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House Report on Benghazi will Emerge Before the Democratic Convention

House Report on Benghazi will Emerge Before the Democratic Convention

It has been more than two years since a special committee within the House of Representatives began to delve into the events surrounding the suspicious attack in Benghazi to discover whether or not the horrific event could really be blamed on Clinton. With the national conventions drawing near, there has never been more pressure to get that report finished and released to the public. 

Four Americans were killed on the evening of September 11th, 2012 when terrorists raided an embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The suspicious attacks have largely been blamed on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for security oversights and general incompetence. 

This week, South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy promised MSNBC’s Chuck Todd the report would be out within the month – but it might not be complete.  

“We’re going to get the report out – it will be in the next month,” he said. “And then I’ll let the readers know: This is what we’re missing, these are the agencies that haven’t produced it to us, and if witnesses come forward after the publication of our report, I’ll let the readers know that.”

Gowdy agreed with his host that the committee owes it to American voters to release the Benghazi report before the national conventions this summer, when both parties will meet to announce the presidential tickets and discuss future agendas. 


As Punching Bag Post has reported numerous times during the past year, there’s no doubt that Hillary’s homebrew server was accessible to our enemies. The information contained therein could easily have given our enemies everything they needed to know to carry out the attacks. Furthermore, there is undeniable evidence that “someone” in the White House stopped potential rescuers from saving those four Americans during the attacks…

Media reports have said that Special Forces units were within striking range and could have been in time to save lives.  Other reports have said a C-130 was flying close by with the ability to target forces firing on our people. Our guys had it “painted” with a targeting laser, but they were not allowed to shoot.  If true, the timidity of the Obama Administration caused as least some of those deaths.

Democrats assume the delay is part of a strategy to discredit Hillary Clinton, but Gowdy says the committee is having trouble acquiring the necessary documents and in fact had planned to finish the report by the end of 2015.  

“Benghazi still falls into three categories,” said Gowdy. “Why were we there, and whether or not the facility was sufficiently secure. What happened during the pendency of the attacks? And whether or not the American people were leveled with in the aftermath.” 

The report will contain information pertaining to all of those questions, and transcripts will be available to the public. “I don’t want you to take my word for it,” said Gowdy. “I want you to read it for yourself, and you can draw whatever conclusions you want to draw.” But what conclusions are the American people to draw from an incomplete report? 

We have had proof that the Obama administration lied about the cause of these attacks, in Hillary’s own emails, it was never about a video on youtube. 

Despite this and the email scandal that has led many to question her common sense, leadership capacity, and loyalty to the American people, that same woman is now our leading candidate for the presidency. 

Hillary Clinton should not be running for president. She should be behind bars.

Editor’s note:  As a former intelligence officer, we frequently traveled to dangerous places and risked our lives, knowing if we got into trouble our Agency would move heaven and earth to get us home.  We never had a doubt. And in situations I have seen, it was clear we never had a reason to doubt.

My biggest problem with Hillary Clinton’s response to this situation was that she had people being killed and did not do what she could to save them. She should have been camped out in her situation room, and on the phone with EVERYONE trying to move resources. The “3am call” from her 2008 campaign commercials came and she failed, miserably. 

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