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Hillary Clinton Lies About Disabled Girl During DNC Speech

Hillary Clinton Lies About Disabled Girl During DNC Speech

Hillary Clinton’s motherly acceptance speech at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention last Thursday involved a touching story about her work with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It was a lie. 

“So I went to work…going door-to-door in New Bedford, Massachusetts, on behalf of children with disabilities who were denied the chance to go to school,” bragged Clinton. “I remember meeting a young girl in a wheelchair on the small back porch of her house. She told me how badly she wanted to go to school – it just didn’t seem possible in those days.

Hillary compared this disabled girl to her own mother, who was abandoned by her parents at age 14 and “was saved by the kindness of others.” 

WBSM’s Ken Pittman sensed something fishy about Clinton’s story, and called up his friend John “Jack” Markey – who just happens to be a former Bedford Mayor. “I called Jack and asked him a few questions about handicap services in 1973 about the New Bedford Public Schools, including wheelchair accessibility.” 

According to the former mayor, the school system had a special budget for vans that would take disabled kids to and from school each day. “It was Tremblay Bus. They would pick them up and drop them off at their homes,” said the former mayor. 

“In fact, we had a local guy who was a paraplegic, injured in a diving accident who came to my office many times to advocate for the disabled and I actually spent an entire day in 1973 in a wheelchair to better understand the challenges they face everyday. Soon after that we were cutting out sidewalks for wheelchairs and doing things in New Bedford before the laws ever compelled us to.” 

Hillary did indeed work for the CDF after graduating from Yale University, but the job seemed like sort of a plan B after she failed to pass her bar exams in DC (she later passed in Arkansas). Clinton worked with 44 others at CDF to draw attention to the needs of disabled children in school districts across the country – but her Bedford story is an outright lie.

I’m sure Clinton has many touching stories she could have shared with the world last week, but she chose to lie – using a disabled kid as a means to win approval from the crowd. This is the sort of disgusting behavior we have come to associate with the Clintons – and the last thing we need is for them to be back in the White House. 

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