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Hillary Clinton: I Feel Sorry for Republicans

Hillary Clinton: I Feel Sorry for Republicans

“I do…have to confess feeling just a little bit sorry for the Republicans – just a little. They really don’t have a lot to talk about,” said Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State insists that things are much better when a Democrat is president and that the only thing the 2016 Republican candidates can manage to do is “insult each other.” 

“I think we have a pretty good idea what to expect as they compete to insult each other, continue demeaning women, double down on trickle down,” she said last week during a dinner event in New Hampshire. “It really is like a reality TV show. But the cast of characters are out of touch with actual reality, which is what makes it a little bit scary.” 

Hillary argues that she offers “real solutions” as a presidential candidate. “It must be difficult,” she says, “preparing for their debates knowing what when you have a Democrat in the White House, the country and the economy does better. And so they’ve got to wonder to themselves, okay, a Democrat’s in the office, America creates more jobs, the economy grows faster, deficits are smaller – what are they going to say?” 

Is there no end to this BS from Hillary Clinton? In my opinion, she’s the one out of touch with reality.. 

According to a Gallup favorability poll released on Thursday, nearly all Republican candidates are more likeable than Hillary. Ben Carson is in the lead with a net favorability rating of +21. Hillary comes in 9th out of 11th with a net rating of -6. 

So, Hillary, you feel sorry for Republicans? It’s okay, we feel even sorrier for Democrats. 

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