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House Republicans finally get it right

House Republicans finally get it right

Despite the Democrats and their media flunkies going on a full-scale demonization of the new House Speaker Mike Johnson, it appears to me that the GOP has found the right guy for the moment.

Democrats claim that Johnson is some sort of maniacal rightwing extremist.  In reality, he is a rock-solid principled conservative – which those on the left see as … a  maniacal rightwing extremist.  He is called an election denier for his efforts to secure recounts in the 2020 election – and his vote to not certify the results of the Electoral College vote.  He certainly had concerns about the vote count at the time – but nothing he did was illegal, unconstitutional, or out of line with actions taken by political operatives in past elections.

What struck me most about Johnson was his Reagan-esque quality.  Even CNN’s Chuck Todd – who never met a conservative he would not attack – described Johnson as having a pleasant personality – not given to the harsh crossfire rhetoric that has come to characterize modern political discourse.  Todd went on to say that Johnson is able to address controversial issues convincingly and without acrimony. 

While he is firm in his beliefs, he respects the opinions of others. That means he can be a unifier for the House Republicans and an effective negotiator with Democrats.

Considering the chaotic process that ended the speakership of Kevin McCarty – and doomed the elections of four more prominent candidates for Speaker – Johnson received a strong mandate from House Republicans by winning the speakership by a unanimous vote – something that did not happen for a Republican since the election of Speaker John Boehner in 2011.

While he is called an “extremist” – even an “uber extremist” by MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski – Johnson’s beliefs and principles are shared by at least half of the American public.  He itemized them in his speech as Individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise, strong national defense, traditional values, rule-of-law and American exceptionalism.  He called them both conservative values and basic American values – although I fear some on the left do not embrace them.

Still … it was important that he remind the people of his and millions of American’s core values.  They are the foundation upon which issues are examined and policies determined.

Johnson declared that the House is “back in business.”  While critics see the manner in which the Speaker’s chair was vacated and eventually filled as an indication of dysfunction, and will make it harder – even impossible in the judgment of some critics – to maintain control of the House after the 2024 elections.

More likely, serious issues and unanticipated events will put this temporary tempest in a teapot into the political rearview mirror.  Johnson’s leadership – and the performance of the Republican majority – will be judged on that happens in the future.  And the change of Speaker will not be on the minds of voters heading to the polls in a year from now.

Like Reagan before him, Johnson has strong beliefs but pursues them without rancor.  Also, like Reagan, Johnson is a very effective public communicator – something McCarthy lacked.

As did Reagan, Johnson seems to understand that beliefs—no matter how strongly held – need to be tempered in the negotiating process.  Winning 80 percent is better than losing 100 percent.  He demonstrated this in his comments directed to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries – saying that despite disagreements on policy, they can work together for the benefit of the American people.

In the spirit that no one gets everything they want, I have my one issue disagreement with the new Speaker.  He has previously opposed more money for Ukraine.  I believe that is a huge mistake.  But … based on his pledge to not operate as an authoritarian Speaker, who might refuse to bring such important issues to the floor, I trust that the aid will get a vote and be approved by Congress.

As the months go by, I suspect that – like Reagan – Johnson will become more and more popular with the people despite the left’s efforts to demonize him. 

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    We might have a real winner with the new speaker Johnson. It’s great to know that MAGA is still alive. The idiots on the left treat the movement like criminal activity. So rock on republicans. Let’s smear it in their faces

    • Tom

      Dan your comment is exactly why this Independent/unaffiliated voter would never join the current GOP. “Lets smear it in their faces.” says it all! You have no idea how offensive you are. I seriously doubt that your new speaker would agree with your comment.

  2. andy

    Quoted from X:

    “The leader of the House GOP is anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-diversity, anti separation of church and state, anti LGBTQ, anti Roe v. Wade, anti-science, anti gun reform and anti do anything about climate change. The GOP just chose a christian nationalist to lead them.”


    This does not bode well for successful government.

    • Joe lucas

      So get the hell out of the country asshole. You puke bag libturds are the real problem. We’re taking our country back. Roe v baby murder was never constitutional. We don’t need permission to express our faith for or against. Climate change is a natural thing. And you bastards don’t get to reform our gun. Want my guns? Come and take them. It can be done. But be careful. The barrels will be hot. So stfu and stay out of our way. I’m damned tired of you Marxist pricks sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Try sticking it in your ass.

