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Hillary Given 'Four Pinochios' for Lying on Fox News Sunday

Hillary Given 'Four Pinochios' for Lying on Fox News Sunday

Hillary has really dug in her heels this time, continuing to maintain that she has been 100% truthful with the public regarding the now-infamous Clinton email scandal:

“And as the FBI said, everything that I’ve said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what I’ve told [the FBI],” she said on Wednesday. 

Clinton cited FBI Director James Comey in her defense this Sunday when Fox News host Chris Wallace challenged her regarding the claim that she never sent or received classified material using her homebrew server. 

Clinton disagreed when Wallace reminded her that Comey had stated those things were not true:

“That’s not what I heard Director Comey say…Director Comey said that my answers were truthful and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.”

This is a blatant lie. While Comey did say that “we have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI,” he made no mention of her public statements. In fact, Comey has stated “there was classified material emailed.”  

Hillary’s statements have been torn apart by independent fact-checkers like Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, who has awarded the Democratic nominee “four Pinnochios” and chided her for reiterating the “roundly debunked” claim. Clinton also earned a “Pants on Fire” rating for her lack of truthfulness from PolitiFact. 

“While Comey did say there was no evidence she lied to the FBI, that is not the same as saying she told the truth to the American public – which was the point of Wallace’s question. Comey has repeatedly not taken a stand on her public statements,” reports the Washington Post. 

“Clinton is cherry-picking statements by Comey to preserve her narrative about the unusual setup of a private email server. This allows her to skate past the more disturbing findings of the FBI investigation,” concludes the Post, noting that Hillary was relying on Comey’s statement: “We have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.”  

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