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Hillary Takes New York!

Hillary Takes New York!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has defeated Bernie Sanders by a wide margin in the New York carrying over 57% of the vote, to Sanders’ 43%. This slightly better than expected from polling data, but not surprising since Mrs. Clinton was twice elected Senator for New York.

This provides an additional 104 delegates for Clinton and 85 for Sanders.  

Including superdelegates, Mrs. Clinton now has 1862, and needs only 521 more delegates to reach the magic number of 2383 to clinch the nomination. She needs only 30% of the remaining delegates to reach this number.

Senator Sanders would need over 70% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination.

The latest polls have Bernie Sanders in a near dead heat with Clinton nationwide, and he may continue to win a number of the remaining states. However mathematically he has little chance for victory.

We stand by our prediction that Clinton will be the nominee, barring a major breakdown in her campaign. However a possible indictment looms over Mrs. Clintons mishandling of classified information using an unsecure email server.

Our sources say an indictment is coming. If this happens will the superdelegates defect?

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