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Hillary Clinton Says the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time, Called Racist

Hillary Clinton Says the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time, Called Racist
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Hillary made a mistake on Tuesday that may have cost her all support from black democrats and race activists. She uttered the phrase “all lives matter” during a speech at a black church in Florissant, MO. 

In a classic Clinton move, Hillary decided to visit a black church on Tuesday to speak about current race issues, publicizing the Charleston incident and trying to steal black votes. It seems her speech had the opposite effect.

Hillary spoke about the importance of equality and said “civil rights in America are still far from where they need to be.” She shared a touching story about her mother, who started work at the age of 14 when she was abandoned by her mother and father. When Hillary asked her mother what kept her going through those tough times, her mother responded with the phrase “all lives matter.” 

Unbeknownst to Hillary, those words seemed to mock the popular “social justice warriors” hashtag #BlackLivesMatter commonly used on Internet forums. Her accident has been met with outright fury. 

A similar incident occurred last December, when the police chief at Cornell University unknowingly used the same phrase. She ended up apologizing to the entire campus for the inadvertently disrespectful comment. 



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