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HORIST: This is why the left is so afraid of serious ‘dialogue on race.’

HORIST: This is why the left is so afraid of serious ‘dialogue on race.’

DISCLAIMER:  I do not use pejoratives casually or offensively, but I also do not use euphemisms when quoting individuals.  Such words should be seen and heard with the impact intended by the speaker.

We are entering our national celebration of Black History Month.  For generations, school curriculums in America have ignored black history – at least the positive aspects.  Oh sure, there was a general admission of southern slavery, but black oppression and positive contributions of black Americans was overlooked – some say censored.  In old Dixie, where the racist Democrats had maintained unconstitutional and illegal power by force, the history of black America was replaced with propaganda-based education.

Today, black history is taught more fully in our elementary and secondary schools.  Most colleges and universities have African American studies – some with entire departments and degrees in that subject.  Thanks to the signature of President Ronald Reagan, a black American, Martin Luther King, is celebrated with a national holiday.

Across the nation, schools, the entertainment industry, the news services, civic groups and local governments will unite in one purpose – to expand our national knowledge and appreciation of both the suffering and accomplishments of black Americans.

There is a problem, however.  Perhaps Black History Month should be cut back to two weeks because half of the real history is missing.  It has been censored, deleted, edited and ignored in favor of a one-sided history.  It is more of a political narrative than a history.

The foundation of what passes for factual black history in American is largely influenced by political narratives, misleading commentaries and outright falsehoods. This selective use of facts – or the exclusion of relevant facts — gives the impression that liberals in general and Democrats specifically have been the heroes of civil rights.  In too many cases, this corrupt bias is not only left to innuendo or impression but stated openly by ignorant or biased educators and the media.

It is virtually impossible to conceal the fact that the worst elements of institutional racism were the policies of the Democratic Party.  They were not only the party responsible for the management of the evil institution of slavery, they caused a civil war in its defense.  More than 618,000 young Americans died in the Democratic Party’s effort to preserve slavery for future generations.

Following the Civil War and despite three constitutional amendments and several federal laws passed by Republicans over the fierce opposition of the Democratic Party, Democrats were able to forcibly seize control of the old Confederate states – creating a bifurcated nation.  In a very real sense, the Democrat concept of a separate confederacy, with different laws, continued for another 100 years.

During this time, the major northern cities controlled by Democrats developed de facto racist policies to address the migration of blacks fleeing Democrat oppression in Dixie.  Hiding behind laws that appeared racially neutral, the urban Democrat political machines developed policies and management practices designed to keep masses of blacks segregated and impoverished.  These are racist policies and practices that remain the iconic character of Democrat regimes in America’s cities to this day.

The eradicating and exculpating of the Democratic Party for hits history AND contemporary role in oppressing the black community is one of the major reasons the issue of racial prejudice continues.  A problem cannot be resolved unless the persons or institutions most responsible are identified and called out.

So, what is NOT being taught?  Did you know:

·  That one of the main policies of the Democrat progressive movement was racial purity?  That was embraced by such prominent Democrats as Woodrow Wilson (who segregated the military and the Executive Branch, blocked black job applicants from federal employment and blocked black admissions to Princeton University), Franklin Roosevelt (more about him below) and Margaret Sanger (whose Planned Parenthood predecessor promoted racial genocide, won praise from Adolph Hitler and was a speaker at KKK events). They embraced and advanced the racist pseudo sciences of eugenics, phrenology and physiognomy.

·  That Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley was the head of a gang of thugs (fronting as a social club) that preyed on blacks.  He was undoubtedly involved in beating innocent blacks, played a major causal role in at least one race riot and was possibly – some say likely — complicit in murder.

·  That the 1964 Civil Right Act was not the first in modern times?  President Eisenhower and congressional Republicans passed civil rights acts in 1957 and 1960 – although they were watered down by overwhelming Democrat opposition and threats of filibusters.

·  That both Jack Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson voted with southern Democrats to defeat or water down the 1957 and 1960 civil rights legislation?  Even on the Kennedy Library website, the history concedes that the 35th President was weak on civil rights.

·  That it was the overwhelming vote of Senate Republicans that broke the Democrat filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act – and that it passed over Democrat opposition because of the overwhelming vote by Republican senators? 

·  That President Johnson consistently referred to the 1964 civil rights legislation in private as “the nigger bill.”  One historian dubbed him “the connoisseur of the n-word.”

·  That Senator Barry Goldwater had voted for the 1957 and 1960 civil rights acts, and that his vice-presidential running mate, Bill Miller, was one of the sponsors?  Goldwater also voted for later civil rights legislation.

