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Hillary Clinton Promotes LGBT Rights Worldwide

Hillary Clinton Promotes LGBT Rights Worldwide

Another surprise from Hillary Clinton: LGBT rights was her topic of choice when speaking at the United Nations meeting in Geneva, Switzerland last Tuesday. Bypassing the important issues regarding Syria, Hillary launched into a speech wherein she discussed slavery, cruelty towards women, and LGBT mistreatment around the world. 

Hillary may have started a war against people of faith in America when she told the UN that cultural values and religious beliefs don’t give us an excuse to withhold rights from the LGBT community. In other words, your religious beliefs aren’t as important as fair treatment of gays. 

Perhaps Hillary felt the need to jump on the bandwagon Obama began when he signed a memorandum just earlier that day. The document has been referred to as “the first-ever US government strategy dedicated to combating human rights abuses against LGBT persons abroad.” Despite recent actions, both Hillary and Obama have publically stated their personal disagreement with gay marriage. 

In her speech, Clinton used ridiculous comparisons to undermine important religious beliefs, hinting that LGBT rights trump every religious practice in the country. But she was really grasping for straws by the end of the speech when she brought up the fact that “widow burning” is still a cultural tradition in some parts of the world. I fail to see the connection here. 

Hillary had the gall to compare LGBT mistreatment to slavery, saying that what was once “justified as sanctioned by God” was later “properly reviled as an unconscionable violation of human rights.” 

“Gay rights are human rights,” says Hillary. She went on to explain that the main issue for LGBT persons is the fact that religious and cultural values are cited as the reason gay rights are violated. She made no mention of the fact that these individuals are in violation of those religious and cultural values. 

“Rarely are cultural and religious traditions and teachings actually in conflict with the protection of human rights,” she adds. She then continued talking about slavery, almost as if gays were literally working the fields. 

Hillary’s competitors were dumbfounded with her choice to push the LGBT agenda at the UN meeting. According to Texas Governor Rick Perry, it’s simply not in America’s best interest to promote gay rights in other countries. Perry believes the memorandum is “just the most recent example of an administration at war with people of faith in this country.”

Rick Santorum, another would-be candidate for the upcoming election, added to Perry’s opinion, saying that while it’s one thing to promote LGBT rights within the US, it’s an entirely different issue when taxpayer dollars are used to promote LGBT rights around the world.

Can’t Obama and Hillary just make up their minds? If you don’t agree with same-sex marriage, why go to such great lengths to promote LGBT rights around the world? Unless you’re looking to snag a large voting population…

Hillary is scheduled to appear at an intimate lesbian fundraiser early next week in Washington, DC. The Women’s National Democratic Club is hosting and about 120 individuals are expected to be there – about 75% of them lesbians. Each individual paid over $2,000 to attend. Is Hillary turning to the LGBT community to advance her campaign? 



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