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Hillary Clinton is NOT a Poker Player

Hillary Clinton is NOT a Poker Player

As the FBI investigation continues to roll on and more and more information comes out about her unsecure email server, it suddenly occurred to me –  Hillary Clinton doesn’t play poker!

Imagine for a second you are at the poker table with six other players in a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em.  Everyone gets their pocket cards down, except you. Yours are face up. And you don’t know it, you think no one can see them.

I know I don’t have to spell this out, but I will anyway. So every time you have a bad hand, you are attacked. Every bluff is called. When you have a great hand, you may win, but the pots are small because everyone else has folded already.

But they can bluff you, no problem because you don’t see their cards. You think you have a great hand, and start betting, and your opponent goes all in. They’ve won so much you have to fold.

This just isn’t poker anymore, its a pig going to slaughter. That’s why we keep our cards “close to the vest.”

What happened to Hillary Clinton? Think about it for a second. She was communicating via unsecure email, turns out all of the bad guys were reading it, likely Russia, China, ISIS, Iran, France, Germany, random hackers, etc.  Hmmmm…

So in her negotiations, her opponents knew the bottom line what she was willing to bet or trade and the maximum she was willing to lose. Her cards were showing, they knew her moves before she made them. The players across the table were anticipating and gaming and eating her lunch. The best she could get was that absolute minimum, the worst sort of play ever. 

And she lost badly, including emails that compromised the movements of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, which likely contributed to his demise. Did Putin invade Ukraine because he knew precisely what the Obama Administration would do?

The Obama Administration has stated her unsecure communication was not a problem. But poker players know better.

Someone who doesn’t play poker may pontificate that the odds are the same whether they see your cards or not.

Poker players know the truth.

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