·  That the Civil Rights Act of 1965 was drafted and introduced by Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen and passed with overwhelming GOP support?  Dirksen’s fight for civil rights got him the cover of Time Magazine.

·  That Franklin Roosevelt was a white supremacist and that the New Deal programs were designed to take jobs from blacks and give them to whites — and that they were crafted by racists, including a one-time member of the KKK, Hugo Black?  That is the reason white unemployment rose to 15 to 20 percent during the Great Depression and black unemployment soared to more than 50 percent.  Incidentally, as a reward, FDR appointed Hugo Black to the Supreme Court.

·  That FDR and congressional Democrats repeatedly opposed Republican anti-lynching legislation.

·  That the health spa that FDR visited for 40 years, until his death there in 1945, barred blacks – a fact that was criticized by the NAACP and the Urban League at the time.  Oh!  And did you know he owned it?

·  That King voted for Richard Nixon because of the latter’s strong stand on civil rights?

·  That the affirmative action laws were supported and signed by Nixon.

·  That Chicago, the most Democrat city in America, was declared the most racist city in America?

·  That Martin Luther King was a Republican (breaking that tradition because of Goldwater), and who was the first civil rights leader to address de facto racism in the Democrat-run cities of the north – taking his first northern campaign to Chicago?

·  That starting in the 1930s, the modern Democratic Party has strategically replaced the civil and constitutional rights of equal justice, access to education, job opportunities, quality housing, safe neighborhoods and free mobility for the false civil right of generational welfare dependency and impoverishment?

·  That the plan to use welfare to keep inner city blacks segregated and dependent (that means impoverished and uneducated) was a plan first developed by black Chicago Congressman William Dawson?  He was elevated to the vice chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee to spread the concept throughout the nation – and indeed he did.

·  That President Johnson expanded on this concept of welfare-as-civil-rights with his War on Poverty, which he told two southern governors that the legislation would “keep niggers voting Democrat for 200 years?”  Years after the War on Poverty was declared, and the expenditure of trillions of dollars, the results clearly establish that lifting blacks out of poverty was never the purpose.

·  That the first black members of Congress – House and Senate – were all Republicans?  Many came from southern states after the Civil War.  They were eventually run out of office by illegal elections after the Democrats regained control of the southland.  The House was again integrated when Chicago black Republican Oscar DePriest was elected to the House in 1928 and Massachusetts black Republican Edward Brooke was elected to the Senate in 1966.  DePriest was ousted by the Democrat machine, but it took another 26 years for Democrats to elect a black senator.

·  That the Democrat’s opposition to school choice is based on a desire to maintain the status quo?  The poor quality of education in America’s inner cities is not an accident or an unanticipated outcome, but the result of implemented policies.

·  That virtually every race riot, based on black anger and frustration over oppressive policies and official abuse, have occurred in cities over which the Democratic Party as long ruled?

· That radical black activist Malcolm X referred to black officials who draw their power, prestige and profit from the Democrat racist power structure “house niggers.”?         

This list could go on and on.  It could be a very long history book.  I know, because I am just completing one.  Of course, getting it published could be a problem because most publishing houses are committed to the false racial history narrative.

On a recent edition of his name-sake programs, Joe Scarborough suggested that the “other side” – meaning whites, Republicans and conservatives do not want to engage in that oft called-for dialogue on race. Au contraire, Mr. Scarborough.  It is you and your kind that censors and blocks differing opinions and who advance the false narrative for political purposes.  Your show is only a platform for bobble-headed panelists and contributors who represent only one view.

So, here is the deal, Joe. At this point, your show is only a monologue.  You say no one wants to engage in an honest dialogue on race?  Well, I am volunteering to appear as a panelist to provide the essential part of a dialogue – a second viewpoint – or to prove that you are phony baloney.  My only request is that it be for a least a one half-hour segment on race in America.

And I shamelessly encourage any readers of this challenge to contact Morning Joe and recommend that they invite me to discuss racism in America – what it is and what it is not.

Finally, as we, as a nation, participate in Black History Month, I invite you to read a previous commentary of mine entitled America Ain’t Racist.  After fighting against racism for some 50 years, I am more convinced than ever that our problem is with the politicians and not the people.

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and political issues. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, and he has served as a consultant to the White House under Presidents Nixon and Reagan. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress and lectured at Harvard University, Northwestern University, Florida Atlantic University, Knox College and Hope College. An award winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at

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