it is a situation like this it needs God to intervene. The rest of us are just wind to the Democrats. Please pray and let the Almighty God take care of situation and that Trump goes on as President.

  6. Keith Ricklefs

    Please pray for the situation for this is the job for Jesus for it is so disgusting and hateful. Thanks for any prayers given.

  7. Robert L. Kahlcke

    Hey you FAT OLD COW, you are a HATER, get the FU__ out of MY HOUSE.

  8. Dennis Wall

    It is my honest opinion that Nancy Pelosi suffers from ‘Wet Brain’!
    What Complications Can Occur from ‘Wet Brain’?
    In addition to the potential for death or coma, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome AKA, ‘Wet Brain’, leads to permanent damage to the brain, which affects a person’s memory and thinking skills. A person may have difficulty with social and person interactions. The loss of coordination and issues with gait associated with the disorder can lead to injuries.
    Those who have the condition can develop permanent alcohol neuropathy, which affects the nervous system. People with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, ‘Wet Brain’, tend to have decreased lifespans. Another words… She’s living on borrowed time!

  9. David Barron

    Does what the Democrats are currently doing constitute as Sedition?

  10. Reno Saia

    My humble request for being so ignorant about the current farse of impeachment ” what did Mr. Trump do that is corrupting the political voting system of the USA, and why is an imposter? The Russians The
    Ukrainians or any foreign country never told, or influence, me how to vote for a USA candidate. I have being
    voting in the USA for the last seventy years. How in the H. did these foreign countries put mr. Trump in the
    Oval office is My question. R. Saia.

  11. Kurt Walker

    I don’t believe congress will vote on impeachment. I believe they will drag this out as long as they possibly can because the senate just “ain’t gonna buy it” and they know it. This has been the worst two ring political circus in history. I say two ring because they can’t even qualify for the third ring.

  12. Keith Sweet

    I fully believe Mr.Trump is the best President our country will ever have. I know I have been watched by a this country go to Hell for many years. They hate him because he was put here by God to give our great nation one more chance! They want do to him like they tried to do to Jesus, they tried to destroy Him. With Mr. Trump we will be great again! But their are thousands that want Satan, but read Revelations it tells the final story.

  13. Keith Sweet

    Keith Sweet 1 min ago
    I fully believe Mr.Trump is the best President our country will ever have. I know I have been watched this country go to Hell for many years. They hate him because he was put here by God to give our great nation one more chance! They want to destroy him like they tried with Jesus. With Mr. Trump will make America great again! But their are millions that want Satan, but read Revelations it tells the final story.

  14. joe g

    What a hypocritical pos. After the vote she is smiling from ear to ear. Then she comes out in a black dress like being at a funeral. At first I thought it was not appropriate. However now understanding that this is the end for her and the domonicRAT party it is SO SO fitting.

  15. John Barnett

    No more witnesses The democrats impeached the President. On what they submitted senate needs to review. What they submitted nothing else period and make a determination. Duh