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Hillary wins 7 of 11 states

Hillary wins 7 of 11 states

The battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was much less one-sided than expected. Clinton picked up 7 states, Sanders 4 states. The numbers are in the chart below.

While Sanders is clearly behind, this was not as devastating as it could have been. Discounting the Super Delegates, who can conceivably change their votes at the Democratic Convention, Clinton leads Sanders by less than 200 delegates, out of the 2383 needed to win the nomination. 

Sanders would need a substantial event to turn the tides. The FBI is investigating Clinton’s use of an unsecure email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. The FBI could make a decision to prosecute, which would be a big blow to Clinton and her bid to be President. 

Sanders was clearly expected to win Vermont, his home state, however his victory in Oklahoma was not expected as he was behind by 9 points. Polls from last month in Minnesota indicated a 30 point lead by Clinton. Colorado was perhaps less of a surprise.

Bernie Sanders has raised more money than Hillary in recent weeks, and is said to have sufficient funds to make it to the Democratic convention.

In the chart below, winning candidates are in blue, candidates not winning but still getting delegates are in green.

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