      • frank stetson

        Joe, your vitriol is telling. It’s bespeaks of a frustration and weakness that can only be resolved through a firestorm rant of name calling and impossible demands. We are not leaving. You can be tired of anything you want, we are not changing. Cherish you gun, it’s your right, but don’t parade it in front of us as a threat. We are not afraid of weak, frustrated, little men. We live in a land governed by the rule of law. Laws as defined by man, both parties.

        Momma used to say: if you can’t say something nice….. Instead, perhaps just say something instead of this nothingness.

        • Tom

          I agree Frank! We are not going away because of the threats of weak minded little men. Larry’s form of conservatism really takes it on the chin when guys like Dan’s “Lets smear it in their faces.” and Joe’s, “So get the hell out of the country asshole.” and “So stfu and stay out of our way. I’m damned tired of you Marxist pricks sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Try sticking it in your ass.” write these kind of comments. I know it makes this Independent back off and not look at the GOP.

          I hope Larry will give a conservative response to Dan and Joe’s repulsive comments.

          • frank stetson

            Tom, I hope you are not referring to NJ as “the country asshole.” We prefer armpit of the nation :>)

      • Tom

        Joe, your comment and Dan’s are the reason I am registered Independent, and not registered GOP. Your comments are very unAmerican and very embarrassing. Like Dan, you do not realize how offensive you really are. In your case, your comments do reveal that you are in serious need of anger management classes.

    • larry Horist

      Andy … Of course, you exaggerate for partisan reasons. But it makes you souring angry, anti-religion, anti-Republican, anti-conservative, anti-truth, anti-common sense, anti-objectivity, anti-Constitution, and very pro-talkingpoint propaganda. I do not agree with all the new Speaker’s persoanl beliefs, but on the whole, he is right on the larger issues of governance — and is VERY pro-democracy.

    • Tom

      On this one I agree with you Andy. It is possible that Larry was touching himself when he wrote this piece. It seems that he forgot all of the “anti’s” that he previously wrote that 70% are in favor of like LGBTQ, Public supports abortion with limits, reasonable climate change efforts, and some measure of gun control as the American public is sick and tired of the shootings. Larry has previously written that 70% public favor-ability of LGBTQ. He wrote that abortion is the number one issue and that GOP will have a tough time winning without some form of abortion with limits. He wrote volumes about gun control and Americans being tired of shootings. So I am not sure where he is getting his high numbers of acceptability from since he does not cite resources.

      I blog on a site called Catholic Vote. They were all high on the speaker as God’s answer to the Catholic Church. It was like a heavenly feeding frenzie!!! So your point about Christofacism is well taken. Many Catholics on the site feel that Catholics that are elected officials should vote their Catholic values. Essentially the government should be an extension of the Catholic Church. Here is a sample of the many comments like this:

      Raymond: “Thanks to God and our prayers Mike has it. God speed Mike and good luck and ask God before you react with everything our government is throwing at the American people. Maybe just maybe more Americans are asking God for help.”

      MrRightWingDave writes: Very pleased with this choice! Not a Catholic, but nobody’s perfect. 😉 I’ll take an Evangelical Christian who takes his faith seriously than a Catholic who doesn’t, any day of the week.

      I (Tom) WROTE: I do not think you know how our government works. IT is a representative form of government. So elected officials have to represent everyone, whether or not a person voted for them is irrelevant. Elected officials are not there to promote, support, and defend the Catholic agenda. Otherwise that would make us a Theocracy instead of a Democracy. Our government would not be by the consent of the governed, it would be by the consent of the Catholic infrastructure and become nothing more than an extension of the Catholic Church.

      Rodger writes: Your comment, however, would seem to argue that a Catholic citizen should feel no desire to reconcile their views with the Church and/or no will to influence the society at large most importantly their representative in Congress. You will not get many people to agree with that view if that’s what you meant to say. Yes we are not a “Theocracy” but we are also not a group that ignores a Catholic worldview in discerning government policy and influencing our representatives to take pro-Catholic positions. You seem to be arguing for the latter.

      So your point about Christofacism is well taken. I am a Christian but do not advocate Christofacism. Jesus and John the Baptist said our hearts must change. They did not advocate changing the government. So I do not advocate moving from Democracy to Theocracy or farther right to Christofacism.

