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HORIST: Why are so many Jews liberal Democrats?

HORIST: Why are so many Jews liberal Democrats?

I tend to be the opposite of an anti-Semite.  I love Jews.  I briefly dated a Jewish girl in high school.  My first close relationship with one of those iconic New York Jews was my college roommate, a guy who was among my dearest friends until his much-to-early passing.  I maintain a wonderful relationship with his brother – another New York Jewish Democrat who currently resides in Maine.  Then there is a dear lady friend here in Florida – yet another New York Jewish Democrat.

When I wanted to leave the confining culture of a sales job with the telephone company for a job in public relations, i was given the chance in two successive jobs with agencies run by Jewish businessmen.

For a time here in Florida, I participated in a weekly discussion group in which I was virtually the only gentile.  Most of them were New York liberal Democrat Jews — although I did have a couple of conservative allies.  It was two hours a great discussion followed by lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.  I regularly speak before a Jewish women’s group.

If you like a sense of humor as much as I do, you have to love all those great Jewish comedians – the old timers like Jack Benny, George Burns, Victor Borge and Rodney Dangerfield, and the more contemporary performers like Sacha Baron Cohen, the team of Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, and Jerry Seinfeld.  And the list goes on … and on … and on.

Jews are among the most generous people in the world.  When I ran the City Club of Chicago, I made it a practice to honor a Jewish business leader as “Man (or Woman) of the Year” every other year.  In those years, I never worried about ticket sales or contributions.  Pragmatically, I would have liked to honor a Jewish leader every year, but the City Club was a broad-based community organization and my strategy might have been too obvious.

I also liked their attitude about fundraising.  No pretense.  In one case, I was in the office of my dinner chairman when another top Jewish leader was invited in to be told he would be the Israel Bond Man-of-the-Year.  The gentleman was on the verge of weeping.  “I do not deserve such an honor.”  At which time our host said, “Of course you don’t.  We’re doing it for the money and I assume you will kick it off with a big donation.”

On another occasion, I was in the office of yet another prominent Jewish business leader to invite him to be the City Club Man-of-the-Year awardee.  “Larry, I need another award like I need a hole in the head,” he said pointing to a wall covered in plaques and certificates  My heart sank, but then he continued “ … but if you need the money, I’ll do it.”

Since my entire life has been filled with positive relationships with Jews, I have never understood the anti-Semitic animosity.  The mass killing at the Tree of Life Temple saddened me deeply.  Those were people like my beloved college roommate and his brother.  That hot girl in high school.  And the man who gave me my first breaks in the public communication business.  Religious violence of any kind never made any sense to me.

Conversely, I have never understood why so many Jews are liberal Democrats.  Is it because they have historically been more concentrated in the major cities run by Democrat machines?  That does not seem to be a sufficient explanation.

The Democratic Party has not been kind to Jews for a long time – and especially not now.  Franklin Roosevelt was not only a racist, but an anti-Semite.  In one of the most inhumane acts of anti-Semitism, FDR turned back a shipload of Jewish refugees escaping the horrors of Nazi Germany.

In terms of presidential support for Israel, Republicans stand out – specifically Ronald Reagan, the Bush duo and Donald Trump.  The most unfriendly president was Barack Obama, who weakened America’s support for Israel in a number of ways.  His pro-Arab policies – especially in terms of the Shiites – were obvious and troublesome.  He entered into an Iran Deal that was dangerous to the future of Israel and strongly opposed by Israeli President Netanyahu, most Americans and most members of Congress – and the vast majority of Jewish-Americans.

While Jews have been strong on the general issue of civil rights, there has been an undercurrent of anti-Semitism within certain factions of black leadership.  This was evident to me during my days of political and civic involvement in Chicago.

The Kenwood region of Chicago – in which Obama had served as a community organizer – was rife with anti-Israel black sentiment.  In addition to Obama, Kenwood was the home and headquarters of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan – whose open hostility to Jews was legendary.  He refers to Jews as Satans.  “You should learn to call them [Jews] by their real name, ‘Satan.’ You’re coming face to face with Satan, the Arch Deceiver, the enemy of God, and the enemy of the righteous.” Farrakhan and his followers are virtually all Democrats.

A number of the Kenwood community’s black leaders were not only pro-Arab, but they traveled to the Middle East under the sponsorship of such terrorist despots as Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi – and spread anti-Israel propaganda in the community.

While Republicans consistently condemned Farrakhan, Democrats were less willing to do so.  In fact, many Democrats were not even secretive about their close relationship with Farrakhan. Farrakhan’s acceptance by Democrat leaders is found in photographs of the anti-Semitic leader with Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and even President Bill Clinton. is seen in a smiling and friendly pose with the anti-Semitic leader.

Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison confirmed that he had once worked with Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam for a year and a half.  Ellison later publicly disavowed Farrakhan’s hateful rhetoric, but he did not end his association with him.  Ellison was a table partner of Farrakhan at a private dinner following the first UN speech by the new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  At a later date, Farrakhan reported on a meeting in his hotel suite with Ellison and fellow black Muslim Democrat Congressman Andre Carson, of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Despite his association with Farrakhan, the Democratic National Committee made Ellison their “co-chairman” after his defeat for the top post by Tom Perez – another progressive Democrat of dubious support for America’s most critical ally in the Middle East.  Since then, Democrats have elected Ellison as the Attorney General of Minnesota in the face of spousal abuse charges.

His accuser, with more evidence than Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was NOT believed by the top leaders of the #MeToo Movement – which include anti-Semitic activists Linda Sarsour – who the Times of Israel describes as an anti-Semitic terrorist — and Tamika Mallory – a member of the Nation of Islam and outspoken defender of Farrakhan.

Replacing Ellison in Congress is Democrat Ilhan Omar, one of two Muslim women to share the title of the first women of their background to be elected to Congress. The other being Rashida Tlaib, of Michigan.  During a campaign appearance at a Jewish temple, Omar promised to be even-handed in dealing with Israel-Palestine issues and her opposition to DBS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel.  Following her election, she reversed her position with stated support for BDS.

Tlaib received the endorsement and funding from the progressive Jewish J Street Political Action Committee.  That endorsement requires a candidate to support the continued military and financial support for Israel.  Following her election, Tlaib suggested that J Street had misunderstood her position and she does support those who push for BDS.

The growing anti-Israel coalition in Congress is not just composed of a couple of Muslim legislators.  New York Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is as strident in her anti-Israel positions as any in Congress.  The anti-Israel caucus within the Democrat congressional ranks is still a relatively small coalition but has grown in numbers and influence in recent years.

There is a difference in how the two parties treat anti-Semitic interlopers.  The GOP condemns people like David Duke – who jumped back and forth between the two parties.  The Democrats recruit, embrace and promote anti-Israel and anti-Semitic candidates and welcome them in Congress as the new face of their Party.

One can try to defend Jewish support of the Democratic Party, but it is irrefutable that Democrats are less supportive of Israel and Jewish interests than they were in the past, and there will be more anti-Jewish sentiment on the Democrat side of the aisle in the new Congress than there is today – and that has been a trend for many years.  Even the New York Times – a media bible for many Jewish Democrats – lead off an article with the headline, “A New Wave of Democrats Tests the Party’s Blanket Support for Israel.”

Those are just a few of the reasons why I am confused over the support the Democratic Party receives from so many Jews, including some of my dearest friends.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Susan Betancur

    You’re awful. I don’t say that lightly.
    You’re ok with;
    Rethugz wanting to take away MY (already paid up) SS.
    Same with Medicare.
    Now they’re talking about ‘over taxing’ retirement accts.
    Why is it ok to give a tax break to the top 1% of the wealthiest people?
    Trickle down hasn’t worked… EVER! And I voted for Reagan!
    GM is closing.
    Hyde wants to sit front row at a lynching.
    Most GOP are God awful people you think are ok, civilized, moral, decent?
    The GOP is 45’s party now. Not the bastion of inclusivity it aspired to under Bush.
    Why is it ok to shame decent women like Dr. Ford and not shame the sex worker living in our W.H.?
    What disgustingly fake Christianity to you purport to serve?
    Jesus would flip your table, Session’s table, McConnell’s, Ryan’s, Graham’s and especially evil 45’s table.
    How can anyone with half a brain not see the incredible damage humans are wreaking on the world?
    Take me OFF of your email list after you read this. I am disgusted by your weak, spineless cult. Go away.

    • Jay

      Wow you are filled with so much hate you are BLIND, and very uneducated! Here is one of your pathetic untrue shows me how stupid you are.. Trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem by the way! Here a quote from you foolish Jew! “How is it EVER OK to GAS MOMMIES WITH THEIR LITTLE BAREFOOT BABIES? H O W ??? Why was it OK in 2013 when your Mooshlim loving Barak Hussein Obama Kenya born USA President did the same exact thing to less immigrants a couple hundred not 10,000 plus! Here is an articl to prove it to you FOOL! You are so stupid these people hate you! President Trumps daughter is Jewish as is son-in-law! They rid the evil Iran deal! And Trump never Shook Farrakhan’s hand nor would he! President Trump also the 1% GDP a tax break brought historic jobs! Jobs TRUMP created and came back giving the middle class a tax break as well as historic low unemployment, historic economy in USA, JOBS, JOBS, CUT OBAMAS REGULATIONS KILLING THE USA IF TRUMP LOST KILLERY WOULD HAVE FINISHED OF THE USA YOU STUPID FOOL! Your Obama said America new norm was 1% GDP Trump would need a magic wand to bring those jobs Obama killed with regulations back to the USA! Well there back! Maybe Trump does have a MAGIC WAND!!!!!!!!!! Ask Obama that evil seemed to know for sure those job he rid the USA of and he even said in his book prior to being thrown in as President the evil stated in his book he hates America/Americans! His words. Shaking hands with evil and bowing to the Saudi Kinds USA Presidents do not bow to anyone! President Trump lifted the regulations not the 1% thriving! The entire country is thriving you stupid fool! Get you head out of you asshole! This man the wrote the article above is right wow why do Jewish people love Democrats that hate them! Why would they hate Trump that has done so much for them! Brainwashed is why you are brainwashed by evil! Here is an article just one of many your so stupid with all your comment but I wan to know why are you pissed at President Trump that tear gas is being used now and not when Obama used it in 2013! There were hundreds then there are ten of thousand now! Here fool read fact not brainwashed lies!

