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HORIST: What do we learn from Black History Month?

HORIST:  What do we learn from Black History Month?

When considering Black History Month, we need to ask ourselves two questions.  What do we learn?  What change does it make going forward?

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The motivation behind Black History Month – and all those Black studies curricula in our universities – is concealed for a couple of hundred years.

Most history books used in our schools mentioned the horrors of slavery – and noted that it was ended by President Abraham Lincoln.  There was an occasional mention of George Washington Carver, who had something to do with peanuts – the food, not the cartoon.

Not much was taught about the one hundred years of segregation in the solid Democrat southland – or the ravages of de facto segregation in all those Democrat-run major cities.  In fact, there was almost no mention of political parties – and their respective roles in black oppression — in those old history books.  The plight of black Americans – according to pop culture — was just the result of generic bad white people or just organic social evolution.

In fact, the plight of blacks in the era of segregation was often seen as an outcome of their own nature.  Blacks were portrayed – often for mocking laughs – as stupid and/or lazy.  They were viewed as less moral and more prone to crime.

In fact, the enslavement, segregation and oppression of black Americans was the result of only one thing – politics.  Slavery and segregation were legislated and adjudicated at federal, state and local levels.  Even today, the segregation and impoverishment of folks living in all black urban ghettoes is largely the result of decisions made in all those city halls.

It is more than curious why we debate contemporary racial issues from Republican and Democrat perspectives, but we rarely look at history in that way.  Historically, we curse the racial realities of the past but never point the finger at the perpetrators by allegiance.  That seems to be largely because those in control of the news media, entertainment and academia are Democrats who wish to deflect from the culpability of their own party – past and present.

The movie “Selma” was an excellent portrayal of the events during the crossing of Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.   Never once were any of the villains identified as Democrats.  In fact, I do not recall that word being mentioned at any time – even though it was the political affiliation that was driving the racist policies and violence.  That is censorship by any other name since the oppression of black Americans during those times and in that place was due to the exclusive policies and practices of the Democratic Party.

From slavery through the era of southern segregation, the oppressions of black America were at the hands of Democrats – and over the opposition of Republicans.

What is most remarkable today is that black oppression carries on in those major cities long ruled-over by an entrenched Democratic Party BUT black voters now use their political power in support of their oppressors.

President Franklin Roosevelt – with malice of forethought and the help of Democrats – made welfare the new civil rights – replacing quality education, adequate housing, safe streets, jobs, access to economic opportunity and even integration.

In keeping black masses uneducated and uncurious, Democrats have even been able to proffer false propaganda about the era of civil rights in the mid-Twentieth Century.  Very few people – and even fewer blacks – are aware that it was the Republican Party that was the power behind the Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and 1960s.  By overwhelming votes in Congress, Republicans unified against the opposition and filibusters of the Democratic Party to pass the 1956, 1960, 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights Acts.

Many blacks admire Roosevelt for “getting us out of the Great Depression.”  Looking at black unemployment statistics since then, it is quite clear that inner city blacks have not been brought out of the Depression yet.  In fact, Roosevelt’s New Deal was crafted to push blacks out of employment in favor of whites.

The proof is in the statistics.  Prior to the Depression, black and white unemployment was about the same, but after the New Deal was implemented, white unemployment reached approximately 18 percent and black unemployment soared past 50 percent.  The NAACP labeled the centerpiece of Roosevelt’s recovery program, the National Recovery Act (NRA), as the “Negro Riddance Act.”

Democrat political power has been – and is now – dependent on a submissive oppressed and unaware black culture.

Because progressive Democrats control the means by which we reflect history and culture, the political process is corrupted by a massive propaganda campaign that permeates our politics, our media, our schools and our entertainment.  Never in the history of the American public have so many been so deceived by so few.  That is the definition of authoritarian elitism.

It is said that “the truth shall make you free.”  For the black community in America, that is as true as ever.

So, there ‘tis…

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Richard Hennessy

    If something is important enough, it should be in history, period. If not, there is no need for “special” history. I have an interest in my Irish heritage. Should we have an Irish history month in this Country?

