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Hillary to Respond to Destruction of Evidence Claims

Hillary to Respond to Destruction of Evidence Claims
Like a bad child making a return visit to their principal’s office, Hillary Clinton, the front running Democratic Candidate, has been summoned back to capitol hill. This time, like last, the former Secretary of State will be questioned about her involvement in the death of 4 Americans in Libya, but Hillary will now have to respond to the accusation she deleted emails related to the murder of ambassador Chris Stevens.  
Barring the possibility the Presidential hopeful accidentally deleted emails which would directly impact the investigation of murdered Americans, this investigation could be even more intense than the hearing in 2013, when Hillary Clinton was grilled by numerous congressmen for her negligent handling of the tragedy in Benghazi. While Clinton was confronted by many accusations of incompetence, the intentional destruction of evidence is certainly a more serious charge.
Despite requests made by the senate committee to have Clinton appear before them twice, Hillary, through her lawyer, has stated she will only attend one such hearing. During the last testimony, Clinton had heated exchanges with senators Rob Johnson, Trey Gowdy and Rand Paul. Given the obvious cover up attempts by the former secretary of state, many in the political world are questioning whether or not Clinton will be able to overcome this scandal and compete for the presidency. 

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  1. cantlon

    If she were to be charged with just half the crimes she is guilty of, the entire six and a half billion dollars that disappeared while she was Secretary Of State would not be enough money to keep her from being locked up for the rest of her miserable life !