      • Olive Stewart

        I believe Sessions was scared too death he was going to be discovered as a deep Stater. Ione of my Hero Bono! He dislikes the NY Jews!!! Cannot understand their beliefs ✝️✡️WOW! Your right on the money

    • Larry Horist

      Susan, You comments really make you look bad. You are sounding more than a recording of for left-wing talking points expressed with typical liberal arrogant hysteria. You make civil intelligent dialogue almost impossible. And like so many liberals, you scream insults and run away — never to be truly educated. I have the geatest respect for the opinions of others, but not when they are used as self-serving weapons — and when they cannot be defended.

      • Janey Oneal

        Larry ,
        I don’t get why these people are so angry but i will say this .. our news media is brainwashing a whole lot of people. I do not understand why Jews are voting for dems when our party has been pro israel for a very long time now. Many of these people are mis educated , what i mean is they go to college and instead of getting educated they get indoctrinated and then the are brainwashed more by the left msm. Trump needs to turn our educating system upside down and empty these colleges of teachers and professors who are brainwashing them.
        Here in the real world

        • Stan Lee

          Brainwashing: The news media is so corrupt that it could not change its leftist agenda if it tried…
          As with NYC, Phila., follows that same pattern. All the way from Franklin D. Roosevelt to present, the Jewish minority in either of these cities stubbornly votes as Leftists, yet it was FDR who refused a passenger ship’s Jews fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1940’s, and they were forbidden from disembarking here by FDR’s refusal. A film was made of the incident years later, entitled “Ship of Fools.” A book also. The ship, including its passengers were returned to Europe and consequently The Holocaust.
          Yet, the Jewish community in Phila.,PA (and of course, NYC) still gravitates to the Leftist agenda, while swearing against Communism..(but Socialism is “different.”) It is? It’s just Leninist Communism with a wee sprinkling of sugar on it. I have resolved the issue in my own mind, that unfortunately what people believe, for the most part, is propaganda brought to them via all methods possible, the corrupt news media being the worst source. Political partisanship has taken over where all faiths, including Judaism, have lost. An awful shame, I could never believe in a Charles Schumer or a Nancy Pelosi, I still know and believe in my creator. To that, I’m advised by some others that I should step into modernity, as if I’m the one who is lost, when it is the robotic followers who are lost. Such advice won’t be taken by me, the faithless are hoping for anyone to join their faithlessness, they want to feel correct but they are not lost if they stay their course. it must be a lonely adventure to believe in what amounts to nothing but a paid political membership to nowhere. ..

      • Franco

        I wish some one would tell us all why Jews vote for the DEMIs! Obama wanted to brand Israel an apartheid State
        and never ever sided with them.

        Obama gave the Ayatollah (HIS SUPREME LEADER)
        Billions in CASH on PALLETS in UNMARKED PLANES!
        The Old Goat took our MONEY and shouted

        Did you see all the DEMis including Obama
        holding hands and being kissy hughie with

      • Cheryl Rives

        II agree with Larry Horist. Thank you for your article. I wish you woulod have been able to give clear reasons why so many Jewish Americans are liberal. It’s very confusing to me. I grew up in a Democratic voiting home, and spent most of my adult years voting for Democrats. Beginning with Obama, I saw the light, and realized how anti-Semitic and anti-Israel he and the Democrat Party really are. I will never vote for another Democrat in mhy lifetime. The negative resposes to your article say everything one needs to know about the far left Democrats of today. Very very sad.

        • Karen Smith

          cheryl you crazy

          • ScottinTexas

            In an insane world, the sane will be consideredinsane

    • Betsey from MO.

      Ms Betancur:
      You really do sound like a ‘cur dog’. You stand for abortion, the killing of babies as the come out of the womb, then disecting them into parts that the research/drug co’s. purchase! You sound disgusting, & If you were one of my customers I would not even want you on my reading list! You are the spitting image of hillary clinton, & nancy pelosi! Jesus Is Lord & only true GOD there is.
      I guess when you stand before HIM on Judgement Day, you will see your error, but at that time it will be too late for you , & you will be cast into the Pit Of HELL!

      • Warren B

        um hold on sis. abortion in NOT killing of a BABY. Its only a fetus. If you had a choice to either kill a 1 month old baby and a fetus what would you kill? Yall to dramatic.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Are you SURE about that? How do you know a “fetus” is not a human being? Any scientific evidence there? When does a fetus become a human being with rights? After its born? What about five minutes before it is born? What about a month before? Any “fetus” can be delivered and then live without the mother at 8 months, happens all the time. Sometimes fetuses before 6 months can survive outside of the woman’s body? Is that human life or not?