    • Tim

      the communist in the propaganda press never mention that the weekend they marched on the Petus bridge, was NOT the weekend that they had a permit to march. It was the following weekend. Just as Abe Lincoln left troops in South Carolina, after he was told 4 months earlier to remove the trespassers, he then blamed the South for firing shell into South Carolina’s own port ? Amerika has been lied to for over 160 years. Our socialism started with mass murder and the republic will be restored in the same manner. I HAVE A DREAM

  2. Bob Taylor

    Seems more like “revisionist history month” to me. If a janitor worked at a place where big developments were made historically he or she now “did it,” or “discovered it.” People never heard of are now being touted as having invented “the wheel!”

  3. Sam Nigro

    PANHUMANITY–color conscious policies will not work–
    except more “white rescue”–(If Negros stopped the racism complaints
    and memories, they would have to thank Caucasians for almost everything, and
    that is just psychologically unacceptible until they read Keith Richburg’s Out of
    America, a Black Man Confronts Africa. And that would help the KKK losers
    realize that it is time for them to quit their hateful racism too, and all can join in
    full Hippocratic Humanbeingness. Blacks angry at whites means they are totally ignorant of the fact that they are free and successful because of whites.)
    by Deplorable “ad hominem” Pamphleteer–samizdat
    Samuel A. Nigro, MD copyright c 2017
    –“PAN”-HUMANITY is redundant, but needed because color, ethnicity, race, religion, groupthink tend to make all forget that “humanity” is all of us! As my Italianate father would say banging the table: “We are all the same! We are all the same! Even when we proclaim our differences!” (“Panhumanity” is really “America” generalized for the world.) You cannot fight racism with your own racism. You cannot fight color with color. “Color” and most other dimensions are as important as height, weight, race, sex, subculture unless violent, disabilities etc.. Color inspires hate and arrogant self-righteousness. Old time “whites” used it for power–Isn’t that what today’s “blacks” are trying to do? Those who use color are fooling themselves at best and create more evil at worst by victimism which creates development-preventing anger, hoax creating beggars, demanding loud failures, and slick prejudice against whites. You cannot fight “differences” with more “differences.” Only the Transcendentals and Ultimate Humanbeingness works. Color is a “fuse” only meaning the user can count. Non-racists work to bring all together; not to paralyze; not to exploit; not to intimidate; and not to deny past unifying help but to remind of them so their helping will be imitated (Color excuses failure and color makes enemies instead of friends who help). Color paralyzes into demanding others do self-development for them, which is what others cannot do. Color makes for deadbeats happy shouting their victimism caused by having slave ancestors because they think it excuses their failure and justifies retaliatory racism, as if two wrongs make a right.
    In summary, “white” is power-mad craziness and “black” is victim-mad craziness.
    THE ONLY VALID USE OF COLOR IS TO REMEMBER THAT MORE WHITES HAVE HELPED BLACKS AND OTHERS THAN HURT THEM SINCE THE FOUNDING OF AMERICA–“WHITE RESCUE”, not “white privilege.” If whites are blamed for black failures, whites must get credit for black successes. In fact, “privilege while white” is the same as “driving while black.” Stop basing anything on race or color. Help with “content of character”, without mentioning color, race, ethnicity, or subculture, leads to the oneness of all humans. COLORLESS IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP RACISM. To deal with “racism” as “racism” is to create racism. REMEMBER AND RELIVE WORKING TOGETHER FOR EACH OTHER, rather than the opposite. COLOR IS SELFISH SCHEMING…like slavery, the KKK, BlackLivesMatter, Southern Poverty Law Center, et cetera…Tell about the good so it will be imitated…and not the “bad.” The