      • Joe lucas

        Catholic is a cult

  3. joeyP

    This is called SPIRITUAL warfare where evil COLLIDES with what is RIGHT . . . and LOSES.

    • andy

      Which is why the right is going to be on the losing end of this battle. You can see that they know this, it’s why they are so angry all the time. People who are confident do not have to get angry.

      • larry Horist

        Andy … that is a funny response from a guy who gave a rather angry initial response above….lol

        • Tom

          Larry, I read Andy’s response and did not see it as angry. He was quoting what was on X. And his assessment, as much as you may not like it, is correct in suggesting “Christofacism”. Read some of what CatholicVote responses are that I listed. It is very close to if not spot on Christofacism. This concerns me because it does not portray Jesus Christ or his method. It seriously taints the body of Christ! You have said you are not a religious person so I am not sure that you can comprehend the depth of their offenses. Their comments also taint the “good conservatives” like you which I think you are even when we disagree.

        • andy

          I define angry as name calling and insults. I notice the right, when it cannot respond with logic uses extreme name calling and maximum insulting language. They do this because their egos are weak and perceive everyone is out to get them. Trump is the outstanding example of this, which is why so many on the right love the guy.

          I almost voted for Trump in 2016. I didn’t because one of my brothers told me he would disown me if i did. In retrospect I’m glad I did not vote for Trump. My reasoning was the system would tone down Trump’s baser instincts. Was I every WRONG!!!

          • Tom

            I am sorry you had to listen to your brother tell you that you would be disowned. Family should not disown each other for any reason. Tolerance and guidance is much better if you are playing the long game. I agree, the system did not tone down Trump. The 2016 election win only emboldened him and further divided us all.

          • Joe lucas

            Your brother is probably a fag

          • frank stetson

            Joe speaking from first-hand experience. Bravo young man for coming out.

      • Robert card

        We are angry about what your crowd wants for our country. And we are going to resist any way possible. If you assholes want our kids, guns or any of our liberties bring it on. It’s a damned disgrace how people have been afraid to speak up. They used to call it political correctness. I don’t know what it’s called now. I guess woke could apply. The left doesn’t use fair tactics but try to constantly throw out the race card and shout homophobia. And then treat Israel like shit. Just saying. You people don’t get to decide what we do. Not gonna happen. People are showing you when it comes to the stupid electric cars. Lol. I would rather have climate change than put up with that shit. I love my carbon footprint.

        • andy

          I’m not on the left. In some ways I’m probably more conservative than 90% of the so-called conservatives out there. I do not want to take away your kids, your guns or your liberties.

          I’m an independent.

          My son was born because I refused my ultra conservative father-in-law’s advice to terminate my wife’s pregnancy, for mental health reasons. My wife was a paranoid schizophrenic. I understood his concern, but respectfully disagreed.

          Our marriage lasted 7 years, way longer than everyone predicted. We did have to give our son up for adoption as neither of us was in a position to raise him. He now lives in the same city I’m in.

    • Tom

      Yes joeyP, you are correct in your assessment that this is spiritual warfare. Apostle Paul writes that “We do not battle among the flesh but battle in the heavenlies, for the mind.” Evil has so influenced these super hard right folks that they are so correct that the super hard right folks are doing the job of evil to divide us, and in the process, they are condemning and judgemental as well as using vulgarities to describe those that were made in God’s image but disagree with their super hard right views. When we use vulgarities to describe a person, we are insulting God since we are made in God’s image – but the super hard right do not realize this nor do they see it as sin. Sad.

      Being an Independent / Unaffiliated voter allows me to take positions issue by issue that I hope promote societal wellness, grace, peace, mercy, compassion, and do the most good for the most people without allegiance to any full party agenda or the bashing one takes when not falling in line with party views.

