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HORIST: Warren being abandoned by the radical left

HORIST: Warren being abandoned by the radical left

Elizabeth Warren has been the darling of the radical left even before her election to the United States Senate.  For several years, it was anticipated that she would eventually enter the race for the presidency in 2020.  Oh, for sure she seemed to agonize over the decision, but that was merely to draw attention to herself as the leading Democrat candidate.

To build momentum, Warren announced her intention to EXPLORE a run for the Oval Office in 2018.  She is now on the verge of making that decision official.  She is about to do what she always intended to do – despite the staged drama of speculation.

Warren was expected to enter the field as the dominant favorite – even the pre-emptive favorite.  That was the plan.  But it did not work out that way.  Warren is on the eve of the inevitable announcement, but she is not the anointed one as she and her handlers had expected.  In fact, her ability to even stay in the race is questionable.  She is now among those unlikely to secure the Democrat nomination.

So, what happened?

She has suffered three strikes – and that is an out, in baseball and politics.  First, there is that Indian heritage matter.  All things considered, it should not be a big deal whether Warren has some Native American ancestors or not.  It has no more significance than the fact that I have one percent Nigerian blood – which I learned from one of those DNA services.

Her claim was unsubstantiated, which gave President Trump an opportunity to mock her over and over and over and over.  Whatever one might think of Trump’s tactic, it worked.  Suddenly there was a question of “theft of ancestry.”  Was Warren using some fake minority background to enhance her desirability among employers and academics?  She claimed it never helped her get a job – although that prospect has never been conclusively eliminated – but it was enough of a promotional resume item for her employers to claim her as a person of minority heritage.  They obviously valued her dubious claim.

When the issue rose to the level of possible fraudulent ancestry, Warren finally – and reluctantly – submitted to the DNA test.  It showed that she MAY have as little a one-one thousandth indigenous North American blood – that that could have been Indian or aboriginal Mexican.  Warren is less native North American than I am Nigerian.

Among her most ardent critics were … Native Americans.  Essentially, they felt she was tip-toeing into there teepee for political purposes.

Warren’s credibility took another blow.  After assuring the nation that she had never officially claimed Indian heritage, her registration for the Texas Bar Association pops up, and lo and behold, in her own handwriting, the blank for ethnicity is filled in as “American Indian.”  Even when she filled that out, she knew that any Native American blood coursing through her veins was nominal.  She and her family knew that as far as they could trace, the Warren family ancestors were Caucasians.  The claim on the registration from was a lie, pure and simple.

Warren’s claim of Indian ancestry was as phony as causation Rachel Dolezal’s, who claimed to be black and even secured a job as executive director of the Spokane, Washington NAACP under those false pretenses.

Warren has a second problem.  It is her politics.  She is to the far left of the far left of the increasingly left-leaning Democratic Party.  Her plan to tax rich people on the basis of their accumulated wealth and the value of their property is a bridge too far even for many Democrats.

In this proposal, Warren is pandering to class warfare.  Without justification, she would simply take money away from those who legally earned it and redistribute it to those who would like to have it.  That is not only a bad idea for a number of reasons, it is virtually impossible to implement.  Why that is true would take another commentary or two – and maybe that will be something for the future.

To put it simply, Warren has gone too far in her anti-wealth, anti-corporate, anti-free market proposals to be trusted with the presidency of the United States.

Then there is the third strike – one that is not addressed by all those left-wing panelists on all those left-wing so-called news programs.  Warren has fallen out of favor because the left-wing establishment has a new favorite – maybe even more than one.  At this juncture, however, the darling of the progressive ilntelligensia is … drum roll please .. California Senator Kamala Harris.

To see this dynamic, one need only compare how the elitist east coast media is handling the two candidates.  Upon Harris, the media is bestowing lavish praise.  Conversely, Warren is suffering a spat of negative reporting from the very folks who were on her cheerleading squad a few short months ago.

It may be a bit hyperbolic, but to some extent we are seeing the formation of a #NeverWarren Resistance Movement on the left.  The political ground upon which Warren expected to stand is now occupied by Harris.  Warren’s is a presidential campaign that is crashing on the launching pad.

So, there ‘tis.

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