    “GOOD”–WHITE RESCUE–a million and a half whites died in the Civil War
    defeating slavery; those whites were supported by the rest of the 20 million Northerners then alive; and a majority of the 194 million American Caucasians today have enabled successes of the majority of the 45 million Negros alive in America today–successes improbable if not impossible in any other country–successes impossible without “white rescue.” Almost everything worthwhile in the world is due to some degree to white rescue. What BlackLivesMatter does not want is for whites to treat blacks the way blacks mostly treat blacks (over 6000 blacks murder 6000 blacks every year). And you would think that a group should try to work nicely together with those who outnumber them 5 to 1 in population (unless, of course, they know that most who outnumber them really want to help instead of hurt, so Negros can “abuse them for help” instead of “ask and thank them for help”). “Black” is no different than “white” used to be—a power slogan, campaign,
    cult for domination.
    Doc Sam identified the “solution to race” as a problem while visiting a prison. He witnessed a bright no-nonsense black guy (not one of the few loud black groupies who always used the “N-word”) leap from his upper bunk to greet his new white guy mate on the lower bunk with, “Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m not black.” Shaking hands now, the white guy said, “I’m Tony, and I’m not white.” They got along fine—I am still stunned at this marvelous glimpse of the “oneness”, by denial and tolerance, these two muscle bound tatooed under-educated criminal toughs showed each other. It was amazing! Watching them, and witnessing it another time between another black/white pair, Doc Sam believes this “denial of color” should be taught and adopted so as to characterize all humanity to help overcome racism. Witnessing this made Doc Sam realize that “color does not count, but content of character does” deserving unbridled respect and promotion for the sake of all humanity. These criminals found the “cure” for racism which is the absolute refusal to use “color” for any judgements but to relate by absolute “humanbeingness.” The answer is VIRTUE overcoming concentrated disadvantage. (I first wrote for “colorlessness” in 1998, “Races and Solution”, Social Justice Review, but I did not understand how to do it until I witnessed the preceeding event in prison.)
    (People who think with COLOR cannot be believed and should not. Most often, they are making excuses or trying to dominate. There is a perverse “better-than-thou”, self-righteous feel-good when color is used as an excuse for failures; and the same perverse as a “gotcha” feel-good occurs when color is questioned as a reason for success. “Black” has come to mean (1) anger at slavery never experienced; (2) entitlements for personal failures; (3) hostility to those personally succeeding; (4) willful non-development; and (5) refusal to acknowledge and thank those who have helped. Alternating and opposite, are the malicious uses of color to assault, dominate, manipulate and exploit, just as old slavers used “white” and today as abortionists use “size.” Those who condemn color dominance should not use it themselves. “Content of character”– “conscious of consciousness”–VIRTUE–present or absent? Virtue is the Common Good. Color has not, and will not work. It never did and never will for the truth, oneness, good and beauty of mankind. Love does not come from color. Color is racism.)

