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Hillary Clinton losing momentum

Hillary Clinton losing momentum

In a recent Associated Press poll, Hillary Clinton’s favorabilty has fallen substantially among American voters, from a peak of 46% when she launched her presidential campaign in April to to only 39% in a poll published July 16th.  Voters now view her as less decisive and less inspiring and about half of American see her negatively.  About 70% of Democrats see her in a positive light down from 81% in April.

Much of her drop can be attributed to questions about her character from the conservative ranks (including us, read about her “utter stupidity” here and here).  She has been called the worst Secretary of State in history and she is haunted by Benghazi, her email scandal and questions about finances with the Clinton Foundation.

According the AP poll American voters are not sold on her “reinvention” and onlyy 4 of 10 see her as compassionate.


AP poll- Clinton falls substantially in the eyes of Americans


Additionally a Quinnipeac poll finds her in trouble in three swing states, Colorado, Virginia and Iowa, where she trails the top three republican candidates.

Democrats say a swing in momentum was inevitable since her return to the partisan fray after being in position less politically charged.

Author’s note:   With the Republican presidential candidates in full swing with constant press coverage and taking constant shots at Hillary it is not surprising she is taking some hits. Bernie Sanders is certainly getting more press than he deserves and her Democratic opponents have likely stripped away some of her supporters.  However if we have learned anything, it’s NEVER count out a Clinton.  She has a massive war chest and knows how to use it as well as any candidate out there.


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