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Hillary Takes Kentucky, Bernie Takes Oregon

Hillary Takes Kentucky, Bernie Takes Oregon

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton edged out Senator Bernie Sanders in Kentucky tonight, a surprising victory given the controversy recently sparked by Mrs. Clinton.

An unfortunate remark from Mrs. Clinton caused an outcry, “We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies outta business.” Kentucky coal mines are a vital part of its economy. The tally was 46.8% for Hillary to 46.3% for Bernie a margin of about 2000 votes. 

Bernie Sanders won Oregon by a slightly larger margin, 53% to Clinton’s 47%. 

Out of the 166 delegates awarded tonight, Sanders appears to have gained only 4 delegates.

Hillary needs less than 10% of the remaining votes to clinch the nomination. Bernie needs over 90%.  This is statisitically impossible for Bernie to achieve. 

Without Hillary’s super delegates, she would need 65% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. This appears unlikely at this point, leaving a slight vulnerability.

We would be remiss in our reporting if we did not remind our readers we are expecting an indictment to be handed down due to an FBI investigation into her unseure email server. If she does not clinch the nomination, and her delegates defect, then a brokered convention could conceivable still select Bernie Sanders.  This would be huge wildcard, but is not out of the realm, just yet.

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