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Hillary Clinton Joins Union Rally Outside Trump Hotel

Hillary Clinton Joins Union Rally Outside Trump Hotel

In a last-ditch effort to bolster her failing reputation, Hillary Clinton showed up at a union rally Monday night. The lively rally was put on by the Culinary Workers Union, a group that represents those working in resorts and casinos. The event was held just in front of Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. 

The union had extended an invite to all five candidates scheduled to appear in tonight’s debate. Hillary was the only one who showed. Her appearance was a win-win. She showed her support for a politically powerful union and took aim at the left’s favorite foil. She even wore red, the Culinary Union’s iconic color. Clinton urged union members to “say no to Donald Trump.” 

Hillary spoke to the energetic crowd on the eve of the first Democratic presidential debate, saying, “Some people say Donald Trump is entertaining. I don’t think it’s entertaining when someone insults immigrants, when someone insults women.”

The union has been trying to stage a rally in front of the 64-story, golden-glass hotel for over a year. After the billionaire made his stance against illegal immigrants painfully clear, over 500 of the hotel’s maids and restaurant workers approached the union, looking for representation. 

To Trump’s iconic “Make America great” slogan, hotel employee Maria Jaramillo says, “Start it here!” 

According to executive vice president Eric Trump, most of the hotel’s staff is happy. “For years the union in Las Vegas has been trying to unionize this hotel, and they have been incredibly unsuccessful,” he said. “We have an incredible group of employees who have categorically rejected unionization.”



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