      • god

        imagine a child being raised horribly and potentially abused because the parent cant take care of it. why force people to have children when they cant rather then not have one at all. God has no say in a woman’s body

    • patricia Berenson

      thank you Susan. You are correct.

    • Gary

      Good riddance to you, Demorrhoid bitch!

    • angelo

      Hey Susan, your rant is so stupid that you must be a lesbian jew. Dr.Ford is a phony feminist who lied for money.

    • BILLY

      What a MORON!

    • NJ Conservative

      Susan is really a paid blogger.. she doesn’t believe anything she says, it’s just meant to promote animosity and conversation… she’s doing exactly what Soros is paying her to do… in fact, “Susan” is probably some old fat guy, sitting in his underwear, in front of his computer screen in his mother’s basement…when you think about (try not to) it’s quite funny !

    • Bobh

      Another silly Liberal!

    • JudyNM

      I can clearly see you are indoctrinated. Republicans do not want your SS – Democrats have largely spent it. You are part of the problem and not helping with the solution. Uneducated should be your name. Read the great Charles Krauthammer to better understand how Jews are falling for leftist propaganda.

    • Skip

      I enlisted in the United States Army at age seventeen and at age eighteen I served with the Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam in my misspent youth I was one of the death and danger are no strangers to an Airborne Ranger crowd I am a Christian my brother is Jewish and we are a pair of frustrated borscht belt comedians who have been playing our act together since 1965 his family accepts me as a member of their family and my family accepts him as a member of our family accepts him as a member of ours and our families look at each other as one big family and take care of each other every way we can.

    • ronald simpson

      just one quick question you stupid bitch,are you as fucking stupid in real life as you appear to be on line?if you are please go hang yourself you useless piece of shit

    • Betty

      I’ll be happy to delete you from my list and any and all of your comments! You obviously need better glasses, a better hearing aid and a little common sense. Perhaps then you would see and understand what is really happening in our his Country and maybe be able to understand what 70-80% income tax plus state tax would mean and add $600/mo for ‘free’ medical insurance per household would look! Also no way to grow food except what you could do in your backyard (if you were lucky enough to have a backyard)! No gas/diesel available. No animals for meat/protein available and the list goes on and on!! Get your head out of the sand and try to understand what the Democrats are trying to do to you!!!

    • Black Knight

      Typical dumb ass liberal. You just can fix stupid. Most of her comments were lies which shows very little education. Good example of one who justifies her stupidity by telling lies and then removes herself from the conversation so that she does not have to respond.

    • Frankieboy

      Lady you are definitely screwed up !!! The baby murderers are Democrats !!! You better get back on your meds !!! A descent woman like Dr. Ford ? She’s was a lying shill for the Democrats ! As far as I’m concerned she was no better than a common street whore ! Go back down to your cellar and start screaming !!! It won’t do you any good, because Hillary lost !!! MAGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wm Hogsten

    I agree. And I will never understand.

    • patricia Berenson

      I repeat…it is a choice between good and bad. Interests of the many over freed and hate. If you think there is a choice, you are not a Jew.

  3. Don Turano

    This article did not answer the question of WHY.
    It only addresses the fact that they support the
    democratic party and the party does not support


      I agree.

  4. Zvi Weiss

    Jews have — I think — been historically Democrats because of their “sense of justice”. I was LBJ (a Democrat) who spearheaded Civil Rights Legislation. It was Harry Truman (a Democrat) who hastened to recognize the State of Israel, It was Dwight Eisenhower (a Republican) who sided against Israel during the Suez “Campaign”. It is true that NOW the Democratic PArty is becoming more “leftist” and (based upon “intersectionality) turning against the State of Israel — but that is relatively recent. AND… Jews who are no longer “Observant” no longer see Israel as “important” — and so “ignore” the overt animus on the part of Obama and SOME Democrats toward the State of Israel.
    On the other hand, they see a President who has a horrendous immigration policy of breaking up families and seeking to stop those seeking “asylum”. Many Jews have “long memories” of the U.S. blocking (under FDR) the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and they see the SAME sentiments now being expressed… And… so they react.
    When you have a sense of Justice…
    Predatory Student Loans are just WRONG… and the current Secretary (of Education) seeking to weaken protections is just WRONG….
    Coal Miners who get “Black Lung” and who have no other career options is just plain WRONG… especially when tax dollars were used to prop up Coal operations instead of redirecting to other less “hazardous” careers.
    Seeking to make it easier to use Asbestos — a known carcinogen even while seeking weaken the A.C.A. is seen as WRONG.
    Nominating a person who has a history of “bigotry” (e.g., Farr) for a judgeship is WRONG.
    Trying to REMOVE the “right” of a woman to decide about Abortion — and this usually means that MEN are making that decision — is seen as WRONG — evenby some of those who are opposed to Abortion.
    Note: I do not believe that these should be issues that divide Conservatives and Liberals — ANYONE who has a “moral sense” should feel a sense of outrage. However, as the GOP appears to simply embrace all of these areas that are listed above…
    And, so Jews will support Democrats who are opposed to them.
    To me, this is unfortunate because there ARE issues with the Democrats — but for many the GOP is seen as both immoral and amoral.