    THOUGHTS ON COLOR–Do not label by color but by the content of character (C2 ) which is same as “personhood” also meaning “conscious of consciousness” (C2). BlackLivesMatter blames all problems on racism–and their answer is more racism but in the opposite direction–whitephobia (and hate) called “white privilege”–“White privilege/supremacy” is as hostile, hateful, degrading, bullying, offensive and racist for whites as “nigger” is for blacks. Created has been an epidemic of “You whites do not deserve dignity, decency, or friendliness because of memories of past oppressions for which all whites must assume guilt and all blacks must assume are still ongoing.” That thinking overlooks the Civil War where one and a half million whites died military deaths for the North as the rest of the twenty million whites of the North supported the destruction of slavery. Free people OWE whites their freedom with virtuous personal development by taking advantage of opportunities available instead of being paralyzed by poor-me victimhood or using race and color to exploit and manipulate others. Color did not humanize enslaving whites and made matters worse; and blacks dehumanize themselves also. To destroy “Negro” is the outrageous genocide of five hundred years of struggles, oppression, survival, and successes of human persons with African heredity–It is what Islam did.

    “Color” as designating people has not worked. Color tells nothing about the individual’s content of character. Color divides; fragments; creates hostility; puts chips on one’s shoulders; offends automatically; depersonalizes to incivility; patronizes; makes one to be a professional victim, begging or demanding without productivity; paralyzes one to “poor me” ineptness; prevents helping oneself by being parasitic instead of taking advantage of opportunities available; inflates with loud self-deluded arrogant Narcissism; dehumanizes to violence; makes people crazy; and enables evil leaders to manipulate weak suggestible peers to un-virtuous acting out of emotions. And “color” makes one forget that being born in America is the luckiest thing that could happen to anyone–otherwise, one would be dead or destitute in some other miserable country or on the immigrant to the US waiting list–and millions still try to come here. Color means “unworthy content of character” and that one can do anything one feels like doing without consideration of virtue. Color makes one to be a Klu Klux Klan thinker of old: “I am better than those different and they must defer to me!” Any one who uses color should be rejected as a KKK (kolor,kolor,kolor)–which is the same as a CCC (color,color,color)—beige, black, brown, pink, red, white, yellow–empty wavelengths signifying nothing. We must identify as HUMANS: African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Negro, and by other words which bring the personhood of transcendent human history: Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom, and Natural Death without Fear by commitment to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Color does none of that and is just an empty wavelength containing “zero” content of character. Color does the opposite. Tell those dealing with “color” to stop and deal with humanity based words instead. Color makes matters worse. “Color” is superficial and skin-deep thoughtlessness. Color always fails. It will always fail because it is not fully human because it ignores the content of one’s character. Instead, people should be known by the content of their character as Dr. King stated–WHICH MEANS: at least, the virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude–which are the only ways to act and how to judge others. If you really want to help everybody, stop mentioning color. Color hardens the heart and dissolves the brain. The average melanin content of a person with “black” skin is less than one milligram–the tip of a lead pencil–and that one milligram should not control one’s 86 billion neurons or the world, unless one calls oneself a “pencil-tip”. One should not be a “melanin maniac.”
    Most who use color overlook these facts. Some are just intimidated and do not have the courage or words to challenge promoters of color. However, those who exploit color today are typically obsessed by victimhood or color itself in the most subhuman way. They are typically mirror images of old time slave promoters–just read their books and articles, but reverse colors in all their writings throughout!. Color promoters of today are no better than color promoters of slavery–as if two wrongs make a right. One will see how sick they all are when obsessed or manic about color. Again: Color dehumanizes; it can solve no problems; it can only be misused.
    All should know that more whites have helped blacks since the country was founded. One and a half million Caucasians died for the North to win the Civil War, and the 20 million other Caucasians of the North supported them. The “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame are named after the thousands of Irish Brigade members who died winning the Battle of Gettysburg. Thus 4 million Negros were freed from slavery, and their descendants are 36 million Negros in America today, most of whom are doing well thank you. No one remembers or knows about the descendants, if any, of the 1 & 1/2 million white Northerners dead in the Civil War. Islam’s slaves have no descendants because all were murdered, castrated, worked to death, and prohibited procreation–Muslims never helped their blacks and there was no NAACP ever in an Islamic country. Meanwhile, for 12 centuries, “Muslim supremacy” was annihilation of 14 million slaves. How LeBron, Kaepernick, Muhammed Ali, BlackLivesMatter, and Negro History Smithsonian can give a pass to Islam is unbelievable (Bizarrely, they take pleasure in victimism as long as by “whites”–another proof that color should not be used as an identity. Ignored is that the first owner of legal slaves in America was a free Negro as once was the largest slave-owner in South Carolina.). In the Americas, most Negros are still being helped by more Caucasians than being mistreated by Caucasians. In fact, black-on-black crime and family self-failure are the biggest problems for Negros today. Negros overall have been helped by more whites than tried to hurt, as proven by most American Negro athletes. Unfortunately, they are being conned into victimism by blacks who do not know real history, by blacks who deny the white help they have received, by blacks who censor worse racism by Islam, and by blacks who are addicted to “color” rather than “content of character.” All need reminding that Caucasians, unless Muslims, will help more than hurt–always have and always will–All need reminding of the positives and eliminate pleasure of remembering the negatives, especially if you want more positives.
    Treat all by positive support of the transcendentals: truth, oneness, good and beauty, identity, matter and being. Ignore color. We are all the same transcendentally and that is all that should count. As Justice Thurgood Marshall asked, “What is the quality of your intent?” Reverend Martin Luther King admonished that “content of character” is what makes personhood–There are better ways to help than Victimism which, as groupthink, just makes people into pencil-tips or angry and disagreeable enslavers, abortionists, racists, screaming threatening uncivil protestors, et cetera.

    Color hardens the heart and melts the brain. Only virtue as understood and promoted by the Founders will work–impossible when factions impose color (or other groupthinks possibly offensive and fragmenting from humanity, make that “fragmenting from panhumanity). The only genuine significance of color is that more whites have helped blacks than hurt them since the founding of America, and that all humanity began in Africa no matter where you now are. All are ONE.