  4. AC

    Last I knew, America is still a democracy and our Constitution remains intact even after a changing of the guard in the zHouse. Larry himself commented, he did not get all he wanted in Mike Johnson as Speaker. Neither am I, as an independent voter not affiliated with either Party, thinking Rep.Mike Johnson is the right person.
    That the Republican Caucus selected, nominated, elected him in very short order and with general consent, in my mind, raises a questioning eye brow and concern. How does a relatively unknown individual come to the front and best previous contenders with such swift dispatch? It’s puzzling on the surface.
    Below, under the first impression, lays the reasons Johnson became the quick sale. His voting record, election result denial, Republican style conservatism, to name a few. And, how he comes across under questioning does it impress as to if he can or will negotiate reasonably.
    That someone on this blog attached the MAGA label to Johnson is defining and discouraging. MAGA and Trump are inseparably intertwined as Trump’s Brand.
    Johnson’s lighting rise from nowhere to assume the Speaker’s chair is undoubtedly under Trump’s direction.
    My take on the events surrounding the Speaker position in January at this session’s inauguration and Republicans being in majority regained leadership. Yet, delivered no evidence of leadership ability for the task. Primarily, they’re dithering in managing to place a House Speaker wasted valuable in renewable time resources the whole country saw live. Weakness in leadership was and is made evident these 10 months into this Congress. Go figure , the Speaker position debacle never settled, again, presents front and center
    What we have is a leadership vacuum and no Republican Party recognized and assumed party qualified individual willingly submitting to critical scrutiny like a ballot vote. Excepting that the House Republicans’ usual suspects whose power courting vanities require dispensing with first. Then, motivated by wheel spinning frustration Republicans seek traction in the unlikeliest person present among their caucus mates.
    Mike Johnson of Luisiana, who knew this dark horse would step into the bright light and win on a single ballot. Over night he became a household name stimulating a google surge on Mike Johnson. Do you realize how many Mike Johnsons pop up in the search?
    Whether or not this Mike Johnson has the right stuff for Speaker will be seen soon. Much requires work in the House. Republican driven hijinks produced more backlog adding to the legislative logjam Kevin left behind.
    One might opine, time will tell or we’ll know in time if Speaker Johnson can walk his talk. Seriously? Time is short on some things, while urgency screams “now” regarding burning issues on going in hand
    Election prognosticators have indicated the past month, at least, most probably will negatively impact Republican prospects in November 2024. Truth be told, the coming year may negatively impact this country’s democratic style governance. Election 2024 could be when restive emotions break loose. Lax weapons regulations since America’s founding could bite as never witnessed other than in a declared war and on an active battlefield. As culture in this country has become a tender box. The strongest safety guards on society have worn away by abuse and not been repaired.

    • Tom

      As an Independent / Unaffiliated voter, I agree AC. Johnson’s meteoric rise in the mid night puzzles and concerns me as well. When I step back and look. and read, I read that Johnson was a member of the Freedom Caucus which seems to be a group of about 20 to 40. Johnson says he’s not in favor of shut downs, yet, it was the 8 or so Freedom Caucus members that were the big Republican problem in the past few weeks and also caused 15 votes for the previous speaker. My view is that Johnson will pander to the Freedom Caucus demands. As far as the other more moderate (often called RINOs) Republicans, I think it was a combination of weariness of the struggle combined with getting what they most wanted that caused them to vote for Johnson. I am not convinced that they actually were hip hip hooray in favor of Johnson. And this brings me to my last point, that rather than take care of the Freedom Caucus which has been causing instability, Republicans white washed the problem before the news could even break his name! They knew it would not be long and if they caused a budget crisis, they would be remembered. So moderates in fear of their own tight 2024 elections caved on the issue of the Freedom Caucus. My gut says that the GOP has turned hard right, closer to Trump. This will bring out the GOP loyal Trump base but could fall far short in a general election because of we Independents. We are now the largest voting block but the Freedom Caucus does not care. If this pivot to Trump is the case, I will vote Dem for federal offices to get this speaker removed. But as many of us Independents, I will wait and see.

  5. Darren

    I have said it before, if you are an actual Independent, YOU SHOULD BE VOTING FOR TRUMP!
    He is no friend of actual republicans, Actual republicans are all RINOS. And actual Democrates are all DINOS.
    They all do what their counter parts want them to do as so BOTH can BILK money from the American people.
    MAGA was a name created by Democrates just for this reason, so you can lable people.
    MAGA is another name given to those who do not like conventional political names. ( INDEPENDENTS )
    Had Biden or Palosie called MAGA INDEPENDENTS, You would be affended.
    Instead they create Maga and most independents just do not realize this was done on purpose to isolate Trump voters from
    any individual not decided on Politics.
    Wake up you so called Independents, get you head out of your rears and realize YOU ARE MAGA, unless the Democrates have you by the balls!