    • John Noble

      In your comments, you really had to look hard to find exceptions to what has historically been America’s Judeo-Christian support of Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people wherever they reside. FDR, Lyndon Johnson and so many of the examples that you site were socialists, yet you consider them as having a sense of justice? How is redistribution of wealth a good thing? LBJ’s war on Poverty has destroyed the black family structure and created a dependency on government that has placed all of us on Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Government is now our god_ the secular humanist ideology and model of the Democrat Party. America has historically been the only safe haven ever experienced by the Jewish people. It has been so in spite of the hostility and lack of appreciation toward their benefactors. America has been an instrument of God’s gracious provisions to the Jewish people, yet they vote for political candidates who oppose the biblical principles of human freedom codified within the U.S. Constitution. The resultant freedoms and prosperity for the Jewish people were possible because we are a constitutional republic based on the Exodus 18:14ff model established by Moses and adopted by our founders as the God-approved “bottom-up” system of state & local self-government_ just the opposite of the “top-down” totalitarian model of socialist/communist government exhibited by the Democrat party, which has now metastasized into a full blown communist organization. Ask yourself, “What do communists support that the Democrats don’t?”

    • Larry Horist

      The modern civil rights movement was spearheaded by Eisenhower and the GOP with the passage of teh 1957 and 1960 Civil Right Act — legislation strong opposed by Decorators, including JFK and LBJ, who voted against the first and watered down the second. The 1964 Civil Right Act became law ONLY because the GOP was able to end a Democrat filibuster. It was the GOP’s overwhemling vote that got the bill passed. The 1965 Voting Rights Act was drafted and introduced by the GOP Senate Minority Leader and again passed because of overwhelming GOP support against Democrat opposition. Since then, the greatest oppression of blacks has been in the major cities run by racist Democrat regimes. That is why Martin Luther King took his Southern Crusade north to Chicago … and why those same Democrat cities are the sites of the endless serious of demonstrations, protests and riots.

      • Bettye B Speed

        Thank you, Larry for rebutting a completely specious argument based on lack f facts and opinion. LBJ was a known racist (as were most Southerners and Democrats at that time. And I;ve always (pondering the Jewish devotion to Democrats), thought THAT was the reason -that they sympathized with an opprssed society, much as they themselves were ostracized., Therefore Jews backed the Democrat myth of “The oworking or little man”.

  5. paul

    Aw shoot, I thought you were going to answer the very good question of your title.
    But it really is a mystery.
    And I think the exact same question could be asked thus: ” Why are so many blacks liberal Democrats? It just doesn’t add up.
    I’d hate to think that the answer is that the Democrat party is the party of hooray for homosexuals, hooray for transgenders, hooray for third wave militant Feminism and, really, hooray for anything and everything perverse. I also would have to believe that it’s the party of Freemasons and Communists.
    It’s the party for anything that’s contrary to God’s Law. It’s also the party that has highjacked and claimed the higher ground of compassion for underdogs,
    which is not true, but appearance is everything in politics.
    “Thinking themselves wise, they became fools.”

    • Larry Horist

      It was a rhetorical question. I do not know why. Makes no sense to me.

  6. patricia Berenson

    As a Jew I can tell you.. You suffer from misinformationitis, which is a cherry picked version of news and events. We are liberal. Not Dem, or Rep. Liberal.
    When it comes to a choice between good and bad, we choose good. Simple.

    • Cheryl

      You sound very disinformed and uninformed. So sad you have no facts only emotions.

  7. Philip Simon

    That was then, decades ago before all this started in the late 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s and now and forever. Liberal jews, if they could ever tell the difference between then and now, would have stopped all this if they wanted to. No, they just wrecked everything for us Jews.

  8. lew

    jews are 1 percent of the us population..yet over 30 of them are in the democratic congress! they own the DNC they own the MEDIA,and 99% of U.S companies..most IMPORTANTLY living proof..they OWN all TV commercials pushing for a mixed race !!!!! just watch TV..BUT NOT FOR THEIR JEWISH DAUGHTERS!!!! they can’t even marry a white person thats not a far as Black americans I say more power to them.they have nothing to do with the jewbags mixing the races so LEAVE THEM ALONE.itlike aliensfrom space making you believe everything they put out there. the aliens are JEWISH OWNED HOLLYWOOD..and ALL universities and schools are run and owned by jews!!!! listen to your children when they come home from school. sister went to a Jewish wedding in Brooklyn NY with her jew girlfriend.hundreds of family/friends NONE would talk to her, she was out of the family will, job and family.WHY? because she was dating a white guy that wasn’t Jewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jew

      honey this is you’re opinion. As a fellow jew this is all stereotypes. Yes, i do agree some jews can be rude, but your experience with jews shouldn’t define every jew ever.