    “COLORIZATION” (the most common victimism) is more than color?: Why no objections to: White Sox? Black Sox? the Browns? Red Sox? Red Winos (or is it Red Wings)? Black Hawks? Redmen? Reds? Redskins (yep, already)? Lady Reds? Red Storm? Red Raiders? Renegades? Savages? Sioux? Crimson Storm? Blue Hawks? the Blues? White House? Black Knights? Red wine? Grayhounds? Brownies? Eskimos? Tribe? Chieftains? Mohigans? Braves? Bravettes? Halfbreeds? Hurons? Cherokees? Arrows? Mohawks? Warriors? Seminoles? Scouts? Fighting Irish? MidshipMEN? Cadets? Sooners? Pirates? Indiana? Indian Guides? Tomahawks? Thunderbirds (the car too)? Wolves? the Indian logos of thousands of schools across America? Geek Monkeys? Grease Monkey? Arabica Coffee? Indian Head Lager Beer? Sweet Stash? Pompadour? Deadwood? Old Brooklyn Bakery? Pastel Rainbows? Blue Devils? Mavericks? Cowboys? Dixie Cups? Ravens? Hipsters? or what I was called as a kid and no one cared: “GuineaWopDagoNiggerNegroNigro–no Catholics wanted”? INSTEAD, WHAT IS THE CONTENT OF CHARACTER? Diversity and integrated living are “content of character”–the pursuit of virtue.

    The results are protests and riots from the BlackLivesMatter to Berkeley–ALL unConstitutional non-peaceful assemblies NEED Octavio Paz’ “San Ildefonso nocturne”:
    Good, we wanted good:
    to set the world right.
    We didn’t lack integrity:
    we lacked humility.
    What we wanted was not
    innocently wanted.
    Precepts and concepts,
    the arrogance of theologians,
    to beat with a cross,
    to institute with blood….
    became secretaries to the
    to the General Secretary of the
    became philosophy,
    its evil has covered the
    You cannot fight racism with your own racism. You cannot fight color with color.
    THE ONLY VALID USE OF COLOR OR RACE IS TO REMEMBER THAT MORE WHITES HAVE HELPED BLACKS AND OTHERS THAN HURT THEM SINCE THE FOUNDING OF AMERICA. . You cannot fight “differences” with more “differences.” Only the Transcendentals and Ultimate Humanbeingness works.

    All kids learn an “obsession” which they will live the rest of their lives–Make sure your obsession is filled with Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty and supports Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom and Death without Fear. And help all kids do the same! Teach VIRTUES and TRANSCENDENTALS and help children know and love them instead of violence, sex, color, and other press/media sensational obsessions which make you crazy instead of virtuous. Teach St. Hildegard (on the Holy Spirit, the Big Bang, the pre-Big Bang, the Statimuum, and Eternal Life):
    I am that supreme and fiery force that sends forth all the sparks of life. Death has no part of me, yet do I allot it, wherefore I am girt about with wisdom as with wings. I am that living and fiery essence of the divine substance that flows in the beauty of the fields. I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is that mysterious force of the invisible wind; I sustain the breath of all living. I breathe in the verdure, and in the flowers, and when the waters flow like living things, it is I. I found those columns that support the whole earth…I am the force that lies hid in the winds, from me they take their source, and as a man may move because he breathes, so doth a fire burn but by my blast. All these live because I am in them and am of their life. I am wisdom. Mine is the blast of the thundered word by which all things were made. I permeate all things that they may not die even if they seem to die. I am life…Eternal Life. (The Statimuum: the Immediacy of All Transcendence Ever–
    rejoining The Unrestrained Act of Thinking–God! or “Ur AT” only obtained by Love)
    The universe screams, God is waiting for those who love.

  4. ron s

    Its a waste.What about White history month? Or Polish,Italian,etc?Blacks are no more special than anyone else.

  5. linda phillips

    what about White history month, Jewish history month, Indian history month, Irish history month? do they know that each one of these listed were also slaves in their history?

  6. David Barron

    We learn that Racism still exists because Blacks want it to exist. We can have the NAACP, NNCF, Black Colleges, BTE, Ebony Magazine, Black this and Black that, which are totally racist. Turn any of them around and put white or anything in place of the word black and all hell breaks loose. It is people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton that stoked the fires of racism for over 40 years while people like Rv. Martin Luther King tried to get equality until his death.
    I have lived with black neighbors, some good and some bad, I have lived with white neighbors, some good and some bad, I have live with Asian neighbors, some good and some bad. Each person should be evaluated upon their character and not by the color of their skin.