    • Tom

      You do not understand we Independents/Unaffiliated voters at all, period. Nor do you know the origin of the term MAGA. You are misinforming with your post!

      Now let me inform your misinformation about MAGA.

      MAGA was popularized by Trump but he was not the first to use it. Used by Ronald Reagan as a campaign slogan in his 1980 presidential campaign, it has since been described as a loaded phrase. Multiple journalists, scholars, and commentators have called the slogan racist, regarding it as dog-whistle politics and coded language. Before Reagan, it was used by Republican Goldwater who was known as “The Grand Old Man of the Republican Party” in his 1960’s failed campaign. Before Goldwater it was used by Alexander Wiley who was the GOP senior member in the 1940 presidential election where they lost to Dem Roosevelt. Now for balance sake, during the 2016 electoral campaign, Clinton suggested that Trump’s version of MAGA, used as a campaign rallying cry, was a message to white Southerners that Trump was promising to “give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and … move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down.” Dems did not invent the term MAGA. Clinton is his 1991 presidential announcement speech. In a campaign stop almost a year later, he called on voters “to make America great again economically, educationally, and socially.”

      Trump claimed he invented the phrase. He did not!! But many fools still believe he did. So there you have it. I bet Larry can tell all about where MAGA came from!

      • Darren

        Just one question, so you have NO desire to see America Great Again. Or in a phrase you do not get feathers ruffeld,
        you have NO desire to see america Thryv Again?
        Because if as an Independent you voted for Biden, you are an Idiot! Period.
        If I were to meet you some day, I would like you to trade your $100 for my $50.
        Bidenomics Baby, assuming you did not vote tor Trump. And I would take that bet as well.

        • andy

          Why does the right always assume the worst, or put words into people’s mouths that are not there?

        • Tom

          Darren, I appreciate your question. But first lets acknowledge that you did not know what you were talking about when you said that Dems created that tagline “Make America Great Again”. It would be great if you would apologize for your ignorance and misinformation spreading!

          You and I have a different version of what “great” means. Your “America Great Again” appears to be based on Trumpism which includes intolerance, racism, economic disparity where you are at the top, etc. This is not great. Your version of great is about being able to as you say, “Smear it in their faces”. This is not great. Your version of great seems to include calling others that do not agree with you very nasty names. This is not great. Your version of great does not include understanding and compromising with the other side. This is not great. Your version of great includes intolerance. This is not great.

          My version of great is more inclusive. I want all to benefit from the greatness of this country and to truly have equal opportunity. I do not want name calling, I want uplifting each other. I do not want to smear things in people’s faces, I want to see smiles on their faces. My version of great includes tolerance, mercy, communication, compassion, forbearance, and no racism. No shutting up others, instead listen to them – you just might learn something!

          As a Vietnam Era Veteran, I know and experienced this nations greatness, and I remember it. I still think we are great so in my view, the word “again” need not be said.

          I hope one day you will learn what greatness really is. Humility is greatness. Try it sometime! Whip your bible out sometime, since all conservatives have one, and read Matthew, the beatitudes in Matthew Chapter 5.. This is a description of great!

  6. andy


    Trump is the ultimate BILKER!

    In 50 plus years of business the number of people who have done work for him that he has bilked out of payment is legion.

    He even tried to bilk Ukraine out of a congressionally-mandated $400 million military aid package while he was President.

  7. frank stetson

    “It is possible that Larry was touching himself when he wrote this piece.’ Coffee spew alert, may need new PC. Great tinds mhink a lot….. and a 1 and a 2 and here we go…..

    “Fortune favors the bold,” I think someone is putting the cart before the Horist who seems a bit in front of his headlights to be equivocating Johnson with Reagan. He may have misheard the words as “Hard on liner Johnson erected to speaker” and gotten excited :>) Fact is he’s here, he’s not queer, but we don’t know much else.

    Johnson is a four term Congressional back bencher with little exposure to the House or the National Stage and has a Magarat reputation in his actions. Johnson came to power in 2016 in the Maga wave and he has held true to that course. HOWEVER, unlike Horist, I will withhold my judgement until the gavel comes down.