  9. Ana

    I have an answer to this question.
    We humans but Jews, in particular, are born with an intimate need to believe in the Creator.
    But when we made the decision to dump our religion for good, we need to replace it.
    And here come Marxism, it just a cult of the people who denied religion but deep down they
    know they need to believe in something.

  10. will becker

    The question is why are they hated ??

    • DAV

      In my opinion, it is because of their love of money !D

  11. Thomas E. Harvey

    It is always dangerous for a gentile to explain why Jews do, say or believe things but here goes.
    1. Jews are distrustful of conservative, christian, societies and governments. They have long memories and can point to oppression in Russia, Spain and other countries.
    2. A US News and World Report survey found that the most important concern for American Jews by 75% were life style issues such as separation of church and state, sexual liberation, LGBTQ rights, choice, woman’s rights and gun control. Israel was a distant second at 25%.
    3. Fear that a repressive, conservative, theocratic government could take over and eliminate many of the rights recently fought for an won.

  12. Jack

    So Patricia Berenson, choosing good over bad is why J Street gave Ilhan Omar their blessing to become their congressional representative? Yeshayah 5:20 Hoy unto them that call rah tov, and tov rah; that put choshech for ohr, and ohr for choshech; that put mar for matok, and matok for mar!

  13. VeloMac

    Many of the Jewish immigrants who came here from Russian prior to the Grat War had already been exposed to many socialist, communist, and anarchist ideas and organizations. It only seems logical that many on arrival here gravitated to “progressives” of Woodrow Wilson’s ilk, and other Democrats who brought government planning of the economy to the fore in the wake of the Crash of ’29. Surprise, surprise! It didn’t work. Still doesn’t work. Will never work. Oh, but I forgot! True socialism hasn’t been tried yet!

  14. DP

    This author is spot on. I have wondered the same thing as to why Jews are liberal democrats and why they cannot SEE the democrat’s anti-semitism and bogotry not to mention the takeover of their party by the socialist-marxists who are out to destroy our nation!
    Or why Jews in Pittsburgh failed to recieve a republican president (and were outright rude and hostile!) paying his respects to an entire church mourning their murdered congregants…and who is totally in support of Israel and their people, has a Jewish son-in-law and a daughter who converted, and his grandchildren are half Jewish!
    The answer IS, Jews too have been indoctrinated by the liberally biased and bogoted tabloid press and the liberally propogandized universities and colleges with their hate against anything that does not reflect their intolerant dogma.
    Dr. Michael Savage said it best: Liberalism is a form of mental illness. You cannot reason with a liberal and they refuse to have any type of sane or rational conversation about anything.
    Liberal left dems have become more irrational than ever, and this is fueled by an insane press spewing lies daily; after awhile, anyone listening to their fakenews may just believe those lies about conservatives, Christians and republicans. The press is THE most divisive propogandized mouthpiece for the DNC ever seen; and the universities are their insidious partners in crime.

  15. DP

    This author is spot on. I have wondered the same thing as to why Jews are liberal democrats and why they cannot SEE the democrat’s anti-semitism and bogotry not to mention the takeover of their party by the socialist-marxists who are out to destroy our nation!
    Or why Jews in Pittsburgh failed to recieve a republican president (and were outright rude and hostile!) paying his respects to an entire church mourning their murdered congregants…and who is totally in support of Israel and their people, has a Jewish son-in-law and a daughter who converted, and his grandchildren are half Jewish!
    The answer IS, Jews too have been indoctrinated by the liberally biased and bogoted tabloid press and the liberally propogandized universities and colleges with their hate against anything that does not reflect their intolerant dogma.
    Dr. Michael Savage said it best: Liberalism is a form of mental illness. You cannot reason with a liberal and they refuse to have any type of sane or rational conversation about anything.
    Liberal left dems have become more irrational than ever, and this is fueled by an insane press spewing lies daily; after awhile, anyone listening to their fakenews may just believe those lies about conservatives, Christians and republicans. The press is THE most divisive propogandized mouthpiece for the DNC ever seen; and the universities are their insidious partners in crime.This aut

    • Pattlyn

      Well you are really mistaken about everything in your post, and theres no way to reach you now. As a lifelong GOPr ,Im 75 and grateful to live to see President Trump bravely stand up and say to America what they need to hear! Not biased like you, and hopefully you can narrowly see through the mistaken Dem rhetoric and weigh the evidence and facts. But I doubt it. I think you are angry at the world and yourself and nothing is well with your soul. So sad. Just keep on looking for the good in everything. You WILL find it and a happier you.

  16. Cheryl Rives

    I agree with Horist’s statements in his article. The haters who responded negatively to his article are simply misinformed, propagandized anti-Semites.

  17. Antonio

    God bless you Susan. I believe that many folk on the left just want ISRAEL to be a real democracy & finally allow all it’s inhabitants; Muslim individuals & Jewish individuals to have the same voting rights equally.

  18. Jesse Tiede

    Many times, in the past, I have asked myself this very question: why, considering all the bad that has been heaped upon the Jewish People, would they embrace Socialism, which rewards only a few. Why would they embrace Communism, which cannot be successful, due to Human Nature. Why would American Jews literally turn their backs on Israel. I think for American Jews, they have it pretty good in this country., They are a protected group, being a minority. Yes, there are certain ones in this country who look down of the Jews, and denigrate them at every opportunity. I think it’s because those people are jealous, because the Jewish population are very well to do. A lot of those who have not, are jealous of what the Jews have. In the Holy Bible that I read, and try to live by, it says that the Jews are God’s Chosen People. That’s a pretty strong argument, in my opinion, to leave them alone. I also read that all men are my brothers, but, not all men will be accepted when they stand before the Creator, and answer for their lives and actions. When my turn comes, and I stand before God, I don’t want there to be anything written or spoken against me, especially concerning God’s People. I applaud President Trump for moving the US Embassy, and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. But, I guess I will never understand why American Jews stand against Israel. Maybe because they have, as a group, always been like willful children, who actively work against what their parents tell them. It’s not for me to judge them, or take any action against them. But, I will never understand the way they think, or why they are predominately Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats. It really makes no sense, at all! Stupid children, playing stupid games…

    • Woody

      t To paraphrase an old adage: those who do not know history are bound to repeat its mistakes. Jesus was a Jew. Historically, He was persecuted and so were his disciples who were Jews.. Historically, Jews have been persecuted since the time Moses. why? I believe Satan has his hand in this and will keep his hand in until the end of time. Jews are our Christian forefathers. We should honor our heritage. However, like Catholics and other Christians, only about 20% are true believers the other 80%pick and chose what they want to believe. Such was in the time of Moses, such was in the time on Christ and such it is today. Pray brethren.

  19. Anna Cates

    When any people turn their backs on Elohim (A plural word like family) and refuse the full truth of the Word of God, they become blind and duped. Read Jeremiah, Isaiah, and all of the Prophets who proclaimed the ‘Gospel’ and repeated the Word of God “Turn ye, Turn ye, why would you die?” When you understand how the whole Family of Ancient Israel missed it’s calling to teach God’s laws to all mankind and demonstrate in doing so what equity and justice truly is…you can begin to understand the mind set you are seeing today. Nothing has changed. When human beings are self assured they are right in their own minds…no warning, no sense, no honor, not moral standard will change the direction. They are blind, just as the scripture proclaims. There is still a choice, repentance is still possible but if it does not occur destruction will follow. Read the end of the book!

    • Jennifer O'Gavaghan

      Fortunately I have read the end of The Book. Ultimately, the Jewish people will come home to Him. It is the time in between now and then, with undeniable evidence for our LORD Jesus Christ . . . Who is Almighty God in the flesh . . . that causes my all to human impatience for our Jewish brothers and sisters to come home to Him sooner than later. I offer to your audience – especially your Jewish audience – an excellent apologetic (in defense of Christ) teaching by Charles Campbell, The Evidence For The Existence Of God, and many other documentaries on the same topic by this intuitive, gifted apologist, Charles Campbell, to learn the Truth.

  20. Ron

    Jews although they claim to be the chosen ones refuse to speak up for themselves. They tend to get involved in causes that don’t concern them or benefit them. The Jews in congress speak up for Muslims but not for themselves.Assimilation can assure inhialation. The Jews in Germany proved that under Hitler.the silence of the chosen is deafening.


    Interesting story, but doesn’t answer the question:
    Why are Jews generally voting Democratic?

  22. B.A. Briggs


    This enigma is a puzzling personal-dilemma that I, too, am an awful-failure in philosociopolitieconomorally-understanding it. . .given the fact that Israel’s continued-existence is arguably wholly-dependent upon conservative-American-leaderships’ kindhearted-support. . .year after year, after years!!!

    Mr. Horist, will you try once more to profoundly-explain “WHY ARE SO MANY JEWISH-AMERICANS LIBERAL-DEMOCRATS???”


    Dear Mr. Horist: Your article has been one of the most interesting and satisfying that I have read in many years. I am not Jewish but have grown surrounded by wonderful and loyal Jewish friends since my childhood, and I am now 96. Like you, I have been noting with horror the increasing anti-Semitism in the Democratic party, of which I am not a member, and tried to find an explanation. But you have provided me with at least one solid answer.
    As a Cuban teenager I was a volunteer in Havana helping the Jewish refugees who fled from Hitler to be rejected by Roosevelt. This was one of the reasons that turned me into a pro-Republican many years before becoming a refugee in the USA myself. Thank you!