    Before he ascended to Congress he was known for his support of covenant marriage, available in LO, AR and AZ. Not sure you can marry your daughter yet though. He worked to make gay sex criminal although not sure how he planned to catch them… and wrote an amicus comedy sketch brief for the Supremes well worth reading. He defended the sports chaplaincy program at LSU because it’s a secular nation (irony alert). He supported a legal case forcing workers to pledge to creationist theory in order to retain their job.

    I do not know about “maniacal,” but Johnson IS a right-wing extremist by his own words and actions. He is NOT a “rock-solid principled conservative” unless you believe Trumplicants are.

    He IS an election denier and the claim that it’s legal stinks to high heaven. Many a wrong thing is legal, that’s just poor logic to assume legal is always defined as good. The fact that someone, somewhere, at some other time did something similar does not make it better, just legal.

    Suddenly, not baying at the moon and screaming like MTG, Jordan, or the rest of the deplorables is Reagan-esque? Oh please. That’s as silly, IMO, as Chuck Todd “attacking” a conservative. Love to see the source supporting that claim. Chuck is pretty tame.

    I would agree Johnson is an even-tempered man not given to hysterics which may look Reagan-esque in the Maga crowd in comparison. But it’s early. There’s many an even-tempered man that is not Reagan and many a calm personality that went bonkers in the Congressional arena which is a blood sport. And that it naturally leads to a non-acrimonious discussion takes two to begin with, so not a given either. But his record …. speaks differently as to he might actually be.

    Mandate? Why did the other guy back down? Death threats maybe? Not wanting to live a life of 24/7 security? Did they vote for this guy out of support, fear, exhaustion, or all of the above? Whatever. He’s here. Trump blessed him and that’s good enough to be speaker. Yeah, right. NIMBook.

    So, what’s the record. Beyond Horist’s flag raising generalities about truth, justice, and the American way of “core values.” (I gotta get me that list.) that fit a preponderance of the House, what has he actually said and done. Very little actually, and less that I would deem good. It is legal though :>)

    Four terms, that’s young, but he’s been there, he should know the show.

    “Like Reagan before him, Johnson has strong beliefs but pursues them without rancor.” Source please.

    “Also, like Reagan, Johnson is a very effective public communicator – something McCarthy lacked.” Again, source please because an acceptance speech is like listening to beauty contest speakers tell us about solving world hunger, either party.
    “Johnson seems to understand that beliefs—no matter how strongly held – need to be tempered in the negotiating process.” Again, source because I always say paper does not refuse ink and the air does not refuse sound. Talk is nice, but talk is cheap.

    “He has previously opposed more money for Ukraine. I believe that is a huge mistake.” And that’s a fact. It’s a huge mistake.

    Johnson is not just an election denier, but a leader in the effort to toss the election. If he believes The Big Lie, what other lies does he embrace. He was a leader recruiting House Republicans to join his legal brief for his lawsuit that sought to overthrow the 2020 election. He is a leader in the fight to have Congress overturn the election. As time goes by, this becomes a more egregious mistake as the guilty pleas come down and the truth is adjudicated as to who tried to cheat and rig the 2020 election. It appears Johnson was soft on this issue.

    He is an evangelical Christian and we had to bear umpteen scripture shout outs just in his acceptance speech. I don’t mind a little “in God we trust,” but the House is not a Church and we are a secular nation, according to the Founders and the Constitution.

    He is against abortion rights. He’s against gays and gay marriage. Johnson sponsored legislation barring even discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity for federally funded institutions for kids under 10. He supports a national abortion ban. He co-sponsored a 20-week abortion ban. Abortion is illegal in LO so how effective is he? Folks can agree with some of this, but gays exist and gay marriage is legal in many States. So, to block federally funded institutions from even mentioning the word “gay” seems like putting you head in the sand.

    He may be Horist’s pick for a Reagan clone, but IMO, we’re in for more fun times. Again, I will hold my final thought until the gavel bangs a few times. I am pretty sure we are in for more huff and puff but very little stuff.

    • Tom

      I fully agree Frank. Hey I like the ” I am pretty sure we are in for more huff and puff but very little stuff.” Very nice touch! :>) My gut says you are correct and Johnson will soon show his colors. I agree, sermons are for church, not the House. Sorry about the coffee spill buddy! Talk is cheap, thanks ATT for the slogan even if you can’t supply good comm. We love the death star anyway!!! Great post Frank!