    • Jennifer O'Gavaghan

      I also want to know why Jewish people vote Democrat in such a majority, and opposed to Republican policies. Several years ago I donated to a Sunday program, still on the air, to bring a family of Russian jews to the free world. I also donated to provide food boxes to starving Jews in Russia. Then I realized I should inquire why American Jews did not support my party, Republican (or should I say ANYTHING but liberal Democrat.) The reply I received from this program that recruited donations for the impoverished and dying Russian Jews basically said they could not enter into that conversation. Right or wrong, I drop that charity because I could not understand to this day why Jews in greatest numbers habitually support liberal Democratic candidates despite the Democratic disregard for Jews until I receive a statement from Jewish leadership. Like the author asks, I ask if anyone can explain what to date makes no sense to me or to this author. Why do Jews support their obvious detractors (Democrats) but not those who love and hope and care for them (Republicans) with all sincerity and in service of the same almighty God who calls upon us to take care of His people? Anyone out there, please answer this perplexing question.

  24. DAV

    To the DEMONocrats- it’s all about money. The more money you have, the more power you have. Their “party” is the fiscal party…that’s why they don’t do anything beneficial for our country. They are only focused on money- that is ALL they really relate to. The DEMONocrats only sling bullshit and raise our taxes so THEY can use that money for THEIR purposes. Now, I’m not going to say that ALL Jews think alike but my own experiences with them indicated to me that the Jews I came into contact with…LOVE MONEY. So, if that is true, that would explain why they would rather run with the DEMONocrats…because THEY ARE ALL ABOUT MONEY- the fiscal crowd ! Everybody wants some “trickle-down.”

  25. elgavilansegoviano

    I’m of Cuban Sephardi Jew Decent, and my best advise to them is to pull their heads out their keister, because they are supporting the very people that want to exterminate the fools, so wise up America!

  26. Makover

    Antonio stated that Israel is at fault about voting rights for all of it’s citizens. Someone forgot to tell him that Muslims and ALL Arabs have the right to vote and do. In fact there are Ministers within the Congress (Knesset) who are Muslims, several of whom don’t vote the way their Jewish counterparts do.

  27. sluggo

    First things first. There is NO such thing as “the democratic party”…it is “the DEMOCRAT party”…there is NOTHING “democratic” about the lying liberal fascists of that political party.

    Second…I pretty much agree with all the things you’ve said about Jews, at least the ones that I have known, although there have not been a large number of them.

    However, the Jews are a tight knit “tribe”, and stick together politically. While I have always defended Israel, and their right to exist, and I have been a strong supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu.

    I also admire Ben Shapiro, agree with almost everything he says, but, he is another hypocritical Jew on one thing…he claims he doesn’t like “indentitarianism”, and the “alt right’s” desire to maintain White Western Christian cultures, which are being destroyed by the invasion of non Whites…yet, he freely, and openly, admits that “I am a Jew…I am a Zionist because I AM a Jew”. That’s all fine with me…but why do Jews like Shapiro want to keep THEIR racial and religious heritage, yet openly deny that same right to White people, and claim that those same strong, natural feelings of racial and cultural…and religious…pride from White people is, somehow…”RACIST?”

    However, with the current, orchestrated mass invasion of murderous muslims into ONLY White Western Christian countries of America, Canada, Europe, and Scandinavia, it become blatantly clear…ALL the political groups promoting the mass muslim, negro, and latino invasions…ALL OF THEM…are headed by, and financially supported by, and almost all of the directors are…Jews. Yet, Israel is NOT taking in ANY murderous muslim “immigrants”. Now, I don’t blame them, however, one can easily see the hypocrisy of Jews promoting that ALL WHITE CHRISTIAN WESTERN culture countries be overrun with NON Whites…yet these same groups…run by Jews…support keeping hate filled muslims out of Israel, while they continue to promote muslim, and non White invasions into White, Christian countries. Israel even sends representatives to White Christian countries to help “solve the problems” of the OVER IMPORTATION of hate filled, violent, muslims into safe, peaceful, White Christian Countries, which is destroying the centuries old cultures of all those White, Western, Christian countries.

    So, if you really do want to begin to understand…as I did…just WHY the Jews…which had always been good to me, and I enjoyed knowing…are hated by pretty much all the other races…then you must research, keep an open mind, and take seriously, the global menace of the “Frankfort School”, who those people were, and where did they go (hint: Columbia University), the anti White race writings of Richard Kalergi, his plan for the extinction of the White race, known as the “Kalergi Plan”, and, the 1995 implementation of the anti White people, anti Christian, anti Western culture program of the anti White people United Nations, known as “Agenda 21”, and it’s updates.

    If you want to know the truth…don’t “kill the messenger”…READ….and search the internet for the actual news of just how Europe and Scandinavia are being deliberately destroyed by the muslim invasion, as well as America with the illegal mexican alien invasion…helped along by the ACLU, the ADL, and every other Jewish run organization in existence,with strong communist ideologies, and just WHY ALL these thing things are occurring together, and right now.

    It is NOT an accident.

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